Currently November

Currently November

Hi friends!

Sorry for the late post today and lack of post yesterday.  Yesterday was busy and today this post didn’t go up as scheduled so here it is now.  Better late than never 🙂

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a currently post so thought I’d share a few things about life currently.  What I’m reading, loving, playing etc.  Enjoy!


Reading –  I’m just about finished with Big Little Lies and have really been enjoying it.  It’s definitely a page turner and I try to get into bed earlier each night to have a little more reading time before passing out.  I love finding books like that!  I also read The Husband’s Secret by the same author and am going to order What Alice Forgot next.  I’ve heard good things!


Listening – Honestly I pretty much only listen to music these days when I’m teaching so I’ll have to go with workout playlists.  My go to lately is this power workout mix I put together for Afterburn.

Loving –  Cool temperatures which allow for the fire roarings and snuggling under warm blankets.  Love it!


Eating – Mandarins!  I love when it’s mandarin season and I’m definitely not alone.  The Love Nugget can’t get enough of these cheery little fruits either.  So good!

Drinking – La Croix plain sparkling water with lime.  It’s my go to beverage these days 🙂  

Anticipating – Thanksgiving!  I’m looking forward to spending time with family and of course enjoying lots of yummy food!


Watching – We just finished Bloodline which was pretty good and now are catching up on Scandals.  We’d forgotten how much we loved this show!  Even though Olivia Pope can drive me somewhat crazy it’s still pretty good.  Always leaves you wanting more!

Exercising – I’m going back and forth right now between piyo workouts, 21 day fix workouts and Afterburn workouts.  As we work on fertility I’m still continuing to keep things somewhat mellow as I don’t want to over do it but definitely still keeping active.  On average I workout 5-6 days a week but some of those days are more of an active recovery piyo, yoga or pilates session.  So I’m feeling pretty balanced right now and really good!


Wearing – Lululemon all the time.  I do try to get dressed in regular clothes a few days a week but that’s typically only for a few hours since I end up teaching in the afternoons so workout gear goes back on.  Can’t complain too much about living in comfortable clothing though!

Playing –  It’s not really a game but we’ve been working on puzzles together most evenings.  It’s something fun to do as a family and better than sitting in front of the T.V. 🙂

Dreading – All the driving that comes with the Holiday season.  I’m not a fan of driving or riding in the car.  I get bored, my back starts to ache and I get antsy.  During the Holiday season we tend to do a lot of driving which is something I never really look forward to.  It’s great to see family but sometimes I just wish we could be home instead of on the road.  Plus all the packing and unpacking… Ugh!


Loaded up and ready to go!  Dogs, kid and all the gear!

Your turn!  What are you currently loving?  Anticipating?  Wearing?

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  1. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! Can’t believe it’s already next week! And I’m obsessed with PiYo and 21 day fix – my two favorite workouts right now!! 🙂

  2. I wear workout gear practically 24/7. Sometimes I hate it, but then when I put on a pair of uncomfortable jeans I immediately regret it!! 🙂

  3. I love your cozy living room with the fireplace going.