Exercise During my Second Trimester

Exercise During my Second Trimester

Hi guys!

I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries as to what my exercise routine looks like now that I’m pregnant.  To be honest, the first trimester I didn’t have much of a routine.  I worked out when I felt okay which wasn’t all too often.  Even then it was more mild exercises like yoga, plyo, pilates, or modified Burn-I.T. (formally Afterburn) workouts.  Once I got past 14 weeks or so, I started to feel so much better and had a ton more energy.  Exercise became my friend again but of course with a few modifications.

IMG_7854 2Pre-workout at Burn I.T. at 17 weeks 🙂 

After checking with my doctor, I started picking things back up again and have fallen into somewhat of a routine.

Here’s what a typical week looks like as of right now.  I’m expecting it to change as I continue to grow 🙂

Monday – Teach at Burn-I.T. 6:00am and sometimes join in wearing the heart rate monitor to make sure I don’t go too high.  If I don’t join in I might do a 21 day fix workout at home while The Love Nugget is at school.  If I don’t get that done, I’ll typically join my 4:30 class at Burn-I.T. while I instruct.


Tuesday – 21 day Fix workout at home

Wednesday – Same routine as Monday although sometimes if I’m feeling like I need a rest from the previous two days I’ll take it 🙂

Thursday – 21 Day Fix workout at home typically pilates on Thursdays


Friday – 6:00am Burn-I.T. or 9:15am Burn-I.T. or rest day

Saturday – 21 Day Fix workout at home

Sunday – Yoga at home or at Veera


Leaving yoga and feeling refreshed! 

I’m also doing a lot more walking and bike riding with The Love Nugget to get in some more low impact exercise.  He sure does enjoy it!

IMG_8051 3

Like I said, I have SO much more energy now than I did the first trimester and it feels good to be able to workout.  I do find myself struggling to pace myself sometimes just because it just feels so good to be active again!  I have noticed if I overdo it, I definitely feel it later that day.  So I’ve been pretty conscious of taking things easy.  Having the 21 Day Fix workouts at home has been helpful.  The workouts are only 30 minutes long and easy to modify.   I also love that it includes a pilates and yoga dvd so I can incorporate these during active rest days.

As I mentioned, I’ve discussed my fitness level with my doctor on numerous occasions.  At my last appointment he did mention something that surprised me.  He said to shy away from heavy squats.  This was a little shocking as I had recently read an article about how doing squats through pregnancy could assist you in labor.  The reason, he explained, is that in his experience any patient he’s had that’s squatted (with weights) through pregnancy has had a shortened cervix.  How does this affect pregnancy?  Well it can lead to preterm labor and possible bedrest.  Which is something I definitely want to stay away from.  He did say that doing squats with light weights or body weight should be okay but to just air on the side of caution when it came to lifting heavy with my legs.  Good to know!

For now I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing since I’m feeling good and have been given the okay for now.  I’ll keep you posted as my exercise level changes since I have a feeling it will as I get further along 🙂

Disclaimer – This is what is working for me at this point and with my doctors approval.  ALWAYS check with your doctor before changing or beginning any new fitness routine.


  • If you’re pregnant, what does your fitness level currently look like?  How has it changed?  
  • If not, do you think you’d have a hard time changing from what you’re doing now?  



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  1. That’s SO interesting about the squats! I never read about that or heard of it from my doctor. I’m glad I didn’t have that problem, but definitely better to error on the side of caution!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I know right!?! I had heard you were supposed to do a lot of squats when pregnant so I was quite shocked myself.

  2. You look great! Love the pump popping out!! I wish I would have been in to working out when I was pregnant but that love didn’t come until after I had my three kids.

  3. Before I was pregnant I was doing like 3-4 days of heavier lifting at a moderate intensity. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been focusing more on moving every day as opposed to these heavy gym days. I still lift like 1 -2 days a week but I do yoga everyday, and then try most days to at least get my heart rate up doing a quick 20 minute workout or a long walk. It’s weird because it feels like I’m working on MORE than when I wasn’t pregnant!

  4. Well done Giselle !!!
    Great to see you smiling, stay fit and thanks for sharing <3