MIMM – Nike Women’s Half Marathon

MIMM – Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Good morning!

This week is going to be a bit crazy for me.  A few appointments today, a birthday party and basketball for The Love Nugget tomorrow then I’m off to Blogfest on Wednesday!  So excited but really need to get organized and packed for the trip.  Going away is always fun but also a bit time consuming to prep for.  Not only do I have to pack and get myself situated, I have to make sure The Hubby and The Love Nugget are all taken care of.  If I didn’t make sure the fridge was stocked and snacks were prepared they’d live off cereal, and macaroni and cheese.

Busy, busy!  However, there’s always time to stop and share a few Marvelous happenings lately to kick off the start to a great week!

Marvelous – 


A fun Barbecue at friends then a walk to the park so the boys could play baseball while the kids ran around.  It was a gorgeous evening and a super fun night!

Marvelous –


A very long walk with the family Saturday morning.

Marvelous – 


A night out to celebrate The Hubby’s hard work at a new Restaurant/Lounge called ASR in Roseville.  He has been working so hard managing this project and even doing quite a bit of the hard labor until 1:00 am a few nights last week.  So it was nice to see all his hard work pay off at a great private opening Saturday night.


We were able to invite a few friends too which made the evening even better!


Marvelous – 


Sunday morning brunch with Gigi and Noni.  Also known as my cousin and her BF but The Love Nugget has always called them that. He stayed the night at their house Saturday so we repaid them with a home cooked meal.  My Bacon Butternut Squash “Quiche”, fruit and coconut flakes, and Lemon Raspberry Muffins from The Paleo Kitchen.

Marvelous – 


Discovering we have a peach tree in our backyard!  I don’t get out there much because it’s such a mess.  We have’t had the time or the energy to do much landscaping or cleaning up yet.  While we were eating brunch my cousin asked what type of fruit tree that was out the window and we discover it was peaches!  They are young but ripe and delicious!  We also found out we have an apple tree and a pomegranate tree.  Score!

Marvelous – 


Learning I’m going to be able to cross off a huge item off my Fitness Bucket List in October when I run in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco!  

What’s really cool is that I’m being sponsored by Whole Foods and will be sharing some awesome pre and post workout meals with you all during my training.  I know, I know some of you are probably thinking, “I thought you cut back on running to better your fertility?”  You’re right I did.  I’m not even sure that was the cause of the issue and I’m currently seeing a naturopath to hopefully help figure out what the problem is.  Which I’ll share with you more soon but I will say that I will be running this race very smart.  Meaning I won’t be training as much as I have in the past.  I will be taking it at a very slow, easy pace with walking and will be focusing on fueling myself with the right nutrition and supplements thanks to Whole Foods.

What’s even more cool is that you can run it with me!  Whole Foods and Nike are offering up one lucky winner the following prize package,

  • Entry for two to register for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.  (Entry is to be able to register only.  You still have to pay the registration fee which is $180 but you will be able to register for the already closed race)
  • Two $50 gift cards to Whole Foods

This race is famously one of the best around not just for the gorgeous views but the incredible inspiring and empowering sense of emotion felt during the weekend.  From what I understand Nike really puts on a full weekend of events meant to encourage women to reach for their goals and dreams.  Plus, when you cross the finish line rather than just a race medal  you receive a Tiffany Necklace.  Ummm… Awesome!

So if you want to join me make sure to enter!

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  • Have you ran any of the Nike Women’s Race Series?
  • What’s something Marvelous about your life lately?
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  1. I want to run the Boston Marathon some day!

  2. Wonderful weekend! And congrats on doing the SF half!!

  3. I want to complete an Ironman some day!

  4. Wow. What a great weekend! And, congrats on the doing the SF half. I really want to run in it too! =)

  5. How exciting that you’re doing a half! I understand the fertility piece- you want to be careful but you also don’t want to stop everything and not live life. Sounds like you’ll be really smart about it.

  6. I have always wanted to do the Nike Half Marathon, it is on my bucket list as well!! Cheers to being able to run that race!

  7. You look gorgeous! I know what you mean about prepping to go out of town….I have to get meals ready too when I leave and it is exhausting. Have fun!

  8. Gorgeous pics all dressed up!! 🙂

  9. SF half is on my bucket list too!

  10. i’m not entering, but i must say, you look great and it looks like the perfect weekend!

  11. Fitness bucket list includes a runDisney race. Maybe a full marathon?

  12. i’m about to cross something off my fitness bucket list: running the disneyland half marathon! i’ve been wanting to do a rundisney race for years!

  13. I ran my first half marathon last year and the Nike half is actually on my bucket list, as well as completing a full marathon!

  14. The Nike SF Half has been on my list for a while now!

  15. I would love to climb Half Dome in Yosemite! I’ve heard it’s a doozy!

  16. Hmmm, fitness bucket list… Probably ride a road bike race in Napa.

  17. That is so cool that y0u have a peach tree in your backyard!! I had apricot & grapefruit trees when I lived in FL… miss them! How were the Lemon Raspberry Muffins?

  18. Would love to do any half. Last time I was training going I got pregnant and was told to stop training 🙁 Time to get motivated again!

  19. A goal for me would be to run a race in general! One day. I wouldn’t be able to run this race even though that would be awesome, I live across the country.

  20. I haven’t done a Nike Women’s Race yet! And this sf race is on my bucket list! Hmmm..something marvelous about my life…I’m finally getting over my ex and I am feeling so good about it!

  21. I’ve always wanted to be able to do this race! I have heard it’s amazing!

  22. A triathlon!