Monday Date Night

Monday Date Night

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!   Ours was a little thrown off since we were gone all weekend and didn’t get home until late Sunday.  I taught the 6:00am class at Afterburn then after taking The Love Nugget to school came home to put away the laundry, clean up, meal plan and get some work done online.  I try to make sure I have one day at home every week to tackle some household things so I’m not feeling too overwhelmed throughout the week.  I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive about my house being clean but definitely try to keep it clutter free and as tidy as I can.  This has been becoming more and more difficult lately as I find myself busier every day.  Not only that but since our backyard is still dirt,


our house is constantly dirt too.  I sure am glad we have wood floors!  Anyway, I’ve been debating getting a house cleaner to come in once or twice a month to deep clean.  You know those things that often get overlooked like the blinds, baseboards, showers, etc.  I feel like it would take a load off my plate and help a lot.  However, I also feel guilty because after all, I am a stay at home mom for the most part.  I mean, yes, I teach at Afterburn actually nearly daily now but it’s still not near what I was bringing in when I had a full-time job.  However, I know my wonderful Hubby would happily oblige if I requested a house cleaner a few times a month.  Seeing as it wasn’t costing us an arm and a leg!

Speaking of our backyard, The Hubby worked all day Sunday trying to get The Love Nugget’s play structure built.  He’s just about finished then we have to put up the border and fill it with TONS of bark.


Once that’s done we will hopefully be bringing in a landscaper to work on the rest of the yard.  Hopefully…  In the meantime I’m thrilled The Love Nugget now has something to play on out back.  He spent most the afternoon out there yesterday climbing his rock wall, looking out his spy glass and sliding down the slide.    It was nice to see him having so much fun!

I taught the evening classes at Afterburn and wished I could have joined in the workout.  It was a good one!


Since it’s an hour long class in between we did some treadmill sprints, rowing sprints and floor tabatas.  It was fun!

BUT we had plans for a date night right after my last class so I didn’t want to get all sweaty 🙂 

Since we didn’t see much of each other this past weekend we decided to take a Monday night date night at Paul Martin’s Bistro in Roseville.  They have this awesome Monday dinner special that makes going out on a Monday so worth it!

FullSizeRender (11)

Doesn’t hurt that they are also one of the only restaurants we frequent in our area.  Local, organic foods that are delicous!

We went with a sauvignon blanc wine from Napa that was really good.


Then both had delicious salads before our main courses came.

FullSizeRender (10)

I probably get the same thing every time I go here.  Cedar plank Salmon with dijon, bacon and onion over spinach and mushrooms.  So good!

It was a great night to just relax and hang out after a few busy weeks and being ships passing in the night.  Sometimes it’s great to take a weekday or weekend night to just reconnect even if only for a few hours 🙂

Now I’m off to teach a few classes at Afterburn then grocery shop and run a few errands before picking up The Love Nugget from school.  Those three hours he’s there goes by so fast!

Have a great day everyone!


  • Do you tend to go out to dinner on the weekends more or during the week?
  • Any favorite restaurants of yours that have great deals like this?
  • Do you venture out and order different dishes when dining out or stick to what’s tried and true?
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  1. I love the backyard play set for your son, I’m sure he’s going to love it.

    Your meal looks delicious too! I wish my husband and I went out more during the week. We never think to do that but I’m thinking we should plan one in the near future.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks Kelly! It’s actually kind of nice going out on a weeknight. Less busy and there are often weeknight specials 🙂