Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Hi there!

Ladies, have you finished your wish list yet?  Today I thought I’d share a few items that are on my  wish list.

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All these gift ideas are not only great for yourself, but are awesome gift ideas for someone else 🙂

Rewind Candles are so amazing!  I burnt up the last of mine a few months back and have been wanting another one ever since.  We were in a gift shop the other day and I dropped some serious hints to The Hubby that I’d love a new one but he’ll most likely forget.  Maybe this will help him remember 🙂

Blanket scarves are all the rage this year again and I LOVE the one I have.  So much so that I really want another one and this reversible scarf is top of my list!

Anything from Anthropologie is sure to be a hit for whomever you gift to.  Especially if it’s this adorable monogramed mug in gold which is only available this time of year.  So grab them before they are gone!

I’m old school and need to have a material, real deal planner to keep track of  everything over my iPhone.  I know I’m not alone as many women I’ve talked to also feel the same.  Which is why a fashionable planner like this Kate Spade one is a great gift!

I LOVE my Hunter boots so much so that I want them in another color.  Like these gorgeous shiny red ones!   So pretty 🙂

I’ve been eyeing this Kendra Scott necklace for several months now and have been trying to decide what color I want.  Black?  Teal?  White?  So hard to decide!

More jewelry?  You bet!   I’m a big Kate Spade fan and these gorgeous sparkly earrings would be a very happy surprise if found under our tree 🙂

I tend to buy cheap sunglasses each year and they inevitably get lost or broken.   I think if I had a nice, expensive pair of sunglasses I’d take much better care of them and they’d last.

I have a black puffer vest from JCrew and LOVE it!  So I’ve been eyeing a new one in a different color.  Maybe cream or red?

Who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings?  I know my fitness friends will agree that good leggings are key for a good workout.  These capris are oh so comfy and perfect for your any fitness fans!

That’s it for my wish list, for now…  I always find more things that catch my eye but I’d be thrilled to find any of these items under the tree this year.  As I’m sure you would too!


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