What I Ate on my Liver Detox

What I Ate on my Liver Detox

Hi friends!

In case you missed it, the other day I mentioned that I’m currently doing a liver detox (<– Affiliate link).  My naturopath recommended it and after my most recent miscarriage I figured why not.  Finding a full week where I didn’t have a lot planned was the most difficult part.  It’s recommended that you rest for the first few days as your basically fasting (besides the shake provided) and some people say they experience flu-like symptoms.  I didn’t really feel all that bad other than a major lack of energy and slight headache but still kept it pretty mellow Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday was the first day I could eat food!  Woo hoo!  Surprisingly when I woke up Tuesday morning and headed off to teach my 6:00am class I wasn’t hungry at all.  I thought I would be dying during that hour of teaching but felt fine and actually joined in on a few exercises.  Even after I got home I had little desire to eat but made their recommended smoothie for breakfast.


In the mix was 2 scoops of the provided core restore protein powder, 1/3 cup frozen raspberries, 1/2 frozen banana, coconut hemp milk, about a cup of kale and ice.  It wasn’t bad and kept me full until lunch time.


Which was a kale salad with strawberries, avocado, a few chopped brazil nuts, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.  I thought I would be ravenous for real food but made it about half way through before I felt full.  It was good though!


You’re allowed to have snacks if desired and around 3:00 I had a craving for some apples so had a few slices with about a tablespoon of almond butter.   Nuts are allowed but I’m trying to keep my fat consumption a little lower this week to see how my body reacts.

You’re supposed to have another shake with or around dinner so around 5:30 I had my shake which was just two scoops of the core support mixed with water.  The taste isn’t too bad but it’s super thick and chalky 🙁


Of course I wasn’t very hungry for dinner after that but ate it anyways.


Grilled chicken with kale salad on the side.

I finished the evening with a mug of organic peppermint tea and another episode of scandal.  Almost caught up 🙂

I’ll be giving a full recap of the entire detox next week after finishing.  So stay tuned if you’re interested.

On another note, I posted an awesome giveaway yesterday to my favorite boutique, Bayabelle!  Even if you’re not local check it out because they have an online shop too!

Now, go check out some more eats over on Jenn’s page for her WIAW party!



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  1. I hope you’re feeling better! That sounds HARD! Hopefully it works though!

  2. Love the kale salad!

    I’m not sure I could ever to a detox. My body would be starving for real food!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I totally thought the same thing about detoxes but with all my health issues am willing to try just about anything. Fingers crossed I see some results 🙂 I’m already feeling a little better, craving sweets and snacks much less which is great!