Number 1 Goal in the 2016!

Number 1 Goal in the 2016!

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2016 is bringing lots of changes in our lives.  Mainly, that we’ll be adding another member to our family in June!  Which is definitely something we are looking forward to, but I often wonder if we’re crazy for shaking things up.  Right now we’ve got it pretty good.  The Love Nugget is 4 1/2 and is very independent.  Which allows me to have more time to myself than I know I’ll be getting in a few months.  This definitely makes me nervous!  I’ve learned just how important it is for my mind and body to have “me time.”  It allows me to decompress, zone out, and relax.  Which I know we can all agree ALL moms need at some point.


This is why my number one goal this year is to make sure I’m getting in some “me time” several times a week.  So how does a busy mom, fitness instructor, blogger, and coach find time for myself?

Here’s a few things I do to make it work for me,

~ Make to-do lists – The Love Nugget is only in school for a few hours so making to do lists helps me to stay on top of what’s important.  If I have a list I’m more likely to stay on task than to let my mind wonder.  The sooner I accomplish my to-do list, the more free time I have for me!


~ Prioritizing of down time – The Love Nugget still lays down to rest or nap everyday and I try to make the most of this time by working on my to do list then enjoying some quiet time.  A little magazine reading, a cup of tea, a candle and a little snack 🙂


~ Plan and prepare ahead to save on time – This one is a big one for me and one that was also listed in the January edition of Real Simple Magazine as a way to find peace and quiet.  Every week I take time to plan the following week of meals, grocery shop, then meal prep.  By doing this I spend less time during the week trying to decide what we’ll eat, running to the store, and scrambling to cook last minute meals.


~ Call in backup – Okay not really back up but I’ve definitely learned to tell The Hubby when I’m in need of help and a break.  It may have taken me a few years but now when I’m starting to feel stressed or over spent, I’ll ask him to come home early so I can have a break or to make some special Dad and son time with The Love Nugget.  It frees up time for me to do something relaxing 🙂

~ Keep things tidy – This isn’t always the easiest but when my house is organized, my life feels more organized.  So I try to stay on top of keeping our house neat and tidy.  By cleaning up a little each day, I spend less time on the weekend picking up and more time with my family or enjoying some alone time!  The other day I picked up a copy of the January Real Simple at Safeway and found some great tips on keeping my house organized!  Very helpful to kick off the New Year 🙂

FullSizeRender 5

~ Utilize even the smallest alone time – Even if reading a magazine in the car while waiting for The Love Nugget, it’s still time I’m not having to worry about someone else or thinking about everything I need to get done.  It might be simple and short but it’s always enjoyable 🙂

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I find that when I make time for myself everything just seems to be better.  I’m happier, The Love Nugget is happier, The Hubby is happier, those whole house is just happier.   I know I’m not alone on this which is why I think we should all prioritize “me time” this year!  

Ready for some me time?  Try starting with a simple relaxing 30 minutes of reading a magazine while sipping on some tea.  Take advantage of $1.00 off participating titles (PEOPLE®, InStyle®, People StyleWatch®, Real Simple®, and Sunset®) with this digital offer until 2/15/16 while supplies.  


  • How do you plan to get more “me time”?
  • What tips do you have for keeping things in order in the New Year?
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  1. I need to use some of your tips to organize my life. I definitely feel like with Baby #2 on the way my to-do list is longer then my grocery list.

    I don’t carve out a lot of me time at all but I’m going to make that a priority for the rest of this month. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Your Tuesday sounds like a good one! And look at all of that delicious food – yum. I definitely need to make more to-do lists and organize my thoughts day to day. Also, YES to Fuller House on that cover!