Travel WOD’s and a Family WOD

Travel WOD’s and a Family WOD

I know some people are against working out when they go on vacation.  I am not one of those people.  I’m a morning person and typically awake before the rest of my traveling companions so if I like to do something productive while everyone still sleeps.  Productive and enjoyable for me. Exercise!

I love getting to explore new gyms, fitness centers or towns on foot while getting in some good fitness time.

As you know we recently took a little vacation to Hawaii and the fitness room was one of the first things I checked out upon arriving.

trip collage 2


Fitness center and pool at our condo

It was a little small but I knew it would do the trick.  Most mornings I was able to get in a nice WOD incorporating the treadmill or bike.  Here’s a few of my travel WOD’s from this past trip.


If you don’t have a treadmill or access to somewhere to run you can substitute rowing, elliptical or jumping rope.


This one was much tougher than it looked and my legs were on fire afterwards!  Not to mention my booty!  Make sure you have some sort of padding when doing all those sit-ups.  I had quite the rug burn on my tailbone 🙁


Again you can add in any other form of cardio before and after this WOD.

The Love Nugget likes to join in on the workout fun from time to time so when I asked The Hubby if he wanted to do a little WOD, with me our little man begged to join in.

We couldn’t refuse so planned a short WOD that he could participate in,


To make sure he got to join in we took turns holding him during squats,

trip 97

and push-ups


When we were done The Love Nugget and Hubby did some chest presses,



While I traveled back up the ladder on my WOD.

It was a quick one but a fun way to get in a little workout with the whole family 🙂


  • Do you exercise while on vacation?  
  • Are you ever able to get your whole family involved?  

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  1. Pinning these for later use, thanks!!! 🙂

  2. This is so cute! we love working out as a family.. and I always exercise on vacation because I have no excuse not to!

  3. LOVE the idea for a Family WOD- I usually workout at night after they go to sleep but they always, always like to be involved in whatever I’m doing and this would be perfect! The only workouts I do on vacation are usually hikes- kudos for keeping up Momma!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      My son LOVES working out with me especially since we used to do the mom and kids workouts. He got really good at getting into the proper positions for each exercise 🙂 Starting them young!