MIMM – Blogfest Idea World Day One

MIMM – Blogfest Idea World Day One

Good morning!

In case you missed it, I just got home from Blogfest/Ideaworld and had an absolute blast! I posted yesterday about some of the awesome people I got to hang out with there but didn’t have time to share more about the conference itself.

So today for Marvelous in My Monday I’m going to tell you all about the sessions and workouts.

This was the first year for Blogfest and I truly hope they continue to have it because it was an absolute blast! Awesome sessions, amazing workouts and since it was associated with Ideaworld we had access to the largest health and fitness conference in the world! So cool!

Thursday morning we began our day with yoga taught by the lovely Stephanie Ring from Endure Yoga.

IMG 0004 2

She did an awesome job and it was a great class but was no bueno on my aching back 🙁

IMG 0005 2

So sitting in a chair for the next few hours was a little rough but worth it to hear the ever so inspiring Lorna Jane,

IMG 0007 2

followed by a presentation by Laura Lynn Klein about meal prepping and how to blog about it. She had some really good tips!

We were then able to attend the Opening Ceremonies which featured so many inspiring people.

IMG 0012 2

Augie Nietos the cofounder of Life Fitness who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerhigs Disease) in 2005. He was only given a few years to live but has been defeating the odds and passionately raising money to help fight the battle. So amazing and inspiring to see him there on the stage and hear his story of determination and will.

Then we had the privilege to hear the ever so inspiring Diana Nyad who accomplished a life long goal of swimming from Cuba to Florida on her fifth attempt. It was so amazing to hear her story!

After the Opening Ceremonies we were able to walk through the expo which was AMAZING!!! So many cool health and fitness booths there I don’t even know where to start!

IMG 0018 2

My first stop was at the KT Tape station where I got my back taped up and felt immediate relief. I’ll share more about this later 🙂

IMG 0020 2

We wandered around for a few hours before heading back to the conference room for a panel session on the business of blogging. Again, great information!

After a quick tweet break a session followed on Blog Design Tricks and Tips hosted by Blog Genie followed by another workout with Chalene Johnson!

IMG 0032 2

She was so sweet, put on a great class and had so much energy! She instructed a great PIYO class which really seems to be taking over these days. I really enjoyed it but again, my back did not 🙁 So I was happy to be able to head back to our hotel room to shower and rest for a bit before the Sweatpink happy hour followed by a Luau in the Ideaworld expo area.

Such a busy but fun day and we were exhausted by the time our heads hit the pillow at 11:30!

Check back later for what day two included 🙂

Also don’t forget if you’re in the Northern California area or want to make the trip to enter to win entry to the now closed, super awesome Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco!

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  1. SO. AWESOME. It’s hard reading all these recaps, haha. So much inspiration in one place!

  2. So glad to see you had such a great time! Wish your back would start to feel better for you! 🙁

  3. Sounds like you a had an awesome trip. Will keep you in my prayers that your back begins to heal soon <3

  4. is it bad that I’m super sad I didn’t get to go???? WHY does Cali have to be so far away??? I love me some tape!!! works like a charm!

  5. I’m going to keep this on the list of possibilities for next year… looks like a great time! I would have loved to hear Lorna Jane!

  6. So great that you went to Idea World! I was totally jealous of all the posts, it looked like so much fun. I hope they do it next year, it’s on my list to go!

  7. Looks like such a fun time! I hope to go next year and maybe we can finally attend a conference together!!

  8. no no .. YOU HAD the marvelous weekend 😉 SO COOL!!!