An Average Tuesday

An Average Tuesday

Hi guys!

I haven’t done a day in the life post for awhile so thought I’d share a peak into a full Tuesday for me lately.  Including some food because it is Wednesday and we tend to talk about food on Wednesdays around here 🙂

5:30 – Tuesday and Thursday I get to “sleep in”.  Meaning The Hubby’s alarm doesn’t go off at 4:40 waking me up.  I say sleep in sarcastically because my internal alarm clock still goes off between 5:00 and 5:30.  Lately every morning I wake up at 4:11 or 4:12.  It’s really starting to freak me out actually.  Thankfully I go right back to sleep but it’s so weird!

5:45 – I put on some workout clothes and head downstairs.  I seem to wake up hungry most mornings but don’t want to eat too much before a workout.  So I munch on one of my Nut Butter Bites and drink a big glass of water.


6:00 – Time for Upper Fix!


6:30 – Workout done!  Love that these are only 30 minutes 🙂  I brew a cup of decaf coffee and sit down to get some work done while the house is still quiet.


7:15 – The Love Nugget awakes and immediately asks for breakfast as usual.  I’m feeling lazy today so pop some organic waffles into the toaster, spread some peanut butter and syrup on them and dump a few berries on his plate.  He eats another whole waffle after finishing these too.  Growing boy!


7:30 – Sit down to eat my breakfast which is a simple 1/2 of a grapefruit and two hard boiled eggs.  I also steal a bite of The Love Nuggets waffles when he’s not looking.  Don’t try to take his food when he is!   You might get stabbed with a fork!


8:00 – After breakfast and clean up, we head upstairs to get ready for school and Burn I.T.

8:45 – Drop off The Love Nugget at school then head to the gym to teach the 9:15 class.  It’s Tabata day!


10:30 – Leave the gym and stop at the grocery store to pick up my prescription, a few things for dinner and a decaf almond milk latte.

11:15 – Wait in the car for The Love Nugget to get out of school while sipping on my coffee, snacking on some raw almonds and reading a magazine.  Gotta squeeze in quiet time when I can 🙂


12:00 – Get home from school and of course this guys is starving!  So I heat him up some left over pizza and a salad for lunch.   I’m not super hungry so I blend up my prenatal vitamin protein powder with some spinach, a spoonful of Siggi vanilla yogurt, an orange and some water.


1:00 – After cleaning up we head upstairs to read a story before rest time.  Some days he naps, some days he just lays in his bed reading stories.  Regardless, I get at least an hour of quiet time 🙂


1:15 – Park it next to the fire (our heater isn’t working 🙁  Thankful we have a fireplace!), to get some work done.

2:00 – The Love Nugget is up and ready to go!  He plays with his legos for a little bit while I finish up some work stuff.


2:30 – There’s a break in the rain!  So we all head out for a little walk, splashing along the way.


3:00 – Home for a snack,  (seriously can’t get enough peanut butter and bananas lately)


He had some new organic dinosaur puffs and loved them!


3:30 – Then some crafts 🙂


While he made his Valentines craft, I got started on this blob post while listening to Amos Lee.  Loving him!

4:00 – He’s done so we decide to bake some 21 Day Fix Peanut Butter Bars from the Fixate cookbook.


Then I start getting the tomato sauce prepped for dinner.


4:30 – Start a puzzle with The Love Nugget and continue prepping dinner while snacking on some carrots.  He ended up putting pretty much the whole thing together on his own!


5:45 – Put the finishing touches on dinner while The Nugget sets the table and helps to get drinks ready.  The Hubby walks in the door at 6:00 and we sit down to eat.

FullSizeRender 8

Dinner was a take on chicken parmesan (mine without cheese) served over zoodles.  It was good but I’m still not too sure about chicken.  I ate it but the texture is weirding me out right now for some reason.  Pregnancy I’m sure…

After dinner I help The Hubby clean up then park it on the coach while he showers and helps The Love Nugget get ready for bed.

7:15 – The Love Nugget gets to watch about 30 minutes of T.V. a day which usually happens in the evening.  So he watches his show while I work on this post and The Hubby does some tax stuff.

8:00 – The Hubby takes him up to bed while I continue to work.  Once he finishes, we put on The Killing to watch together.

About halfway through we both snack on some peanut butter bars and apples.  Another pregnancy craving right now, apples!  I had to go to two different Costco’s to find organic fuji apples the other day.  HAD to have them 🙂

FullSizeRender 7

9:15 – I head to bed, exhausted and read for about 10 minutes before passing out.

There you have it folks!  I peak into our lives for a day!


  • Do you have an internal alarm clock?  What time does it go off?  
  • What was a favorite meal from your day yesterday?  
  • If you’ve been pregnant or are pregnant, any weird food cravings? 
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  1. How do you like the Fixate cookbook? I debated ordering it and never did. Your morning p.b. bites look super yummy! I definitely wouldn’t be able to eat just one! 🙂

  2. Busy day, lots of little things that make a happy home and a loving family! It makes me miss you kids it was fun to share the world around us with you all.
    I can’t wait to go to Disneyland!
    Love Mom

  3. I always set an alarm, but rarely wake up to it. I have an internal clock in my head and can’t seem to turn it off! 🙂 Have a great day.