Top 5 Reasons why a Small Fitness Studios Rock!

Top 5 Reasons why a Small Fitness Studios Rock!

There was a time in my life where I frequented a big box gym.  I would go almost daily and would usually spend my time on cardio equipment then wander around doing a few machines before giving up and going home.   If I went to a class, I would quietly grab my equipment, find a spot in the back and focus on my workout just as everyone else in the class was doing.  I blended into the mass and followed along through the class trying to pay attention to my form but even if I was wrong I very rarely got corrected because there were so many people for the instructor to attend to.  For this reason, the classes all remained at one basic level.  It wasn’t until I became a group fitness instructor that I realized most instructors are taught to focus on the general population.  Not on challenging those that could work harder but on making sure everyone can do the basic exercise.

To be honest, for quite sometime, I thought this was just how ALL gyms and group fitness classes were. That is until I discovered there were small group training studios like Afterburn where I teach now.  After my first class I knew my days at a big box gym would soon be minimal.  I immediately felt at home and looked forward to my days at Afterburn whether I was training or working out.


Now I know that there are LOTS of people who love going to their very large gyms, blending in with the masses and taking scripted classes.  There’s nothing wrong with that but maybe you’re not one of those people.  Maybe you find yourself going day after day to the same classes but seeing no progress.   Or you head to the gym to workout daily but spend your hour wandering around trying to decide what to do.  Well maybe, a small group training studio is for you!  Here’s a few reasons why I think Small Fitness Studios Rock!

1.  You get more one on one attention – In many small group studios the average number of clients at a time is under 20. Which means your instructor is going to be able to monitor and assist clients much more efficiently.  Also, most classes are held in smaller rooms or buildings where the instructor can easily get around to each client.  This is means you’ll be getting more one on one attention than you might in a class with 50+ members.


2.   You build relationships with the other members – With only a handful or two people attending classes your more likely to build relationships with those other members.  Creating friendships with fellow gym goers is going to motivate you to continue to show up for class.  Plus, it makes the workouts go by much faster when you’re laughing and having fun with friends!


3.  The instructors get to know you – As mentioned above with not as many people in the class, you’re able to get more one-on-one attention from the trainer/instructor.  They will be able to get to know you, your injuries, your average rate of exhaustion, and your overall ability.  This will enable them to modify exercises for you immediately if needed or to push you harder when they know you’re slacking off.


4.   You are more able to track your progress –  In some small gyms like ours, apps like Polar are used where you can see the progress you make throughout the weeks, months or years.  Many gyms use other apps that do the same by encouraging you to update your progress often.  While you may do this on your own at a big box gym, you are probably more likely to do it if others around you are also doing it or there are “friendly” competitions going on.  Like we sometimes do!  


As mentioned above, working out with your friends is just plain fun!  When you workout in a small gym or studio, you make friends with the other members and your workouts become much more fun 🙂


If you haven’t tried a small training studio or gym and are feeling bored with your current exercise situation, you might look into checking one out in your area.  You may just find you LOVE it!


  • Do you prefer a big box gym or small studio?  
  • Do you find your more motivated working out alone or with others? 


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