Blogfest Day Two Recap

Blogfest Day Two Recap

I really was trying to get the entire recap up in one day but there was just so much fun stuff I couldn’t possible cover it all yesterday.

Day two began bright and early again with another workout! I had a bit of time to walk around before venturing in for a good butt kicking.

IMG 0033 2

Which was handed to me by the lovely Monique from Fitness Moejo and Caroline from Trendytrainer.

IMG 0034 2

They rocked it!

IMG 0035 2

Again, my ever so frustrating back situation kept me from doing some of the ab portion but for the most part I felt pretty good!

Immediately following the workout we headed into the conference room for our first session of the day, led by Cassie from Blogilaties.

IMG 0038 2

Following that we had a surprisingly awesome, entertaining guest speaker, Jillian Michaels!

IMG 0039 2

I have to admit I used to be a big fan of hers but after her whole supplement debacle sort of fell out of love with her. After meeting her in person and seeing how real she is my girl crush has returned. She is pretty awesome and really does believe in helping others get healthy in a natural way. It was awesome to hear her motivational words some of my favorite being the following quotes;

“Every failure is an entry point for learning.”

“Work with passion is purpose. Work without passion is punishment.”

“Establish the WHY and it will carry your through the HOW.”

She didn’t spend all too much time speaking but more time just answering questions from all of us which I thought was pretty cool! You often wonder how much of what celebrities say as public speakers is from them or is scripted for them but by opening it up to the general audience we got to hear her real self coming through in her answers which was just how she was in her prior talk. Again, pleasantly surprised and I know I wasn’t alone as many others shared the same feelings.

Following Jillian Michaels we had a fun tweet break sponsored by Marrithew Health and Fitness featuring their fitness circle and a short pilates instruction on how to use it. I used mine as a pretend phone just as The Love Nugget uses his pretend rock phone 🙂

Then we had a very informative session on the business of blogging with mini presentations given by Ashley Long, Jessica Mishra and Katy Widrick.

Free time following that where we wandered the expo visiting, playing and networking.

IMG 0040 2

Then it was time to head back to the conference room for a fun tell all presented by the lovely Gina from Fitnessista, Julie from PB Fingers and Monica from Run Eat Repeat. Love them!

Following that we had an awesome tweet break with Under Armour regarding their new campaign, IWILLWHATIWANT. Very inspiring for women and it was neat to hear from Shawna Harrison about her IWILLWHATIWANT story.

IMG 0043 2

The day wasn’t done yet! We then head over to the showcase room for an awesome yoga session led by the amazing Tara Stiles.

IMG 0045 2

I’m not a huge yoga person so I honestly had never heard of Tara before but everyone was raving about her so I was looking forward to the class. However, I almost skipped it just so I could shower and freshen up. SO glad I didn’t as it was so fun!

She reminded me of a little kid! She led the VERY large group in such a fun loving, happy but motivational way. Giggling, saying hello to friends, helping others get into hand stands as well as modeling crazy amazing yoga moves. LOVED HER!

We wandered the expo again for a bit before the Blogfest party which included some more networking and mingling.

Instead of calling it an evening we headed back to the hotel for food and drinks with friends which I’ll share with you tomorrow for WIAW!

Such a fun day and I was exhausted by the time my head hit the pillow at 11:30. My 5:30 alarm wasn’t much fun but I dragged my but out of bed for an early morning workout with Shawna Harrison!

IMG 0053 2

I wanted to learn how to use my new Under Armour Heart Rate Monitor which was given to us as Blogfest attendees.

So cool! It connects to an app for your phone, macbook, or iPad and is pretty neat. I didn’t have a heart rate monitor before but personally can’t stand having things on my wrist when I workout so this option is perfect for me. I could check my phone during the workout to see how I was performing or wait until the end of the workout to get a complete report.

I also used it immediately after in a super fun Real Ryder class with my friend Bobbi from n Her Shoes.

IMG 0055 2

These bikes are stationary but have the ability to move from side to side simulating an actual bike ride. I found that I used a ton more of my core and upper body than I do in a normal spin class. It was also a very informational session teaching the importance of off the bike stretching before a cycling class along with myofacial work like “massaging” your foot on a tennis ball waking up the muscles and receptors in your body. I felt an immediate difference in my whole body after just a few minutes of standing on the tennis ball. Now I just need to actually start doing it on my own…

I wanted to take another exercise class as there were so many great ones offered but I decided to shower, pack up then head back to the expo to purchase a few things and say good-by to my wonderful About Time Protein friends.

IMG 0042 2

More on them later 🙂

It was off to the airport after that to head home to my boys 🙂


Again, an awesome conference and I can’t wait to go next year!


  • Have you been to a blogging conference?  
  • Will you go to Blogfest next year if they have it again?  

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  1. Loved loved blogfest! It was my first blogging conference and yes, I will be there next year 🙂

  2. I’ve never gone but have contemplated it.

  3. LOVE the pic of you on the bike. TOO CUTE.

  4. So awesome! I’ve been loving reading all the recaps. They’ve been making me wish I could’ve been there!!

  5. Is Blogfest in CA? I think it’s so cool that you got to see Jillian Michaels & Tara Stiles!! Love them both!

  6. It was so great seeing you again! I wish we lived closer!