What I Ate Wednesday + Giveaway #3!

What I Ate Wednesday + Giveaway #3!

Happy Wednesday folks!

We’ve been enjoying another week of gorgeous weather here (sorry East Coaster’s) so have been spending as much time as possible outdoors.  Daily walks, park play, picnic lunches and evening walks.  Definitely been getting in a good amount of Vitamin D!

Anyway, most of you are probably here to check out what we ate yesterday since it’s Wednesday and all.  AND because I don’t want to disappoint, here’s another round of What I Ate Wednesday!  Don’t worry, that giveaway will be somewhere in here I promise 🙂


My day began at 4:50 when I got up to head to the gym.  I had debated going all night since I was tossing and turning.  That’s what happens when I drink an iced green tea after 12:00.  Grrr….  Anyway, I got up and dressed then pounded my pre-workout elixir lately.


A scoop of About Time Auxiliary drink mixed with water and about a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.  It definitely helps with a little extra energy that early in the morning!

Post workout I returned home to The Love Nugget sitting in the kitchen waiting for breakfast.  No I didn’t leave him there by himself The Hubby just sleeps through him telling dad to get up.  Good thing he’s independent!  While getting him his breakfast I drank one of these quick and easy About Time Cinnamon Swirl Protein Shake mixed with water.


A little while later I made myself a real breakfast 🙂

Our workout was;

Warm up –

Tabata alternating plank ups and burpees 8 rounds

5 x 10 Prisoner plate squats with a 35 pound plate

then Ivan,

5 Rounds

50 double unders

50-40-30-20-10 of

walking lunges


ab mat sit-ups

It was a good one and I knew I needed to refuel.


Recipe coming soon!

The Love Nugget is on Spring Break and I don’t teach Tuesday’s so we hung out and got some stuff done around the house for the morning.  Of course I started to get antsy so we headed out on an adventure around 11:00.

Snack shared with The Love Nugget on the way was one of About Time’s Coconut Island Protein Bars.  Just dates, coconut and egg white protein!


Our first stop was the farmers market to look for some veggies to dye our eggs with.  We were unsuccessful but did end up with a big bag of organic apples to make applesauce!

We were going to catch a ride on the little train that drives around but the line was out of control!  Spring break for everyone I guess!  Instead we stopped into Anthropology for a little shopping.  The Love Nugget likes to have his own fashion show in their mirrors 🙂


Then into Pressed Juice for a juice and a chlorophyll water before heading to the park to play.


I enjoyed the sun sipping on my water while he played for a while.


After a pit stop to Whole Foods it was home for lunch!

Which was a big ol’ salad for me,


and a random plate of left overs for The Love Nugget.


The Love Nugget hasn’t really been napping much lately but I do still have him lay down to rest for an hour.  I set an alarm, read him a story then leave him with a pile of books.  Every once in a while he’ll fall asleep but if not, at least he’s resting.  Plus, I get an hour of kid free time 🙂


I spent my hour outside in the sun planning tomorrows workouts, The Love Nugget’s birthday party and starting this post.

When his alarm went off he ran right downstairs to ask about making our egg dye.  So we tackled that task so we’d be ready to dye our eggs tomorrow.


Stay tuned for a post about how to make your own egg dye!

A little later we cut open our first watermelon of the season.  I know it’s a little early but I couldn’t’ resist when I found these organic watermelons on sale.  It was delicious!  We also snacked on a few slices of uncured Canadian bacon for some added protein.  Still working on that 🙂


We relaxed on the couch for a little while, both of us working on our laptops while watching Ellen.  Or Miss Ellen as The Love Nugget calls her 🙂


Dinner was going to be meatloaf but The Love Nugget asked for burgers and we had these great organic heirloom tomatoes to use so went with burgers.


Along with sweet potato fries and grilled zucchini.  Yum!

After The Love Nugget went to bed I made The Hubby a Peanut Butter Protein Cake.


I taste tested, it was good!  Super easy to make using About Time’s Night Time Recovery Protein Powder.

Just 1 scoop protein powder, 1 tbsp. Almond Flour, 1 tbsp. plain yogurt, 1 egg, 1/4 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. coconut oil, 1 tbsp. mini chocolate chips and 2 tsp. maple syrup (optional).  Mix all ingredients in a bowl, then spoon into a mug or ramekins.  I melt the oil in the ramekins so it’s lightly greased.  Pop into the microwave for 1:30-2:00 and voila!  A mini protein cake!  I topped his with Cashew Coconut butter and a few dark chocolate chunks.  He gobbled it down 🙂

I had a spoonful of the above mentioned cashew coconut butter and mug of peppermint tea.  I haven’t been having my tea as often because it’s been warmer but I was craving a little something minty last night.  My favorite!

Alright don’t worry I didn’t forget about giveaway number 3!  It just so happens that I’m giving away a few products from one of my favorite companies I mentioned several times throughout this post.  About Time!  Not only do they create awesome, clean, NON-GMO, vegan, and some Paleo-friendly products but they are an amazing group of people.  So dedicated to creating good for you products for consumers and I love being an ambassador for them!

Now, the giveaway… It was hard to pick two of my favorites but I finally decided to go with the Pre-workout AUX drink that The Hubby and I both use as well as one of my favorite protein powders, Birthday Cake!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you haven’t had time to yet, make sure to enter the giveaway’s from day 1 and day 2!


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  1. Sounds like a great day! You guys definitely stayed busy on a day off from school:)

  2. Mollie Kimmel says:

    that salad looks so good! beets and asparagus are so springy! can’t wait to make up my own salad using those ingredients!

  3. Don’t be sorry…it’s GOING TO BE 60 TOMORROW!!!!

  4. Everything looks great…love the salad!

  5. Sounds like a fun day! And I cannot wait for the temps to rise, I went outside in cropped leggings today for my workout and was pleasantly surprised!

  6. I really want to try that protein cake, it sounds so delicious and simple!

  7. Your salad looks amazing! I need to come up with some more adventurous ones!!