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Good morning!

This week has been crazy busy and is going by so fast!  I know I mentioned our Disneyland trip the other day but I don’t think I realized how quickly it’s coming up!  I’m out of town this weekend too so scrambling to get everything ready.   I just have to keep telling myself not to stress about making sure everything is planned out but to just have fun!  No matter what The Love Nugget is going to have a blast.  We all are!

Today I have a fun fitness survey I threw together a few weeks ago.  I haven’t done a survey in awhile and always enjoy reading others so here you go 🙂

1. What’s your favorite type of exercise?

This tends to change for me.  Right now I’m loving Crossfit but I also enjoy a weekly spin class and HIIT training.  Oh and Circuit workouts!  I love whole body circuits that include a little cardio, a little weights, and aren’t too long.


2. What’s your biggest personal exercise pet peeve?

I can’t stand when my ponytail comes loose which is usually several times during my workout.  I want to rip my hair out almost every workout.  It drives me insane!  I’ve tried numerous hair bands, clips, etc. and nothing works for my stick straight super fine hair.  Anyone else have this problem?

3. what’s your biggest gym pet peeve?

It drives me crazy when people sit on equipment on their phones instead of working out.  Like they are the only ones that want to use that machine or equipment?   One day a woman sat on a bench (only one of two and the other was taken) browsing Facebook for almost 10 minutes!  Seriously!?!

biggest pet peeve in the gym

4. How many days a week do you workout?

4-5 and it takes everything right now to only do four but… Yesterday I didn’t get to work out and it was sort of killing me since I know I won’t get to Saturday or Sunday too. However, my body needed a rest day and I just had too much to do.    My workouts vary between Crossfit, Cycle, HIIT training, sprints and yoga.  I like to keep a variety 🙂

5. What’s one exercise you love to hate?

Before I started Crossfit I would have said burpees.  However now I’m stuck on Kipping pull ups.  I want to get them down so bad but HATE them so much!

burpees hate you too!

6. What is one form of exercise you wish you loved but don’t?

Yoga.  I try so hard to love it but I just haven’t found that passion yet.  I did try out a new studio recently and had a really enjoyable experience.  I shared about it here on Sweat Guru 🙂

7. Do you prefer to workout alone, with a friend or in a group?

Both.  I enjoy classes but also like to have a day or two where I can do my own thing at my own pace.

8. Do you match your workout clothing to your shoes?

Ha!  This one is because I used to have this instructor who taught an awesome class but always had the most outrageous outfits with matching shoes.  The girl must have had 50 pairs of workout shoes!  Which, if I taught a fitness class I would probably do too 🙂  Now I have about 5 pairs of workout shoes I rotate through and don’t really match them to my clothes.

9. What’s your biggest fitness triumph?

I think running my first half marathon was a big triumph for me.  Before that I was a runner but never imagined I could run 13.1 miles.  After seeing a few friends complete one I decided to give it a try.  I trained and ran my first race by myself and finished in under 2 hours.  For my first time I thought that was pretty good!

10. What’s one of your fitness goals this year?

Kipping pull ups!  Oh and hand stand push-ups.  Good thing I’ve got awhile to work on them both because I suck right now!

Your turn!  Choose a few questions to answer or if you’re really in the mood, answer them all!


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  1. I’ve tried really hard to love yoga too, but…I just can’t. I incorporated it a lot into my routine before and during my pregnancy, but I was so over it by the end. Oh well. My least favorite exercise would have to be burpees for sure!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I did really enjoy the studio I tried most recently but I still found myself thinking about when the class woudl be over the majority of the time. I just can’t get into it. Maybe someday!

  2. Thank you for the survey. I am going to give it a whirl!

  3. My biggest pet peeve in the gym is similar to yours. I hate when people are in the gym and aren’t really working out. When I’m there, I usually have a schedule, and I need to do my workout and get out. People can socialize somewhere else if they aren’t working out. 🙂

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Right??? Drives me crazy when people are just there hanging out or playing on their phones. Come on people!!!

  4. This was so fun to read! Love (well, hate) the squatting/texting thing, haha.

    Have you ever tried yoga fit, or a similar type of yoga that incorporates weights and resistance bands? I think you might like it. 🙂

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’ve tried a Piyo class a few times and really liked it but my gym cancelled the class. I should look into yoga fit. Sounds like something I’d enjoy a little more 🙂 Thanks Kim!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’ve tried a Piyo class a few times and really liked it but my gym cancelled the class. I should look into yoga fit. Sounds like something I’d enjoy a little more 🙂 Thanks Kim!

  5. Oh fun! I’m going to have to give your survey a try… I have the pony tail problem, too!!

  6. Jennifer Wear says:

    A long hike with my husband tied with a long bike ride with my husband. We have four seasons here in the Pacific Northwest, and two young kids, so we aren’t able to go as often as we would like (alone, that is), but I love it so much that we often do this for “date night” when the weather cooperates.

    Pet peeve:
    When my kids interrupt me to tattle on each other. I most often work out at home doing the elliptical, weights or the treadmill while watching my trashy tv shows. It’s my “me” time and the only time I watch TV. I try not to be in there too long so I get annoyed hearing petty things like “she called me a barf head” or “she took the pink Barbie dress and I wanted it”.

    It kills me to not work out too. Time constraints but also realizing that I was overtraining have forced me to cut back to every other day, but I LOVE to exercise so I can relate to feeling withdrawals when I have to miss one.

  7. i’ve tried to love yoga… i just can’t. lol! I’m with you on the biggest pet peeve! SERIOUSLY?!??