Crystal Deodorant Giveaway!

Crystal Deodorant Giveaway!

Oh my goodness you guys it has been so hot here!

I feel like if we cracked an egg on the sidewalk it really would cook!

Maybe I should try 😉

Anyways with the high temps comes an unpleasant body issue.  Sweat!  Yeah it’s so hot that I break a sweat walking from the car to the store.  It makes it even worse if I have to go run errands after the gym where I’ve been sweating.  The heat just keeps it going!

So I have to make sure to keep my armpits fresh naturally with Crystal Deodorant.


You may remember I posted about Crystal a few weeks back.


In case you missed it, here’s a big part of why I like it.

Many popular deodorants contain these ingredients which can be harmful to our health.  Crystal products are made from simple mineral salts that form an invisible layer of natural deodorant protection on the skin.   Doesn’t get more natural than minerals!

Along with deodorant Crystal makes a foot spray, deodorant spray, mens line and my favorite, towelettes.


Sidenote – if you’re attending Blogfest this year make sure to find me to grab some sample wipes to try out!

Seriously have these in my purse, car, gym bag and numerous drawers around the house.  Just in case 🙂


Crystal Deodorant just came out with a new roll-on scent. 

CE_Van Jas_roll-on


Vanilla Jasmine!  I can’t wait to try it and one lucky winner will get a chance to as well.

Enter in the rafflecopter below and I’ll choose a winner this Sunday, June 13th 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I’ve been meaning to buy some of this but winning would surely be better!

  2. I love to bring towelettes with me just in case I need to freshen up a bit!

  3. Lisa Brown says:

    i take showers daily and use wipes in between

  4. Goodness we try to be around water in summer… but I use misters, sweat bands, and iced water! Would LOVE to try the lavender vanilla! We are getting hit by the leftover storm from the Pacific- our temps are cooling down and we might get rain- coolest weather in four years for June 🙂 Hope some rain heads your way!

  5. ErikaMC says:

    I use baby powder to feel fresh and less sticky throughout the day during the summer.

  6. Amy Rock says:

    Well, Seattle has been warmer than usual but I love it! And really it’s not overly warm. But some ice cold water is my go to. I’d love to try this stuff though, I’m interested to see how effective it is!

  7. I make sure to drink more water to stay hydrated in the heat and I wash my face more since it gets more oily and sweaty, especially with all the sunscreen I put on.

  8. Water!!!! And AC! 😉

  9. By the way Giselle, I just noticed this, but your screen shot of the weather has an address in it, not sure if it’s your home address but you might wanna block it out or take it down!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thank you Andrea! I hadn’t noticed that but took it off immediately. Thanks!

  10. AC and deodorant!

  11. I use baby powder, but have always tried to find a natural deodorant that works. I haven’t found a successful one and would love to try this. Thanks for the post!

  12. I have always been horrible to reapply deodorant to stay fresh, which is the exact opposite of staying fresh! The towelettes would be great to try out!

  13. Katrina says:

    Water and dry shampoo are my two stay fresh go to items in the summer!

  14. Meena R says:

    I always make sure to have some face wipes with me. My face tends to get sweaty/oily after a long day in the sun so a quick freshening up with the face wipes always works so well.

  15. Martha W says:

    Would love to try!