Ortho Molecular Liver Detox Review

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Hope your Monday was marvelous!

We had a pretty mellow Monday with a trip to the gym, teaching at The Studio then just getting some things organized around the house.  After a busy Sunday it was nice to just relax and hang out around the house for most the day.

As most of you read I completed a liver detox last week.   There are a lot of different cleanses out there but this one came highly recommended by my naturopath as well as several other people.  I have never done a full on cleanse before so definitely made sure to read up on the product as well as the reviews before purchasing.  After reading tons of positive experiences, I purchased the Ortho Molecular Core Restore kit from Amazon (Affiliate link).  Here’s a blurb about the product;

The goal of the Core Restore Program is to facilitate the removal of toxins and revitalize your body’s natural detoxification function. This will help prevent future toxin buildup so you can maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Once finished, you will enjoy improved biotransformation, better digestive system function, and increased nutrient absorption which will help them feel more energized.

The first two days are fasted besides drinking the provided shake for breakfast and dinner.  Then on days 3-7 you add in very clean, small meals that contain foods to help continue eliminating toxins and decrease your risk of exposure to pesticides etc. You also continue to drink the shake morning and night as well as take supplements to support the detox.  

I wasn’t expecting this to be too hard as the meals weren’t far from what I was already eating.  I was however worried about the fasting days and how I would feel based off others reviews.  I started on a Sunday so had to teach on Monday and had my fingers crossed I wasn’t going to be sick!

Here’s a recap of how I felt each day 🙂 s

Day 1 – I went to the gym early to get a little workout in then had the shake with coconut milk along with the alpha capsules.  The shakes definitely aren’t great but not as bad as I thought they might be.  Just a really chalky protein shake.  I added ice to thicken it up a bit which helped. As far as how I felt, eh.  Definitely not great but not as bad as I expected.  I had read reviews about how horrible the first few days are.  Some people said they experienced flu like symptoms.  Some said they were just so tired they couldn’t get out of bed.  I didn’t feel all that bad but definitely had very little energy, nausea, dizziness and a little head ache.  I will say though that I did consume a few glasses of wine and a cocktail the day before so that could have had something to do with the way I felt 😉  I started to get hungry around 4:30 so had the shake earlier around 5:30 but made it super thick so it took longer to eat.  I went to bed tired but feeling okay. 

Day 2 – Night one I slept pretty good.  I don’t have a ton of issues sleeping as it is but most people say they sleep really well while on the detox.  I do usually wake up when The Hubby leaves and struggle to go back to sleep but didn’t even hear him get out of bed and slept until The Love Nugget came in at 6:30.  Upon getting up I immediately felt exhausted.  I thought about going back to bed but little man was up and at em!  I drank a large glass of water before having my shake around 7:15.  I thought I would wake up starving but wasn’t hungry at all and had to choke it down a little.  I had to teach at 9:00 and was worried about how I would feel but I was fine.  Low energy and didn’t do much jumping around or exercising since its recommended to take it easy during the detox.  I thought by now I would be struggling with the whole no food thing but found that I wasn’t hungry and my cravings were majorly subsiding.  I didn’t even have an urge to munch on The Love Nuggets food as I made his meals.  When it came time to drink my evening smoothie I didn’t even want it but got it down.

Day 3 – Food!  Guess what, I wasn’t even hungry.  I had to teach at 6:00 am and woke up feeling energized and ready to go.  Not as drowsy as the previous days even without adding food yet.  After teaching I came home and made a smoothie that included the suggested two scoops of ortho molecular core restore, bananas, raspberries, kale and coconut milk.   It tasted quite sweet and I was pretty full after half the bowl but finished it off to get some nutrients in me.  I took a hot yoga class mid morning and felt just fine during and after.  It felt good to sweat a little 🙂  The rest of the day I felt great.  Not even really all that hungry by lunchtime but ate a kale salad as suggested.  The hard part on this day was drinking the shake at night and eating dinner.  It was a lot and I had a hard time getting through my meal.  Just not hungry at all I’m assuming due to the two previous days of no food.

Day 4 –  Feeling pretty good by day 4!  Already noticing an overall feeling of lightness and have dropped a few pounds.  Not that weight loss was my main reason for doing it but it feels good to not feel puffy and bloated.  I ate some chia pudding with the protein mixed in this morning before heading to a Barre class.  It kept me pretty full throughout the morning but I started to feel hungry around 11:00 after teaching the mom and kids class.  I had a few more bites of the chia seed pudding then lunch at 1:00 when we got home.  Another kale salad with chicken added in.  Even though it was a small serving, I felt really full again and a bit bloated.  I wasn’t hungry the rest of the afternoon but snacked on a little bit of apple and almond butter before taking a spin class around 6:00.  I drank the shake after class then ate a small dinner.  I’ve noticed that my cravings for something sweet after meals are subsiding which is really good news since they had been out of control!

Day 5 – Sometimes when I teach at 6:00 I’ll wake up at 4:45 to squeeze in a quick workout before I have to leave at 5:30.  I wasn’t planning to on this day but thought about it before going to bed.  Of course, my internal alarm clock remembered me thinking about it and I was wide awake at 4:30.  So I got up and did a quick 30 minute workout before heading to teach cardio and weights.   I had a ton of energy even without my usual cup o’ joe and joined in with the class for the cardio Tabatas I had them do.  It felt great!  Upon returning I ate another bowl of chia pudding and half an apple.  I noticed I was more hungry today than the previous days which is probably from exercising a little more.  Not a bad thing though and I listened to the hunger adding in a few snacks during the day.  Slept like a rock from 9:30 to 6:00 🙂

Day 6 – Woke up feeling refreshed and down 5 pounds!  With the weekend here I was definitely beginning to crave a glass of wine or cocktail but stuck with it.  I noticed I was hungrier again today which must mean my stomach is getting back to it’s normal size.  While the shakes aren’t bad, I’m looking forward to not drinking them anymore.  They are pretty chalky and I’d rather just drink my normal protein shake.

Day 7 – Woo hoo!  I made it!  Today there was a little part of me that just wanted to throw in the towel and call it a week.  We attended a birthday party where there were yummy wines, margaritas, snacks and treats but I stuck with it drinking only water throughout then munching on a few carrots.  When we returned from the party to my mom at our house I wanted to pour a glass of wine and catch up with her but drank my shake, ate a rice cake with almond butter and pounded some water 🙂  I did it!

I took some measurements before I started and have lost 6 pounds, an inch around my waist, an inch around my hips and 1/2 an inch around my thighs.  Definitely feeling a million times better with more energy, less puffiness, less bloating and way less brain fog.  I really enjoyed this cleanse and will probably do it again as it’s recommended to complete it once a year.  A great way to reset your system and rid the body of toxins!


  • Have you done a cleanse or detox before?  
  • If not, would you consider it?  
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