An at Home Valentine’s Dinner from Whole Foods

An at Home Valentine’s Dinner from Whole Foods

The Hubby and I decided to just stay home for Valentine’s Day.  Actually, my birthday is today and my mom is coming down tomorrow so we are sort of celebrating it tonight with a nice, romantic dinner at home.  One that I had a blast picking out yesterday at my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods!

It’s no secret we are big fans of Whole Foods.  So much so that if you ask The Love Nugget where he wants to go to breakfast, lunch or dinner he says, “Whole Foods!”  We obviously love it for the yummy hot and cold bar but also for much more.  They have an awesome produce department which features local frutis and veggies.  Their meat department carries a wide variety of local, organic and grass-fed meats.  Their cheese department is stocked to the brim with yummy cheese and of course their wine and beer section is loaded with delicious beverages.  Not to mention their employees are extremely knowledgable and always more than happy to help.

So when I was thinking about our dinner and what we wanted to make I knew I would be heading to Whole Foods.  Upon entering I was greeted with an explosion of color as their fresh flowers were bursting out of the doors!


Their flower market is always overloaded with fresh, Whole Trade flowers.   Perfect for your loved one on Valentine’s Day or for yourself just because 🙂 After smelling flower after flower we made our way to The Love Nugget’s favorite department.


The cheese!

When we typically purchase cheese I head straight to the cold case where I know I can find grass-fed, organic cheeses.


Which if you’re looking for something that fits that criteria and an every day cheese, this is going to be a great place to start.  With favorites like Kerrygold, Seaside, Rumino and Organic Valley you can’t really go wrong.  However, since it’s Valentine’s Day, I wanted to create a cheese plate with some more unique, specially selected cheeses.  So I made my way to the cheese counter and asked Beth (one of the many helpful cheese specialists) for a little help.

After I filled her in on what would be on our surf and turf style menu, she walked me through several cheeses that would work well.


I had mentioned I was looking for local, raw and/or organic so she showed me quite a few that fit that bill.  I didn’t realize that on each flag you can find what type of animal the milk is from, if it’s raw and if it’s local.  Sure makes it easier than searching on the label or just guessing!


Also good to know is that they will open any package of cheese you’d like to sample before purchasing.  So important when trying to create that perfect cheese plate for a special dinner!

After selecting several easy to enjoy, cheeses I knew The Hubby would enjoy as well I made my way to my next stop, the vino of course!


 I was immediately greeted by Jeff, the wine specialist who walked me through a few options to pair with our meal.  I knew we’d be doing a surf and turf style dinner so he suggested a few full body reds that would go well with our meal.  For the cheeses I had selected he made a suggestion I hadn’t received before.  Sherry…


 You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t that what you cook with?”  That’s exactly what I was thinking.  However, Jeff shared with me that a good Sherry is actually amazing to pair with many different types of food because of the complexity and balance it has.  Since it’s Valentine’s Day and I wanted to do something a little more special I ended up picking up a bottle to try out.

My next stop was the seafood department where I had a tough decision to make.


 What surf to get for our surf and turf!


 Unfortunately, I was a day early for their one day Friday sale which was 2 for $10 lobster tails.  Instead I chose a few of the scallops even though The Hubby isn’t a big fan.  A little selfish on my part but it is my birthday too 🙂


A pit stop in the produce for some asparagus, butternut squash and carrots before making my way to the meat department.


Thankfully the butchers are always extremely helpful because my knowledge of red meat isn’t that great.  The Hubby’s favorite cut is a filet but unfortunately they were all out of grass-fed filets…  So instead the butcher suggested the rib eye so I picked up a nice thick steak to go with our scallops.  However, if I had been able to make it in today for their one day sale I would have picked up their New York which is on sale for $19.99 per lb!

I picked up a few more supplies for desert before checking out.  All set for our romantic dinner at home!

Here’s what is on our menu for our special birthday/Valentine’s dinner!

PicMonkey Collage

The makings of a perfect cheese plate!  From bottom left, San Joaquin Gold Chedder, Smoked Seaside, Cranberry Almond Mitica (palate cleanser), Jalapeño Goat, Shaft Blue Cheese to crumble over the steak and a Vintage Sheeps Gouda.  We’ll be snacking on these while making our main course and sipping on this,


The Sherry!  I bit of a splurge but like I said, it’s Valentine’s Day and fun to go a little special every once in awhile 🙂

For the main course we’ll be making a pan fried steak with blue cheese and port reduction, bacon wrapped scallops, Roasted Balsamic Asparagus and Butternut Squash Carrot Puree.

All will be enjoyed with this Syrah I picked up at Whole Foods as suggested by Jeff.


To finish out our Valentine’s Dinner we’ll be indulging in these Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes from Taylor Made it Paleo.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m definitely looking forward to a nice, romantic dinner at home with my hubby to celebrate Valentine’s this year instead of fighting the crowds at restaurants!  All thanks to our favorite grocery store, Whole Foods!


  • If you’re making Valentine’s Dinner at home, what’s on your menu?  
  • What’s some of your go-to cheeses when creating a good cheese spread?  

Disclaimer – I was provided with a gift card from Whole Foods to purchase items mentioned in this post.  I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

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  1. This is a great idea and those molten cakes look awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

    We will be heading to a steakhouse tonight for an early Valentine’s Day dinner. I’m excited for a date night.

  2. Happy Birthday! My mom’s birthday is today, too, and we are having a little birthday dinner with some of her closest friends at our house tonight. We are making roasted chicken legs, risotto with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes, sauteed zucchini with shallots in garlic and olive oil and a spinach salad with pears, dried cherries, roasted walnuts and feta cheese. For dessert, I’m making strawberry and brownie parfaits!