Rancho Roble Winery

Rancho Roble Winery

Oh my gosh you guys I completely forgot to tell you about the fun afternoon we had last weekend at Rancho Robles Winery in Lincoln!

Wait in Lincoln?  Yep, you heard that right.  A hidden gem right in our very own backyard.


We first visited Rancho Robles a few months ago when we had noticed a new sign on our drive out to Dono del Ciello.  We decided to go check it out and are so glad we did.  First of all, the property is gorgeous!


They have a beautiful vineyard, gorgeous grounds and pond complete with a boat that you can sit on, sip wine and relax.


Which is exactly where the Love Nugget wanted to spend all his time.


There and the Hammock which he was obsessed with.  DSC_0329

Can you blame him?


They also have a bocce ball court which is endless entertainment for adults and kids!


However, if you’re kids do get bored they can head over to the play structure and play away!


Along with a wonderful setting, the Rancho Robles owners are so welcoming and friendly that you just want to stay and chat all day long!  Or befriend them like I did 🙂

Of course you can’t forget the delicious wine!


Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera.  Yum!


Their tasting room is also filled with also sorts of gifts and wine themed fun.


Candles, signs, seasonings and more!


We spent the afternoon a few weekends ago at their release party for their newest 2014 Barbera.


An event that was full of fun, relaxation, food, music, games, laughter and of course, wine!





A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and an awesome place to visit anytime!  If you’re local, this should be a definite must visit on you list!  They are open Friday – Sunday 11-5:00 and are just north of Lincoln.




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  1. That looks like SUCH a fun day! Anything involving wine has to be fun, right?! I love that sign too… could totally use that in my kitchen. 😉

  2. What a great place to stumble upon, I really wish we had a vineyard close by I love all the fun events places like that have. It looks like you guys had a great day!