Last Christmas as a family of Three

Last Christmas as a family of Three

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We sure did!
I have to admit it’s a bit strange to think that this was our last Christmas as a family of three.  I think that’s why this little guy got a little more spoiled than usual.


Next year will definitely be different as he’ll have a sibling to share the spotlight with.  Hopefully without any drama…  Anyway, since that’s a good year away we won’t think much more about that though 🙂

We tend to spread out Christmas celebrations out since we have multiple families to visit with.  We did quite a bit of driving the past few months so we opted to not travel this month and told our family we would happily host.  Most agreed which worked for us!

Christmas Eve my mom came to visit and we spent the day relaxing, getting ready for dinner and making cookies for Santa,


Later that afternoon my MIL, her husband, and my SIL came down for dinner.


I roasted a turkey, my MIL made a delicious salad, my SIL made some yummy green beans and my mom made mini sweet potato cups that were amazing.  So glad to like sweet potatoes again!


There’s something about the holidays that brings out the baking bug in me.  Once I get started I can’t stop!  This year especially since I’ve been craving cookies like crazy and have been splurging on some (as The Hubby calls them) “real” treats.   I may have over-baked but I did give a lot away 🙂

Of course there were presents opened that night as well.


Every gift he opened he said, “This is exactly what I’ve been wanting!”  Then he would say thank you to whomever it was from and go straight for the next gift.  At least he’s getting the thank you part down.

After opening gifts, hanging out, and enjoying yummy food it was time to get ready for the big guy to visit later that night.

We put out some cookies and milk,


and sprinkled some food out for the reindeer.


Then he and I both crashed hard.  I forgot how exhausting it is to host when you’re pregnant.  On my feet since 5:00am and was out like a light when my head hit the pillow at 9:30.   Luckily The Hubby played Santa for the most part and got everything set up for the morning.


I just had to put a few finishing touches out when I got up at 6:00.  Surprisingly The Love Nugget slept in until 7:00 so I was able to relax a bit before he excitedly ran downstairs.  He was pretty happy to see all three things he asked Santa for under the tree plus some more from us.


Since it was just the three of us on Christmas morning, we were able to just relax and take our time opening presents.  Usually we have to hop in the car to get to our next stop.  It was SO nice to be home all day Christmas.  After a great morning of relaxing and presents, we whipped up a quick brunch to enjoy with my cousins.


A quick and easy sweet potato sausage casserole, Almond Egg Nog French Toast and a yummy fruit salad.  The rest of our day included a nap for all of us, relaxing, a nice long walk and lots of playing with new toys.


We had a low-key dinner of turkey sandwiches and then curled up on the couch to watch Aladdin.


The perfect way to end a wonderful Christmas day.

Saturday I woke up early and got a little 21 day fix sweat on.  It felt good to workout after a few busy days off.  Then we relaxed, cleaned and prepped for our final Christmas celebration.   Lunch with my Dad, his girlfriend, her kids, my Grandpa, Father-in-law and his wife.  The day before I had whipped up two lasagnas so all I had to do Saturday was put together some appetizers and make a salad.


Some bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese, cream cheese with pepper jelly and a meat/cheese plate.  Everyone enjoyed munching and catching up while I heated the lasagnas and tossed a salad.


Of course there were more presents and fun with cousins!


By the time everyone left around 5:00, I was exhausted.  Luckily my wonderful Hubby suggested I go take a bath to relax.  It was just what I needed and the perfect way to conclude a very fun but exhausting few days of Christmas!


  • How many days do you celebrate Christmas?  
  • Did you travel or host?  
  • What was your favorite gift this year? 



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  1. I love, love, love the title of this post!!!!! It looks like you made this Christmas just wonderful, and next year will be even better I’m certain!

  2. Looks like you had lovely Christmas! Have an amazing new year!!!

  3. Great Post!!!
    I think you are a very good hostess you make it all look so fun and easy, of course your wonderful hubby helps too.
    I hung the sign you made with all the grandkids pictures and I just love the family tree neckless you gave me.
    Thank you for the Merry Christmas lots of love Mom