Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It’s crunch time people!  7 days until Christmas!  Are you ready?  I finished up most of my Christmas shopping this week just have a few stocking stuffers left to get.  Speaking of stocking stuffers, what are some of your favorites to receive?  When we turned 18 our grandparents started putting scratchers in our stockings after we used to try to steal our parents.  We would all sit and scratch away hoping one of us would come out the big winner!

If you’re like me and saved your stocking stuffers until last…  Here’s a few ideas to fill stocking for both guys and girls!

1. Personalized Flask – A great gift for a guy or girl!  There’s bound to be some point in your life where a flask will come in handy and adding a personal touch makes it a little more special than just an alcohol container 🙂
2. The Republic of Tea – This brand of tea is so good and worth the extra money.  This particular one is perfect for the Downton Abbey fan as it’s a limited edition Downton Estate Blend.
3. Multi use key chain – This may seem like a guys gift but one of the best gifts I ever received was a pocket knife key chain from my Grandpa.  I used that thing all through college and a few years past for so many different things.  It sadly got confiscated on an airline flight but I definitely got a lot of use out of it!
4.  Manicure Kit – Again, mostly a guys gift but a great gift for either sex.  Although I will say gifting your man one of these handy kits will help keep him from stealing your tools.  Take it from experience 😉
5. Clinique Scruffing lotion – The Hubby used to steal my clinique face lotion all the time until I discovered they make a mens line!  Now I every year I stuff his stocking with all his “manly” products so he’ll stay away from mine!
6. Burt’s Bees Aftershave – Another great gift for the man in your life.  A natural aftershave lotion that will leave his face soft and smooth 🙂
7. Voluspa candles – I love this brand of candles and stock up during the Holiday’s when I can get them in gift sets.  They are also the perfect gift to stuff into a stocking as they fit nicely and who doesn’t love candles!?!
8.  Beauty Blender – So this is of course meant for the ladies.  This little pink puff is an amazing face tool that is definitely a must for any lady!
9. L’Occitane lotion – So obviously the set of lotions isn’t going to fit into one stocking but if you’re like me and you have to fill multiple stockings, this is a perfect gift set to get.  You can give a few as gifts and maybe keep a few for yourself too 😉
10. Tweez’em Stainless Steal Tweezers – Every woman needs a good set of tweezers and these ones are definitely at the top of the tweezer list!
11. The Best Bath Bomb Set – Again, another gift you can purchase to break up and put into stockings.  Don’t forget to keep a few for yourself!
12. Clarisonic Hydra Luxe – This is one that’s specific to someone who has a Clarisonic brush.  If the woman in your life doesn’t have one you might think about getting her one then stuffing this replacement brush and cleanser into her stocking 🙂

That’s it!  Just a few great ideas if you’re looking for some last minute stocking stuffers.  Hopefully you’re on the tail end of shopping and wrapping!  Christmas will be here before we know it!


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  1. Omg I’m terrible and still have a ton of shopping to do, there are no stores in our area and I was sidelined by a cold one weekend. So stressed.

  2. Thanks! I love all these ideas!

  3. Hi Giselle! My Mom always put nail polish, a nail file, chocolates and a fancy pen in my stocking. Every year. I love those little things! Great list, lady. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      What great stocking stuffer ideas! I love that she does it every year too 🙂 You’ll have to continue that tradition some day with your own kids. Well, as long as it’s a girl 😉

  4. We have always gotten a toothbrush in our stocking and still do. We get lots of ‘bathroom’ stuff which is kinda nice – makeup wipes, nail polish, nail files, body spray, floss – all that stuff you need but it’s more fun when someone else gifts it to you.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I love hearing what other people get in their stockings! Nice bathroom stuff is a great idea! I tend to not spend a lot of money one those types of things so getting them as gifts is great!

  5. Great ideas; thanks for sharing! I am so bad… I don’t have any stocking stuffers yet! Need to get out today to do that.