Whole 30 week Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Meal Plan

Whole 30 week Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Meal Plan

We’re on the home stretch!  One more week and a few days.  Piece of cake!

This past week I had a few hurdles again.  I’ll share a little more about them next week but I thought about just giving up.  I even had a glass of wine last night.  The Hubby quit yesterday and was having a beer and after a last weeks health news I really wanted  glass of wine.  So I had one.  Then thought, maybe I should just quit.   Until I realized I’ve been feeling better than I’ve felt in several months.  I have more energy, my body isn’t as sore after workouts, I feel less bloated, my sugar cravings are greatly reduced and Aunt Flo came back (sorry TMI) after an 8 month hiatus.  That is the number one reason why I chose to do The Whole 30 in the first place.  The previous time I did the Whole 30, my period returned after several months away.  So that was a huge goal I was working toward this time around and low and behold it worked!

I believe there may have been a few other contributing factors including seed cycling which I’ll get more into in a later post.  However, is it just a coincidence that both times I did the Whole 30 I regained my period?  I don’t think so.  I think it has to do with the focus on real foods, detoxification, high fats and low sugar.  Even in the natural form too much sweeteners can be detrimental to health and I was definitely pushing it with the Paleo treats around the Holidays…


Monday –


Roasted veggies with an egg and coffee. Also a unpictured satsuma for breakfast.  Bone broth with chicken, broccoli and butternut squash for lunch.  Hard boiled egg with avocado for a snack as well as some unpictured veggie sticks.  More soup for dinner.

Tuesday – 


Plantains cooked in coconut oil and cinnamon topped with coconut butter, 1/2 grapefruit, hard-boiled egg and spinach with avocado oil for breakfast post workout.  More soup for lunch.  My tummy was off at the beginning of the week…  Stupid Easy Paleo Pizza bite from her new cookbook, Performance Paleo.  Lemon Artichoke chicken with salad for dinner.

Wednesday – 


Roasted veggies, egg and avo for breakfast with coffee. Out to lunch with a friend and had a big salad with chicken, egg, avo, jicama mushrooms, salt and pepper.  Pizza bite and Cultured Kitchen Kombucha for a snack.  Flank steak with artichoke hearts and roasted veggies for dinner.

Thursday – 


Sweet potato, zucchini, chicken and egg skillet with 1/2 grapefruit for my post workout breakfast.  Salad with hearts of palm, chicken, beets and oranges for lunch.  Fish taco salad with mango avocado salsa for dinner and a dried fig with coconut butter for an after dinner snack.

Friday – 


Roasted veggies, egg avo and grapefruit for breakfast.  This was a favorite this week for sure!  La Croix with a splash of Liquidology apple, pear and pomegranate juice.  So good!  Roasted veggies and Pizza Burger Bites for lunch.  Bulletproof coffee for a little afternoon pick me up before a movie.  Dinner was apple chips, kale chips and a kombucha during the movie.  Not the best but it worked.  Oh and a hot tea.  It’s been freezing!

While I haven’t been craving as much sweets, I’ve still had the desire to snack.  Mostly between lunch and dinner.  Sometimes it actual hunger, sometimes it’s just boredom.  So there have been quite a few un-pictured veggie sticks, handfuls of Paleo trail mix and satsuma mandarins.

Now here’s a peak at whats on our meal plan this week!

Meal plan for the week



Snack ideas



Bacon and Egg Cups

Kitchen Sink Salad

Roasted Apple and Sweet Potato

Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Zoodles


Roasted veggies, chicken sausage and egg

Salmon Cakes with Dill Sauce


Taco Smash with salad


Bacon and Egg cups

Left Overs

Veggies and Guacamole

Coconut Crusted Turkey Burgers


Plantains, Scrambled Eggs and bacon

Turkey and avocado in lettuce wraps

hard-boiled egg with avocado

Coconut Oil and Dill Salmon with Asparagus


Grapefruit, hard-boiled eggs and greens

Tuna salad

Rx Bar or Epic Bar

Crispy Italian Chicken Thighs with Bacon Dijon Brussel Sprouts


Sweet Potato, Chicken sausage and apple hash

Left Overs

Veggies and Kombucha

Mexican Beef Stew (didn’t make this last week)


Breakfast Casserole


Paleo Trail Mix

Meatza Pies with salad



  • If you’re doing the Whole 30, have you had any hurdles? 
  • Any new recipes you’re excited to try this week?  
  • If doing the Whole 30, have you noticed any changes yet? 
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  1. Overall I have been feeling really good with no stomach issues or bloating- it wasn’t happening a ton before i started Whole30 but occasionally and more over the holidays when I was constantly indulging. However, I think I am about ready to be done:) Im not letting myself have any wine because I don’t have any reason to…but I am definitely looking forward to it in a week a half!

  2. Glad to hear you stuck with your whole 30!! Any diet “rules” can be challenging to stick to regardless of the rules. I fluctuate between eating Paleo 80/20 and eating Paleo 50/50, so I can see how hard it can be to get to the more “strict” end of the scale.

    I love that you share your meal plan for the week. So many great ideas!!

  3. I thought about quitting too. I have one more week but we’re going home this weekend to visit our parents and I know I’ll probably have a drink. I haven’t had one since New Years!!!