“What do you do in Crossfit Class?”

“What do you do in Crossfit Class?”

Since beginning Crossfit I’ve gotten a lot of questions from friends, family and readers.  Many of those questions are ones I had before I started, so I thought it might be helpful if I answered them for you.

Keep in mind that all Crossfit boxes are not universal so what I discuss on here being done in mine might be completely different from another.

QUESTION – “What’s a Crossfit Box?

A Crossfit box is actually the gym itself.  Boxes are popping up all over the place these days but they typically have a warehouse feel and are filled with all things needed for a Crossfit workout. 

QUESTION – “I often see people posting WODS that are only 10 minutes long.  Is that how long the entire class is?” 

This is definitely a misconception I had way back when Crossfit started getting popular.  I remember reading blogs where they shared their Workout of the day (WOD) and thinking, “Really?  That’s it?”  Nope!  Most crossfit classes are an hour long.  As I said not every box is the same but here’s an example of what an hour would look like at Destiny Crossfit where I go.

photo 1 (3)

Warm – up starts right on the dot.  No late arrivals allowed!  Crossfitters line up in lanes and complete several warm up exercises including cross arm skip, knee to chest, high foot lunge, lateral lunge, walking mechanics, fast karaoke and slow karaoke.

Then it’s some form of running mechanics such as Rip N Out, Push up starts, 2 point starts, or falling starts.

Followed by something like stick jumps, bear crawls, ring series, or ladders.

There’s usually something to get your heart rate up such as tabata box jumps, heavy jump ropes, wall balls, Burpee tuck jumps or maybe double unders.

Just before the WOD is always technical work – push press, snatch, back squats, cleans, front squat, dead liftthrusters or some other technical move.

Next comes the WOD or Workout of the day.  WODs ufually range in time from 5-20 minutes.  It might be a AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible WOD or an EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute.  Maybe it’s a For Time workout where you do the WOD as fast as possible or maybe even a partner WOD where you do one exercise while your partner does another then switch.

after the WOD we complete a stabilization which might be toes to bar, kettlebell twists, pistols, ring dips, or some other form of stabilization.

QUESTION – “Don’t you miss your cardio?” 

There is actually quite a bit of cardio involved in Crossfit.  The other day we did a wod that included 30 bodyweight squats (squating  your body weight), 1 mile run then 30 burpees over the bar.  Definitely some cardio in there!  I tend to favor the cardio based WOD’s more than the heavy lifting because of my cardio background.  I think a common misconception with Crossfit is that it’s all heavy lifting.  Not so!  Yes there is a good amount of lifting but also a good amount of cardio.  I still do a few days outside of crossfit of spinning or sprinting but I only crossfit 2-3 days a week.  If I were doing more I might not add as much extra cardio.

QUESTION – “I’m out of shape how can I possibly start Crossfit?” 

You have to start somewhere right?  Crossfit is a great place to start because it teaches you the basic fundamental movements to give you a strong base.    There are many different levels of individuals in Crossfit and even some of those who have been there for years are still scaling back the workouts.  You can also search for a gym that offers Crossfit Light classes like the one I workout at, Destiny Crossfit, just started offering.  A scaled back workout and a little more one on one time spent with beginners, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to see what Crossfit is about without jumping in full board.  

QUESTION – “Won’t I get bulky?”  

I’m not going to lie, this is something I still worry about.  Everybody is different so this is a tricky one.  Yes, some women might get a little bulky.  However, it takes A LOT of heavy lifting to get really big.  It also depends on your diet and what your goals are.  I have noticed that my thighs have gotten bigger.  However, I’ve also had to cut back on my extra cardio and up my calories/fat to gain weight for fertility so this had definitely played a roll in that increase.  It’s important to take into account  your body type and your goals.  If you don’t want to gain a ton of muscle, then you don’t have to lift as heavy as some others might be.  It’s all up to you 🙂   AND there is no way (unless you are taking crazy supplements and trying your hardest) that you will look anything like the woman pictured above!

I’m still learning the ropes of Crossfit and am not sure I’ll ever be pro but am enjoying the challenges.

What questions do you have about Crossfit?
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  1. Really great post! Definitely some of the questions I had before starting. Hope you are having a fabulous vacation – seems like you are (thank you Instagram) 🙂

  2. I think it’s important to stress the fact there is ample warming up time involved before a WOD. I don’t crossfit but seeing things on Pinterest like you said a 10 minute WOD that looks really physically challenging upsets me because there’s people out there (like me in the past!) who will just jump into that workout without warming up! What I wish I knew!!!

  3. bahaha. I LOLd at the ‘bulky’ picture you posted. It is definitely NOT easy to get that big!

  4. Great Q&A with all the facts! It’s a great post to conquer some of those Crossfit myths!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these Q&A, as I’m sure they’ve helped others just as much as they’ve taught me! Hope your having a lovely vacation. Also, happy Mother’s Day <3