A Few Things About Me

A Few Things About Me

Hi friends!

I’ve noticed I have a some new readers so thought it would be fun to do a little “about me” post 🙂


A Few Things About Me!  

Four names people call me. (Other than my real name)

  • Babe – The Hubby
  • Mom – obviously The Nugget
  • Gizz – Old high school nickname
  • Guppie – It’s a long story….

Four jobs I’ve had

  • Hostess at a coffee shop
  • Waitress at an Ihop in Florida
  • Second grade teacher
  • Fitness instructor


Four places I’ve lived

  • Anderson, CA (where I grew up)
  • Huntington Beach, CA (just a few months while going to Long Beach State)
  • Chico, CA (where I got my degree)
  • Lincoln, CA (where we live now)


Four movies I’ve watched more than once

  • Notting Hill
  • The Princess Bride
  • Snatch (Doesn’t fit with the rest of those listed but I love that movie!)
  • Love Actually

Four books I’d recommend

  • The Shack
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Gone Girl
  • It Starts with Food

Four things I don’t eat

  • Eggplant
  • milk (I do eat cheese and yogurt but limit them and don’t like milk)
  • gum (I used to be addicted but haven’t chewed it in years!
  • Anything sugar-free (While I try not to eat much real sugar either I’d much rather have the real stuff than anything artificial)

Four of my favorite foods

  • Veggies!  Except Eggplant 😉
  • Kerrygold aged cheddar cheese
  • macadamia nuts
  • nut butter (even better with chocolate 🙂


Four TV shows I enjoy

  • The Killing (we are quite obsessed right now)
  • Scandal
  • The Bachelor (guilty pleasure)
  • Friends (anytime I see it on I watch it!)

Four things I’m saying

  • Is it June yet? (So ready to get this baby out)
  • You got this!  (While teaching fitness classes and in my challenge groups)
  • Good job! (Lots of cheering The Love Nugget on these days.  Bike riding, writing his name, etc.)
  • I wish…  (I wish I could run, I wish I could have a glass of wine, I wish I could eat that…)

Four things I’m looking forward to this year

  • Obviously baby #2 arriving in June!
  • A good friends wedding in Seattle in April!
  • Not being pregnant anymore!
  • The Love Nugget being a big brother 🙂


That’s it!  Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.  Please join in and share a few things about you!


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  1. YAY!!! I loved getting to know you better!! Thank you for sharing, girl!!

    It’s neat when we can peek into our friends “behind the curtain” life, I think I’ll do one of these posts too!

    I laughed at so many things you said and I’m really intrigued with “Guppie” now ; )


    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks! I always enjoy reading them too 🙂 Guppie is an old college night out name… One of those stories 🙂