5 Tips to Creating an Awesome Cycle Class

5 Tips to Creating an Awesome Cycle Class

Hi guys!

So I know I already posted my recaps from Blogfest/Ideaworld, but my trip actually began a day earlier at a pre conference through Idea World.  Blogfest is basically a conference inside Idea World and as a Blogfest attendee I had the opportunity to take a pre- or post- conference course and become certified.  So I decided to get my Schwinn cert to have in case I want to start teaching spin at other gyms. I’ve taught a few classes at the studio but I’m feeling more ready to venture out so figured why not?  Rather than giving you a play by play of the entire class I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to create an awesome cycle class for a group or maybe just yourself!


1.  Plan a class for a broad range of clients – Make sure that the class will meet everyone’s needs.  Regardless if there are beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclers, everyone will should in a great workout and have a fun time!



All different levels, sizes, and ages riding away and having a blast!

2.  Mix and match your ride – I took a spin class once while traveling and the entire class we did jumps.  Up four counts, down four counts, up 8 counts, down 8 counts.  For one hour straight.  I don’t have knee problems but they were definitely aching after that hour!  Mixing and matching between aerobic and anaerobic, steady state and interval, as well as different timing options not only will give you a limitless number of choices when designing, but will also made the class more fun!

3.  Make sure your clients are set up safely and comfortably – I’ve been to many cycle classes where the instructor never even asks if there is anyone new, let alone gets off their bike to check out the riders.  This is a huge mistake as not being set up properly on the bike can lead to all sorts of injuries as well as make for one uncomfortable ride.  As an instructor, make sure to check in with clients even if they come in late.  A quick fit will easily ensure they have a safer, more comfortable ride.


All set up and ready to ride after my High Performance Fit

4. Don’t forget the warm-up and cool-down – Anyone ever take a cycle class that starts right out with hill climbs or sprints?  I have!  Besides the fact that this makes for one long class, there are serious side effects of not warming up or cooling down the body.  Muscle soreness, injuries and blood pooling are just a few.  So its crucial to always include about a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down in each class.

5. Have fun!  Remember that class I mentioned above that was ALL jumps?  Not only was it tiring and painful, but it was incredibly boring.  The instructor didn’t engage with the students and the music was sub par to say the least.  Be an instructor that has THAT class that everyone wants to go to.  Use music that you know your clients will enjoy.  Teaching in the morning to mainly moms?  Pull out some old Aretha Franklin and encourage them to sing along.  Have a member you know is outgoing and doesn’t mind showing off his dance skills?  Pull him off the bike during a flashback Michael Jackson number to do his best moon walk.  Engaging with your class will not only help make the class more fun for the riders, but for you as well!


One of the riders jamming to an oldie during our Schwinn Training!

I personally enjoy taking cycling classes but have to admit that after going through this training with some of the best instructors in the business, I have a new LOVE for cycling class.  They not only taught me ways to lead a fun workout, but gave me a new outlook on what a good class should look like.  I’m hoping that I can take that into a gym or studio sometime soon!


  • Do you like to take cycling classes?  
  • Do you prefer your rides to be more hills?  Flats?  Or a mixture of both? 
  • If you’re spin certified, what certification do you have? 


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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing with us! I teach RPM and am always looking to improve my coaching. 🙂

  2. Hi chica! It was so great to meet you and get to know you this weekend! Love this recap of the cycling cert day. I need to remember your tips for my first interview class coming up – gulp :). Any playlist suggestions?? xoxo!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      It was great to meet you too! How exciting you already have an interview class coming up. You’ll rock it! I would totally use the playlist and class format that they gave us in an interview. Then you don’t have to plan much 🙂 Or try Spotify. So many playlists to choose from! Good luck!

  3. I received my cycling certification a few months ago, but am soooo not ready to teach yet! I think I need to take many more classes before I’m comfortable with it. The idea of picking all the songs in a play list really terrifies me too since I just put a mix of whatever on from Amazon Prime Music for Pilates.