Favorite Things Party #4 with Blue Diamond Almonds

Favorite Things Party #4 with Blue Diamond Almonds

Hi there!

You ready for Christmas?  Just a few more days!!!!  I’m looking forward to this year but also looking forward to this month being over.  Just means I’m one more month closer until baby # 2 arrives!  Truth be told I don’t like being pregnant and am greatly anticipating June 🙂  6 more months!!!!!

Luckily I have some great friends to keep me busy and entertained.  Those said great friends joined me last week for my annual Favorite Things Party!


(Please excuse the blurry photos, my camera jumped from the counter awhile back and I have yet to take it in to get fixed…)

This is the 4th year we’ve enjoyed this themed party and every year it just gets better!  If you’ve never heard of a favorite things party here’s the gist of it.

  • Everyone purchases three of one thing that they really like around $10.00.
  • They wrap those three things then bring them to the party.
  • Everyone writes their name on three pieces of paper then drops them into a bowl.
  • We each draw three names and those three people get our gifts.

When you leave, you go home with three new things that are favorites of someone else.  Some of the gifts this year included holiday pillows with some See’s chocolate, Lush bath bombs, a dainty necklace, lip balm and a Starbucks gift card plus much more fun!


It’s a lot of fun and a great way to be introduced to new things, spend time with friends, and enjoy the Holiday Season.

Of course I can’t throw a party without serving up some food!

DSC_0403I like to serve small, finger foods at get togethers like this because for one it makes my life easier with less to prep and two it keeps things casual.

A few of my go to’s are a chartreuerie platter with cured meats, cheeses, and crackers.


Veggies with some sort of hummus (usually a tahini sauce from Trader Joe’s that’s bean free),  some sort of fruit, maybe bread with dip and almost always Blue Diamond Almonds.


This particular evening I served up some of their Lightly Sea Salt flavor, Honey Roasted and Oven Roasted Dark Chocolate.


Like I said these types of get togethers especially this time of year I like to keep things simple as it makes my job much easier and saves me a ton of time.  Simple is definitely grabbing a few containers of Blue Diamond Almonds to serve for a casual get together!

This most definitely was a fun one too!  Especially since I was able to share some exciting news with some of my dearest friends 🙂


Stay tuned for more on that soon!!!!


  • Have you heard of or attended to a Favorite Things Party?  
  • Do you have a favorite appetizer you like to serve at casual get togethers?  

Disclaimer – This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond.  All opinions are my own.  

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  1. This is such a cute idea to do with friends, I had never heard of a favorite things party but I’m going to mention it to my friends at our holiday party. We are doing a couples grab bag for $20, it has a naughty theme!!!

    I hope you are feeling good 🙂

  2. What a fun party idea- I may have to borrow it 🙂