A Day in the Life on a Tuesday

A Day in the Life on a Tuesday

Good morning!

I think yesterday was the first day in over a week that I actually felt back to normal.  Between my aunts passing and the stomach flu that knocked me down I’ve not been myself.  While I’m obviously still recovering from losing my aunt, I can say that I finally feel I’ve kicked the last of the flu bugs out of my system!   Yay!

I had set an alarm to remind myself to start documenting my day for a full day in the life post but of course, it didn’t go off.  Luckily I remembered after returning home from the gym 🙂  So here’s a peak into our Tuesday this week!

5:00 am – alarm goes off for the gym.  I get up, drink a little of my AMRAP beet energizer and head out the door.


5:15 am – get to the gym a few minutes early to foam roll and stretch before Crossfit class.

6:30 am – finish the WOD but stay to stretch and foam roll some more after a great workout that included;

Tabata skaters and pushups for warm up

9,15,21 of

Dumbell snatches

800 m run


4 rounds of

30 double unders

10 burpees

It was a good one for sure!

6:45 – shower and head downstairs to make breakfast.


An oldie but a goodie!  Sweet Cinnamon Scramble topped with sunbutter and strawberries.  Yum!


7:15 – sit down to eat my breakfast with this guy 🙂


7:40 – no time to relax, clean up then head back upstairs to finish getting ready for the day.

8:15 – Get The Love Nugget’s snack ready, take my vitamins and head out to take The Love Nugget to school.


8:30 – Teacher conference with The Love Nugget’s teacher.  Just a quick progress check in.  It was no surprise to us that he’s doing awesome and got proficient in all areas! So proud of him 🙂


9:00 – Time to hit up Target!  My second home I tell ya!  Next to Whole Foods of course 😉


9:25 – As usual, I’ve managed to put several items into my cart that are not on my list…


10:00 – Finally leave Target and head home.

10:30 – Make some hot tea and sit down to get a little work done.


11:35 – Before I know it, it’s time to head back to pick up The Love Nugget!  Who promptly shows me his grouchy face.  They had read about a grouchy ladybug in school 🙂


12:20 – Lunch time outside!  Turkey avocado roll ups with carrots and tomatoes.  I also munched on a few kale chips while making lunch.


12:45 – A little baking experimenting with About Time protein pancake mix while The Love Nugget plays outside.


1:15 – Story and naptime for Mr. Man.

1:20 – More work in the kitchen for me.  Make some homemade jello (recipe coming soon), finish the breakfast cookies, boil eggs, roast veggies then clean up.  Phew!

2:00 – Park it on the couch with more hot tea to catch up on The Bachelor and plan my classes for tomorrow.  Cardio and weights at 9:15, Kickin it with Moms at 10:00 and subbing for Power Sculpt at 6:30 🙂

2:45 – The Love Nugget didn’t nap 🙁  So he’s up and we’re off!  First stop, TJ Maxx in search of  a new rug and dog toys.


3:20 – Somersaults at the park!


4:00 – The Love Nugget wanted a snack so we came home where he slurped down a Mamma Chia and I drank one of these.


Our favorite flavor lately 🙂

4:15 – Head out side for some sidewalk chalk play.  It was a gorgeous day!


4:45 – Take the dogs for a walk.  It’s been a bit of a change going from walking one dog to two.  Neither are great on a leash but we make it work.


5:30 – The Love Nugget does some letter hunting while I start prepping for dinner.


6:00 – The Hubby gets home and we realize we are out of propane which we need to grill our dinner so he’s off again to get that taken care of.

7:00 – Finally sit down for dinner.  A little later than usual but worth the wait 🙂 Roasted cabbage with balsamic, roasted kabocha squash, and grilled chicken.


7:20 – Clean up while The Love Nugget and Hubby shower then cozy up with my little man to watch an episode of Paw Patrols.  He usually gets 30 minutes of T.V. a day and this was his chosen show for the day.


8:00 – Bedtime for The Love Nugget!  The Hubby does bedtime while I get a little work done.  Then we relax, I eat a handful of dark chocolate chips and watch an episode of Downton with The Hubby.


8:45 – Exhausted, I’m off to bed!  I read for a little bit before lights out around 9:15.


  • Have you tried a sweet egg scramble before?  
  • Is it beginning to look like spring where you live?  
  • Do you enjoy day in the life posts? 
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  1. Looks like a busy day! The weather seems awesome where you are. It is starting to look like spring here – which means it’s only slightly less cold, but we have more rain. and more wind. So it’s actually still cold. -.- Hello Netherlands.

    I do really enjoy reading your day in the life posts 🙂 I think they’re totally fun! Although this particular one made me realise yet again how much I miss target. I think the next time I visit family, I’m going to end up with a bunch of random stuff from there haha.

    🙂 Happy Wednesday!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Oh I’m not sure how I could live without target. I go through withdrawals if I don’t go every week! I have been cutting back though. It’s just so easy to spend over $100 every time! There and Whole Foods 🙂

  2. Target is a dangerous, dangerous place!… especially the clearance section 😉

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I seem to have way for finding anything and everything that is on clearance then talking myself into buying it since it’s “such” a great deal 😉

  3. I have never tried a sweet egg scramble but I should!! I can’t workout in the morning on an empty stomach I would pass out lol.

    Great idea to add balsamic to cabbage, I want to try that!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      You’d love it! I used to think it sounded so strange to eat sweet eggs. But it’s just a hint of sweetness and is so good! The cabbage was amazing and I’ll definitely be recreating it!

  4. Jennifer Wear says:

    I love your DITL posts. It’s interesting to see the things I can relate to and the things I can’t relate to. I’m obsessed with that Kombucha (all the GT flavors, but that one is a top pick for me) and I can’t go a day without dark chocolate!

    I haven’t had a sweet scramble before and I really want to try it. I used to love scrambled eggs on cinnamon toast as a kid though.
    I live in the Pacific NW and we have notoriously bad winters, however this winter has been super mild. Last week we even hit a sweltering 50 degrees!