Five Favorites on Friday

Five Favorites on Friday

Happy Friday!

We were blessed with some much needed rain yesterday and it was marvelous!  We’ve had some pretty bad forest fires around here lately that the rain definitely helped out with.  not to mention the horrific drought we’ve had this year.  Anyway, after dropping The Love Nugget off at school I enjoyed a morning at home cleaning and catching up on a few to do’s.  Of course those three hours went by way too fast and before I knew it I had to rush back to get him.  We continued to enjoy the afternoon at home though and I was lucky enough that he decided to take a nap too!  So I enjoyed a little blog reading and tea with the window open smelling the freshly fallen rain scent.  Ahhh…. Fall 🙂


Anyway, let’s see if I can keep this Friday’s Favorites post to Five this time.  I tend to keep finding and listing more favorites overtime I do one of these.  So for the sake of not boring you to death I’m keeping it short and sweet with 5 favorites as of late!

1. The Studio Martial Arts and Fitness.  I can’t tell you enough how much I’m enjoying this wonderful fitness community that has welcomed me with open arms.  From the veteran instructors to the new ones in training along with me they are all extremely amazing individuals that I’m enjoying working with 🙂

2. These Smart Shakers are mine and The Hubby’s latest obsession!


I discovered Smart-Shake at the Idea Fitness Expo and LOVE that they don’t have a wire ball but instead have a snap on power mixer that attaches to the lid.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that metal ball get stuck in the dishwasher, down the garbage disposal, or disappear completely.  We also love that it has a removable cup to place your protein powder in to take on the go.  I like to mix my powder with coconut water so this means I can fill my cup with the coconut water then store my protein powder in the attachable cup rather than having to put it in a separate container or bag.  The larger size also comes with a storage compartment for pills if you’re like me and have to take several supplements after a meal.


3.  These pancakes that I posted about yesterday were a definite favorite from the week.


Amazing and packed with refueling nutrients for a post workout meal 🙂

4.  Speaking of food… Can’t forget how much I’m loving this Sun Cashew Butter lately!


You all know I’m a huge nut butter fan and this latest creation has quickly become one of my favorites!

Sun Cashew Butter

Sun Cashew Butter


  • 1 cup raw cashews
  • 1 cup raw sunflowers
  • 1/4 cup coconut butter
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt


  1. In a food processor or high speed blender puree cashews and sunflower seeds until mixture begins to clump together. This will take several minutes.
  2. Add in coconut butter and sea salt then continue to blend until smooth and creamy.

 5. I really dislike getting scared but I LOVE watching Ellen’s scare montage.  Hilarious and always a favorite!

Enjoy your Friday!


  • What’s a favorite of yours lately?  
  • Do you make your own nut butter?  
  • Any fun plans for the weekend?  
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  1. Cashew butter? Pancakes? Ooohhh recipe goodness – both are being pinned 🙂 I have never tried to make my own nut butter even though I keep telling myself I will. I really should!

    Plans for the weekend? Work on our house because we still don’t live there and it lacks any floors. As in, you walk in and you see wooden beams and dirt. Siiiggghhh. And we’re taking the roof off this weekend. Fun, no, but it means we’re one step closer to living there 🙂

  2. I have yet to make my own cashew butter, but it looks delicious!

    My hubby has that protein shaker, I agree the one with the wire ball can be a pain! Somehow we haven’t lost ours haha.

  3. Omg need that nut butter… My three favorite types in one!!!

  4. I’ve tried store bought cashew butter before and loved it, but I’m sure homemade is 100x better! This looks delicious!

  5. That shaker bottle looks amazing. I know what you mean about those metal balls being lost everywhere. So annoying!

  6. Lovely meeting you at IDEA this past August. So glad you are using your SmartShakes!!!