If You’re Eating Tuna, You Should be Eating Safe Catch!

If You’re Eating Tuna, You Should be Eating Safe Catch!

I used to dislike tuna.  Not fresh tuna but canned tuna.  Mainly because I had heard such horrible things about the fish they use and the way they catch the fish.  Many big brands use longline fishery which is the use of a long fishing line with multiple hooks that can stretch for many miles. Thousands of tons of seabirds, sea turtles, sharks and other marine life are hooked and then left to die on the lines.

So I just avoided it.  Then I discovered that there were companies that were committed to sustainable fishing practices and distributing a product that is safe to eat.  Even still I worried about mercury.  What most people these days worry about when they think about tuna.  Especially those of us with kiddos.  Mercury is highly toxic and kids are most susceptible to the harmful effects.

Luckily there is a brand that is creating a product that is not only sustainable but is produced with tuna that has been individually tested for mercury.  Yes you read that right, EACH fish is tested for their mercury level.


 Safe Catch has extremely high standards for their canned tuna and here’s just a few examples;

  • Our mercury limits are super strict. Our limit for Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is ten times (10x) stricter than the FDA mercury limit
  • Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is the only tuna to meet Consumer Reports ‘Low Mercury’ criteria for kids and pregnant women
  • Our limit for Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna is three and a third times stricter than the FDA mercury limit
  • Safe Catch sets the strictest mercury limit of any Albacore tuna brand


Not only do they take great care in making sure each can meets the mercury limits, they make work hard to make sure each can is perfectly packed, nutritious and safe.

  • We raw pack hand cut fish
  • We cook-in-can to seal in all the nutrients
  • Most brands pre-cook away nutrients and rehydrate with fillers to save money
  • We use environmentally friendly BPA free can linings
  • No fillers, no GMOs, no gluten, no additives

While I was at Idea World I had the pleasure of meeting one of the cofounders who just happens to be from a neighboring city here in California.  I love supporting local business’ that take pride in creating clean, healthy, sustainable products and I was thrilled to learn about this awesome company.

They sent me a few samples to try out and we’ve been loving them!


My favorite way has been mixed with cucumbers, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado oil, apple cider vinegar and sea salt over spinach.  So good!  The Love Nugget has been inhaling the tuna mixed with some avocado, dijon, a little mayo and seasonings with crackers or mixed into his mac and cheese.
Inhaled.  Literally.
Even without the mac and cheese he loves tuna.  Especially when I make my tuna salad sushi wrap,
So good and both great quick, easy lunches!  Even better when using Safe Catch Tuna!
  • Do you like tuna?  
  • If so, do you worry about mercury levels?  
  • Have you heard of or tried Safe Catch Tuna?  

Disclaimer – Safe Catch sent me a few cans of their tuna at no cost in exchange for this post.  I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I tried Safe Catch a few months back and was so impressed! I love what they represent AND their tuna is delish!