Gift ideas for Kids

Gift ideas for Kids

I’m back for another round up of some great ideas for kiddos!  While I only have one boy, I have two nieces and lots of friends with girls so see my fair share of what girls like to play with.

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So here’s a little round up with some great gifts for girls and boys 🙂

1. Legos are a big hit for boys and girls.  When I was a kid they didn’t have cute, girlie lego sets like they have now nor did they have the creative sets either.  Legos are pretty cool right now and a great gift idea for kids that are old enough 🙂

2. Who doesn’t love Disney?!?  The Hubby and I tend to rock out to classic Disney songs and The Love Nugget thinks it’s hilarious!  This is a great gift for the whole family!

3. We read this book the other day in Barnes and Nobles and it was so funny!  I think I enjoyed it a little more than The Love Nugget but he was still chuckling throughout.  It’s a great way to teach that stories don’t have to have pictures to be enjoyable!

4. We have a few personalized books and The Love Nugget enjoys reading them so much.  He’s also a huge fan, as most kids are, of The Night Before Christmas.  Which is why this personalized Night Before Christmas book would be a great gift idea!

5. Snakes and Ladders is a classic game that’s fun for the whole family!

6. Puzzles are a great family activity too.

7. Like most 4 years olds, The Love Nugget has been so into imaginary play lately.  Which is why toys like this Pirate Friends Play set would be a great gift idea.

8. Oh what little girl doesn’t love to play with dollhouses?  I know I did when I was little and I’m sure any girl would love to have this particular doll house.  It’s a mansion!

9. Tutu’s and crafts scream girlie!  I would have loved this DIY tutu kit when I was a little girl!

10.  These mess free Melissa and Doug kits are so great for kids whether at home or on the go.

11. Boys like crafts too!  So this Become Your Own Animal kit is such a great idea for the crafty little boy in your life 🙂

12. Barbie!  Oh I spent so much time playing with Barbie and Barbie things.  Its fun to see girls still loving Barbie now just in a more advanced way.  Like with this Barbie Polaroid Camera!

13. We’ve been eyeing this Teepee for The Love Nugget for a few weeks now and think he would have blast playing in it.

14. We’re big fans of Leap Frog products since they are learning based toys.  This Scribble and Write activity set is great for kids who love to learn and play!

15. The Love Nugget keeps talking about a robot dog or dinosaur.  So I think he along with most other boys would think this robot dinosaur would be a huge hit Christmas morning!

So much fun for kids in this post!  Happy shopping!

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