Some eats and Bentgo Salad Box

Some eats and Bentgo Salad Box

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far.  I always forget that February is a shorter month and that we really only have one week left of the month.  Which means I’m one week closer to the little dude arriving!  People keep asking me if we have names picked out or have started the nursery.  Answer is… Nope!  It’s funny how different things are this time around than last time.  As soon as we found out that The Love Nugget was going to be a boy, we started planning and getting the nursery ready.  I started buying clothes and we talked about the name probably everyday.  This time we’ve done nothing.  Okay I take it back not nothing.  We have talked about the name and cleaned out the room that will be the nursery.  But I haven’t been too ambitious to do anything else.  Even though I feel like I’ve still got a ways to go (4 months) until he arrives I know things are going to get busy here pretty quick and June will be here before we know it!

Switching gears to food now…  Here’s a peak at some eats from the other day.

Breakfast –

I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately and this one has been top of my list!


Beets, frozen blueberries, hemp seeds, chocolate vegan shakeology, kale and almond milk.  So good!

Snack –

I found these yummy pouches at Target the other day and wish I had found them in my first trimester.


I love the Happy Belly pouches but these ones are prenatal based with ginger, DHA, Choline and Calcium.  Plus they taste yummy!  I also had another Pooh Bear Almond milk latte from Bloom.  Love these things!

IMG_9132 2

Lunch –

The Love Nugget and I went on a bike ride to the park for a picnic and I used this awesome Bentgo Salad Box that I was recently sent.


One of my biggest pet peeves about making a salad ahead of time is that sometimes the other ingredients wilt the spinach.  So this tupperware is genius!  I love that you can keep all the ingredients separate until you’re ready to enjoy.  Including the dressing.


Plus, it comes with a fork that attaches to the top so you don’d do like I typically do and forget your fork 🙁


This particular salad had greens, grilled chicken, blueberries, avocado and tomatoes.  I used some of Tessemae’s Green Goddess dressing and it was delicious!  Since The Love Nugget likes to eat as soon as he gets home from school and I had a busy day out running errands, it was nice to be able to make the salad the night before then pack up and go once he got home.  Then there was no wilting by the time we got to the park to enjoy it!

Snack –

I’m pretty obsessed with Fuji apples right now and Costco has the best ones!   They are huge, sweet and juicy.  I shared one of those with The Love Nugget and also had some raw macadamia nuts.

Dinner –

Dinner was so good!


Coconut crusted Petrole Sole with Cucumber Kiwi Salsa.  Recipe coming soon!

Evening snack –

I mixed up a little bit of vegan chocolate shakeology, coconut extract and siggi yogurt to make a chocolate mousse that was so good!


My new favorite evening snack 🙂


  • What’s your favorite lunch?  
  • Do you like to make salads ahead of time?  Would you use the Bentgo Box?
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  1. Everyone keeps asking me bat names but I am not telling anyone the name until he/she is born so I’m just going to keep saying no lol. We haven’t talked about it that much even though it’s our first!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’m right there with you! Even when we do have a name we won’t say. We’ll just have to make sure our son knows it’s a big secret 🙂

  2. Your food looks delicious, I’m going to have to try that shakeology yogurt that’s a great idea!!

    We have a set name for our baby but we don’t know if we want to share yet. We held off with Ava so I’m torn on what to do with #2!!!

  3. Love how you call your kid the Love Nugget. I have randomly started calling my daughter Boo Bear lately? lol.

    That smoothie looks so good. I love Shakeology. I bet that is amazing when pregnant! I have a feeling my second pregnancy I won’t be so keen on getting prepared. Everything was ready to go WAY early with my daughter because I went into pre-term labor so I wanted to make sure we had stuff ready just in case. But I have a feeling being preggo with a little toddler around may not be as easy to get prepared and that’s okay.

  4. That box is genius! I always pack a soggy messy salad that looks so unappetizing by the time lunch rolls around… and of course no fork. Adding that to my wish list!