I’m heading to Blogfest with a bad back and seeing a Naturopath

I’m heading to Blogfest with a bad back and seeing a Naturopath

I know random title but this post is going to be just that so just go with it mmmkay ūüėČ

I’m super excited to be heading to Blogfest today!

Can’t wait to have a few days filled with fun, fitness and About Time Protein! ¬†Love that I get to share with other bloggers and fellow attendees about the wonderful company I’m sponsored by :-) ¬†So if you’re there come hunt me down for a $10 off coupon at their booth! ¬†I’ll be wearing one of these brightly colored outfits so you can’t miss me!


Other than getting ready for that this week I’ve been trying to nurse my back still. ¬†Ugh, so frustrating! ¬†It was feeling better last weekend but come Monday, was not so good again. Running feels okay but really anything other than that seems to bug it quite a bit. ¬†I went and had another Bowen treatment on Monday which loosened me up quite a bit. ¬†I also went back to the Chiropractor on Tuesday and he worked on me for a good amount of time. ¬†Still not 100% but he seems to think stretching my hip flexors and glutes more should do the trick. ¬†He said to take it easy on the core work which is what I’ve been spending more time doing lately since everything else hurts.

This has definitely been an extremely frustrating injury. ¬†Hoping I’ll be good over the next few days so I’ll be able to participate in some of the fun fitness classes at Blogfest/Idea World.


We’ve also been dealing with more doctors and tests for my fertility struggles. ¬†I’m sure some of you have been wondering what’s been going on especially after I posted that I’ll be running in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October. ¬†Which if you haven’t had the chance yet to enter the giveaway to run in it too you should!

Anyway, I decided to see a Naturopath after my doctors tests came back “fine” in her opinion. ¬†However, from what I could see I tested low in certain areas. ¬†After doing my own research it seemed I was low in hormones which could be related to adrenal issues as well as fertility struggles. ¬†So I decided to see a specialist who would take a little more time to figure out what is going on. ¬†Besides my “female” issues I have other symptoms and just feel in my gut that something isn’t right. ¬†As frustrating as it is to have to pay $$$$ out of pocket to get answers I think that I will be able to do so from this doctor that I met with. ¬†I don’t have them yet but he is running some more specific tests and already mentioned how the level that I noticed to be low could definitely be affecting my fertility and was actually the lowest he’d seen in a very long time.

So now I’m playing the waiting game again. ¬†Which is why I’ve been hesitant to share too much at this time because I honestly don’t know what’s going on or what path I’ll be taking. ¬†I do promise that I will keep you posted as I learn more :-)

The last thing we’ve been busy doing is getting ready for school to start!


Seriously cannot even believe my little man starts pre-school next week! ¬†He’s only going a few hours, two days a week but still. ¬†That’s much more time away from him than I’m used to. ¬†He’s so excited to go though and has been practicing with his Friday fun camps at Growing Brilliant. ¬†The last few times I’ve dropped him off there he hops out of the car (on his own of course), then runs to the door yelling, “Bye mom! ¬†See you later.” ¬†Doesn’t even want me to come in with him which we have to do. ¬†Seriously, such an independent little guy he is. ¬†Guess it could be worse. ¬†At least I’m not having to deal with a crying child each time I drop him off. ¬†Which I’ve seen many times during my days teaching preschool. ¬†Well actually even in Second Grade!

So needless to say we’ve been busy! ¬†I think we really need a stay cation which is just what we might do over Labor Day weekend. ¬†Stay home and relax. ¬†Although relaxing to us is usually quite busy in itself :-)

Okay, enough of my ramblings for today. ¬†I’m off to catch a flight!


  • Are you going to Blogfest? ¬†
  • What are your thoughts on Naturopaths? ¬†Have you seen one for health issues before? ¬†
  • When does or did your child start school? ¬†
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  1. Sorry to hear about your back again! I hope it feels better & that you have a great time at Blogfest! I’m interested to hear about it! :)

  2. Have soooo much fun at blogfest!! I’ll be living vicariously through you. I’ll be interested to hear what the neuropath has to say. Sucks to have to pay the money but it will be so worth it if you can get some answers!

  3. Sorry to hear about your back pain and ongoing fertility issues, I hope all is resolved soon and you can get some answers!!

    My 3 older kids go back to school Sept 2.

  4. Jennifer Wear says:

    My kids (Kindergarten and 2nd grade) started school on August 12th. I have them choiced into a year round school, the only one of it’s kind in our area. It is AMAZING! The test scores are sky high and there is very little regression over breaks and minimal burnout. I couldn’t imagine them going anywhere else. The schedule is Mid-August until October, then two weeks off, then two weeks at Christmas, two weeks in February, a week in April, two weeks in May and then they go through June and have six weeks until they start again in August.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      My hair dresser has her kids in a school like that and loves it as well. I’m not sure there’s one around here like that but I might have to look into it…

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