Girl Time is Good for the Soul :-)

Girl Time is Good for the Soul :-)

When I found out I wasn’t pregnant after the infertility treatments I went through, I was pretty bummed out.  I was feeling a little down in the dumps and called my best girlfriends from high school to see if they’d be up for a girls weekend.  Being the amazing friends that they are they happily agreed and we planned a weekend getaway to North Start Tahoe.

While we live hundreds of miles away from each other, we try to get together annually or biannually for some girl time.   Between babies (my bf just had her second 7 weeks ago), work, life etc. it’s been a little while since the three of us had a good weekend of bonding.   So this was a trip we were all looking forward to and was so incredibly perfect!

We began our trip with a stop at Dono Del Cielo to taste some wines and pick some up for the weekend.


Then it was back on the road to Tahoe!  We rented a condo right in Northstar Village which turned out to be an awesome choice as we were steps from the Beer and Wine fest we attended on Saturday.  More on that later 🙂


After unpacking we hopped on the gondola for a quick ride up the mountain to The Ritz for Moscow Mules.


The Hubby and I stayed here last year and I remembered they had an amazing mule.  Unfortunately their backyard bar was closed for a private event so we grabbed a drink indoors and sat outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Then we headed back to our condo to get ready for dinner at Gar Woods.


I had heard about Gar Woods from a few people but hadn’t personally been.  They are famous for their Wet Woodies which are a blended concoction of fruit, rum and probably more liquer.  I passed on the Woody but these girls enjoyed theirs 🙂


Well, one of them did.  One drink had a cream in it and it ended up curdling which led to an unhappy tummy for my friend 🙁  Needless to say she wasn’t a huge fan of Gar Woods.  The food was okay but was definitely overpriced.  We did enjoy a nice bottle of wine, the atmosphere and the company!


The next day after a light breakfast in the condo we headed out for a short hike up a nearby trail.                            .

We enjoyed some gorgeous views and a nice light hike up and back the trail.


The perfect way to start our day!  After some more breakfast, showering, relaxing and getting ready, it was time for the Beer and Wine Walk!


Part of the reason we picked Tahoe for our girls trip was for the Autumn Food and Wine Festival that was going on.  We had hoped to attend a few more events like their Farm to Tahoe Dinner or Long Table Harvest Dinner but they sold out before we could purchase tickets 🙁  We were however able to get tickets to the Beer and Wine Walk which was right in the village just steps from our condo.  This made it easy for us to enjoy some samplings, then take a break half way through for a snacky lunch before heading back down for a few more samples.


My dress is from my favorite local shop, Bayabelle, hat and necklace from Nordstrom 🙂

It was a lot of fun but the weather was so hot and the wine wasn’t really all that great.  There was one winery called Clif that paired their wine with housemade almonds and we all agreed it was the best by far.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to purchase any wines from any of the vendors but I did pick up some of the almonds as well as a delicious smelling candle and soap from Sierra Essentials.

After some relaxing and snacking back in the condo, we headed to downtown Truckee for dinner at Moody’s.


This place was recommended by a few friends as well as our cab driver.  We were seated outdoors right away and started with a cocktail, some truffle deviled eggs and heirloom tomato salad with burrata cheese.


OMG that salad was to die for!  Definitely making this sometime soon!

For our main course I shared a burger and truffle fries with my friend.  Unfortunately I didn’t love the burger but the fires were delicious and I snagged a few bites of my friends duck entree that was amazing!   As we dined we chatted with a couple that was sitting close by.  They turned out to be the band that was playing that night and were on tour from Kentucky.  Although we hadn’t planned to stay and watch, after chatting with them we decided to head indoors and listen to them after dinner.  So glad we did because they were amazing!  A mix of blues, soul and bluegrass which was so enjoyable to sit and listen to. We ended up staying until they finished their last song just enjoying the music and the company 🙂


Just being silly 🙂 

Of course by the time we got back to the condo we were exhausted and crashed immediately.  Sunday morning we had to be out by 10:00 so after waking we cleaned up and headed out in search of food!  We headed into Truckee and went straight to Squeeze Inn for breakfast.


It’s always a fun place to eat with lots of random things to look at while you wait for your food.  Like the “Do Not Hump” sign 😉  I ordered an eggs benedict with bacon over tomatoes with fruit.   Hit the spot 🙂

We cruised around the town for a little while before driving back down the mountain towards home.


Unfortunately there are some very big fires in our area which are causing a LOT of smoke to sit in the valley.  It was getting pretty heavy in Truckee but as we drove down the mountain it was so thick and very depressing.  Hoping we get some much needed rain soon to help put out some of these fires!

We had some time before they flew out so we stopped at a local brewery called Goat House so they could sample some local brews.


Then we stopped by our house so we could see my boys!


Before we knew it, we had to leave to get to the airport so they could make their way home.  It was such an amazing weekend and the only bad part about it was that it went by WAY too fast 🙁  I feel so blessed to have two amazing friends and can’t wait to see them again!


Dress from Stitchfix (<— Affiliate link) 


  • Do you have friends from high school that you get together with often?  
  • What did you do this past weekend?  
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  1. Hi Giselle! Girl time IS good for the soul. That’s awesome you guys were able to carve out a weekend to be together. I’ve stayed at the Ritz at Northstar as well, and it was a wonderful hotel. I also went to Squeeze In — TOTALLY delicious place. Good choices you guys made! 🙂

  2. I was sad at the end of your post, because your weekend went by to fast. I wish I would have seen them too, so happy that you all had a good time