25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

When I had more time, I used to enjoy getting my US Weekly subscription in the mail and reading it religiously.  When I had time the key words there… Anyway, for some reason one of my favorite features was the “25 things you don’t know about me” feature where a celebrity would share random things about themselves.  I always thought some things were so outrageous they were made up but then again, those celebrities can be very strange!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me post since I always enjoyed it so much :-)

1. I like cold left overs out of the fridge most especially steamed broccoli.

2. I hate the feeling of cotton balls or the foam you put on bedding  It freaks me out and I can barely touch it without getting the chills!

3. I’ve never broken a bone.  Knock on wood!

4. I lived in the Florida Keys for a summer after high school and waitressed at IHOP.

5. I’m 5’10” and my husband is 6’0” so I don’t wear heels that often.

7. My husband and I met in Chemistry class at a community college but didn’t reconnect again until 4 years later at Chico State the year we graduated.

8.  When I was 7 I wanted to change my name to Sugar or Honey.  Good thing I didn’t!  STRIPPER!

9. I can open a beer bottle on my arm.  It’s my fun party trick except I don’t really drink beer!

10.  I hated being pregnant but can’t wait until I am once again :-)

11.  I used to love scary movies but now can’t even stand to be in the same room if one is on T.V

12.  I held the record for biggest salmon caught in Northern California when I was in college with a 53 lb catch!

13. I’m obsessively symmetrical and hate when things feel off balanced.  It takes forever to decorate our Christmas tree and I tend to still be reorganizing things days later!

14. I’m named after my great grandmother Symone Giselle who was French.

15.  I don’t like to swim and never learned to dive.

16. Falling off a bridge into water is one of my biggest fears.

17. Snakes top the list.

18. We grew up without cable and I actually didn’t have it until the second year of my first job when I moved to Sacramento.  I still don’t really watch it.

19. I’m a Tom Boy at heart and can shoot a gun, catch a fish, and build a fort better than most men :-)

20 I got a parasite from drinking the water in Fiji on our honeymoon.  Luckily it didn’t hit me until our flight home.  Unluckily we still had a few hours to go :-(

21.  If I could be anyone for a day I would be Blake Lively because who wouldn’t want to be married to Ryan Renyolds for a day!

22.  My dad used to call me Little Rodman because I was an “aggressive” basketball player and often fouled out of games.

23.  I know almost all the words to the movie Snatch.

24.  One day in the future The Hubby and I plan to rent (or buy) an R.V. and spend a summer traveling the United States and Canada.  Complete with one of those cheesy R.V. maps you color as you go!

25.  I’m a horrible speller and have horrific handwriting which is why I’m forever grateful for technology :-)

There you have it!  Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me.  Now it’s your turn.  Share something I might not know about you :-)


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  1. Yes to 1,2,3! Cold food is the best! Veggies cold totally beat just cooked veggies! Haha!

  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing! I love these posts. :)

  3. Cold broccoli??? Haha I’m not so sure about that. But #2 – YES!!! I thought I was the only one! I used to have a mattress for a Barbie bed made out of that foamy crap and my brother would literally torture me with it, trying to get me to touch it. I couldn’t stand it! Haha!

    I might have to borrow this post idea, so much fun to read. :) Hope you’re having a blast at the conference! Can’t wait to hear about it!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Cold broccoli is so good! Glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand the feel of foam things. Gives me the chills just thinking about it!

      Yes, borrow it so I can learn some random things about you :-) You have to come to the conference next year! We can be roomies :-)

  4. I love jumping off bridges into water! Cold leftover broccoli is so good!

  5. I love cold food, too! pizza and pasta are some of my favorites. I never order hot sandwiches, haha.

    I can’t watch scary movies anymore, either!

  6. I’ve never jumped off a bridge but I’ve jumped off cliffs! I also hate that foam on mattresses.

  7. I love cold leftovers from the fridge too, although I would pick pasta or pizza:)
    Loved this list, it was my first visit to your blog:)

  8. Haha, number 8 is hilarious!!! So glad you didn’t change your name! 😉
    When I was little I snuck downstairs & hid to see a scary movie my parents were watching… I don’t think they caught on, but maybe the werewolf man nightmares I had for years of him hiding in my closet tipped them off! LOL

  9. I’m your mom and I didn’t know about 8, 16, 21 & 25. Very cute I don’t know if I could write 25 things that you don’t know about me.

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