Why Purchasing the 21 Day Fix was a Good Decision for my Health

Why Purchasing the 21 Day Fix was a Good Decision for my Health

Hi guys!

How is it already Thursday?  Seriously where did the week go?   Not complaining, I’m always ready for the weekend 🙂
Speaking of, we have another wedding this weekend which is funny because we had zero weddings for a while then we were invited to three this month. I guess October is a popular month to get married this year!  We got married in June but after attending a few fall weddings I’m almost wishing we had gone with an October wedding. I mean, I love fall so it definitely would have been enjoyed by me 🙂  Well, as long as it didn’t rain. Guess that’s a gamble with fall weddings.  It won’t be raining this weekend so we’ll be enjoying the outdoor party!

Anyway, today I wanted to touch on the 21 Day Fix.  I mentioned a while back that I had purchased and completed the program but I just wanted to go into a little more depth about how it’s benefited my overall health.

As most of you know I’ve struggled with infertility issues for the past few years. Part of these issues stem from years of eating disorders and over exercising. While I’ve gotten a good handle on the eating disorders, I was still struggling with over exercising up to a few months ago. Even as I was going through Infertility treatments I struggled mentally and physically with “taking it easy.” As directed by my doctors. I know many people don’t understand how it can be so hard to just rest or to cut back on my physical activity level but for me working out is my happy place. When I wasn’t able to exercise as I once had been doing almost daily, I felt depressed. So when I decided to take a little break from all the fertility stuff, I looked into a way I could workout without jumping back into over doing it.
The 21 Day Fix was exactly what I needed for that month and has been great for my health since then.


Hot sweaty mess post plyo! 

After the 21 days were over I was still craving the workouts almost daily.  Since they offer such a variety as far as level of fitness, I have been able to do them without taking it to a crazy, over exercising extreme.  You know what?  For the past two months I’ve had a menstrual cycle!  On my own!  Without any drugs or anything else to kick-start things.  Which hasn’t happened in so long I can’t even remember.  Do I think it’s all thanks to the 21 day fix?  No, not necessarily.  However, I do think having short, low impact, strength based workouts to do at home has GREATLY helped me both physically and mentally.


Even my little Love Nugget joins in on the yoga sessions.  Namaste! 

Suddenly, I’m enjoying spending only 30 minutes working out rather than an hour at the gym.  I’m finding I look forward to focusing on my upper body or lower body rather than trying to do cardio and strength.  I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the Pilates day and continue to use it at least once a week.    Even though sometimes I’ll join in with my class at Afterburn and do the workout with them that is more intense, I’m still getting in several 21 Day Fix workouts each week and I love them!  I’m actually thinking about ordering the 21 Day Fix Extreme which I’ve heard great things about for December.


Morning Pilates Session 

For November, I’m heading up a 21 Day Fix Challenge group and am inviting you to join me!  Maybe you’re looking to lose a few pounds before the Holidays.  Maybe, like me you want to find a way to take things down a notch without quitting completely.  Or maybe you’re a busy mom who Yearns to go to the gym to workout but has no time.  This is just what you need!  21 Days of workouts, meal plans, portion control, motivational tips and much more!

21 day

Hope you’ll join me for a fun, pre-holiday challenge!


  • Have you ever had to adjust your fitness level for health reasons?  
  • Have you tried the 21 Day Fix or any other Beachbody workouts?  Thoughts? 
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  1. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I love that the 21 Day Fix is a fun challenge but nothing crazy or extreme, like you said. So awesome to see your body responded well to it!!

  2. Hi Giselle! How awesome that you’re enjoying and did well with this program. I’ve tried one of the workouts before and loved how it was so efficient in only 30 minutes. You’re right — sometimes less is more! Good luck with your group! 🙂

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Yes 30 minutes is key for me right now! No time to do much more so these are perfect. I just ordered the Piyo so I’m looking forward to trying that out too 🙂