My Juice Detox Experience

My Juice Detox Experience

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I’ve been busy studying for my AFFA exam on Saturday!  I feel prepared for the instruction portion but not as much for the test.  It’s just been so long since I’ve had to take a test i’m nervous!  Plus I’ve been so busy I haven’t had as much time as I’d like study.  Fingers crossed I pass!

I’ve also been feeling a bit off lately which has attributed to my absence.  I mentioned our infertility treatments were going through the other day and Monday I went in to check that the drugs worked and I was ready for the next step.  Unfortunately they didn’t work.  So I was put on a double dosage of the same drug I had been so happy to get off of, then prescribed an injection that I’ll have to give myself starting this Friday.  I know many people go trough numerous cycles and infertility treatments but I was just so optimistic the first time would work.  Plus the side effects from the hormones and drugs are taking a toll on me.  Anyway, since I’ve been feeling so off from the drugs and just not being as clean on my diet as I’d like to be I decided to do something I never thought I’d do.  A juice cleanse!


After researching the best ones in our area I had hoped to get my juices from Liquidology.  However, Pressed Juicery was having a cleanse sale so I decided to buy one day of juices then make the rest myself.  The only problem was that my juicer broke a few months ago 🙁  Luckily I have an awesome Vitamix and decided to use that!  Which was messy but worked out just fine.  I blended organic produce with filtered, strained, then used a nut milk bag to squeeze out all the juice.  Like I said, definitely messy!

Anyways, here’s how my three days went 🙂

Day 1 – I started with the recommended large glass of room temp lemon water as I did my daily Headspace.  I had made The Love Nugget his breakfast and lunch the night before so I wouldn’t be tempted to munch on any of it as I made it that day.  Plus we had a busy day so getting it done earlier helped out.  I drank my first juice as he ate his breakfast then we headed out for a little run/walk.

It’s recommended to keep your cardio at a minimum when cleansing but I was feeling pretty icky from the weekend so wanted a little something.  Plus the weather was too good to pass up!  We had to be out the door by 8:30 so after a quick clean up, I packed up my juices and we were off.  Throughout the day I was felt okay.  Never really starving as I drank plenty of liquids in between my juices.


I had a long doctor appointment that was pretty mentally draining and came home feeling stressed.  At the appointment I discovered the drugs that were supposed to help me to ovulate had not worked.  So I was prescribed a double dose of Letrozole for that night then an injection that I’ll have to do Friday.  Not really the news we wanted especially since I hated taking the Letrozole.  I was pretty upset and needed a little break.  So I headed to the gym for spin class and a sauna session.  It helped so much and I finished the evening with my almond milk before going to bed at 9:00.  Exhausted!

Day 2 –  I had to teach the early class at the Studio and woke up feeling okay.  Much less puffy and bloated than the day before and no head ache.  As the day went on though, I started to get a pretty massive headache and major dizziness.  Both side effects from Letrozol 🙁  I continued with my juices but cheated a little and had a raw carrot, some grapes, steamed broccoli and a few raw almonds through the afternoon/evening.  I was exhausted and in bed asleep by 8:30.


Day 3 – Again I had to teach an early class so was up at 4:45.  I woke up feeling much more energized and refreshed.  However, as I was driving home from class a pretty intense headache started to hit me.  I thought once I drank my first juice I’d feel okay but it got worse.  I don’t drink a ton of coffee/caffeine so know it wasn’t all caffeine withdrawal.  Plus, from what I’ve read the first two days are typically the worst as far as caffeine headaches and by day three you should be feeling better.  It continued to intensify to the point where I was extremely nauseous and sick.  Unfortunately I had to go teach another pilates class so I grabbed a few almonds and sipped an herbal tea hoping that would help.  I made it through class then came straight home to lay down.  I couldn’t even drink my next juice due to the nausea.  As I rested I began looking online to see if doing juice cleanses during infertility treatments was safe.  There wasn’t a clear answer so I went ahead and called my doc.  NOPE!  It’s recommended to eat very clean but not shock the system by doing anything drastic like a cleanse.  Oops!  Luckily I didn’t mess anything up but she just said, “Eat girl!  Between the meds and only consuming juice your body hates you!”  Part of me was a little bummed because I hate to quit and really wanted to finish out the three days.  BUT, obviously, I want to get pregnant way more so I started adding in some meals at this point.  AND went ahead and took a tylenol 🙂  I felt like a new person within an hour but decided to keep things fairly light as far as food for the rest of the day.



A bowl of steamed broccoli for lunch

I had some raw almonds and another juice a few hours later then went to the gym for a little treadmill run and short shoulder workout.  It felt great!  By dinner I still wasn’t all that hungry but ate some of the meal I cooked.



Dijon Salmon, kale salad and sweet potato

You’d think I’d be starving after mainly drinking my meals the past few days but I just had no appetite.  Which again is another side effect of the drugs 🙁   I definitely felt more energized in the evening than I had the past few days and wasn’t needing to go to bed before 9:00 like the previous two nights.

Today I woke up feeling much better.  More energy, no headache and literally 10 pounds lighter than I was on Monday.  That just shows how much water weight I was carrying!  Crazy!  While I’m not planning to continue doing a juice cleanse I will be continuing to incorporate juices into my daily routine and eat really clean.   Caffeine and alcohol will be extremely limited as will sugar even in the natural (honey, maple syrup…) forms.  Going through another round of infertility treatments is the last thing I want to do after how I felt through this one and I desperately want it to work!

Overall I think if I wasn’t on the infertility medicine it would have been much easier.  I do feel a better as far as not as much bloating and water weight which was really bugging me.  If you’re interested in doing a cleanse there are a lot of great resources out there including how to make your own cleanses at home!  Which is really easy even with the Vitamix and will save you $$$!


  • Have you ever done a juice cleanse?  
  • If so, what were your thoughts?  
  • Do you use your Vitamix to make juices at home or have a juicer?


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