Day in the life – Hotel edition

Day in the life – Hotel edition

I used to hear about celebs living in hotels and think, “How glamorous!”  Why I thought that?  I don’t know… What’s glamorous about sleeping on beds many other people have slept in.  Or sitting on furniture that’s been sat on millions of times by god knows who.  Or not having many of your own items in your possessions with you to use at your leisure?  Well I guess they are typically living in pretty nice places where everything is practically at their fingertips but still… glamorous?   I definitely think differently now that we’re living in one!

However, we are making the best of it.  I will say that it helps a lot that the hotel we are staying at (Staybridge Suites) has really gone above and beyond to make our stay as comfortable as possible.  We’ve been moved a few times but mainly to accommodate and get us into bigger rooms as they became available.  They also adjusted our rate since we are staying so long and have been more than friendly even as we moved in half our house, a kid, and a dog 🙂  Oh and they serve hot breakfast daily (which works well for The Hubby), have full kitchens in each suite and have free happy hour Tuesday – Thursday with snacks, beer and wine.  Not to mention an indoor pool, fitness center and BBQ area where we’ve been cooking most of our dinners.

Anyway, just had to share how well we’ve been taken care of here which has truly made this whole experience so much better!

Today I thought it would be fun to do a day in our life post – hotel edition.  I like to do these every once in a while and since this is our life right now this is what you get 🙂

3:30am – Woken up by Love Nugget standing next to the bed, afraid of a monster in his room.  Put him back to bed and reassure him there is no monster then go back to bed.

3:45am – That doesn’t last long.  Hubby gets up with him while I lay there awake.

4:00am – Hubby comes back to bed and a few minutes later is passed out.  Which is about when The Love Nugget starts whimpering again.

4:10  – Finally get him to sleep and crawl back in bed.

4:55-  Alarm goes off for the gym.  Yay!

5:30 – Try out a new class at a nearby Hot Yoga/Pilates studio called Body Heat.

 photo 1 (11)

Barefoot Bootcamp in a heated room with 40% humidity.  Phew!  I sweated for sure!

6:40 – Tip toe back into the room tripping over toys to hop in the shower, then blog for a bit before The Love Nugget wakes up.

7:00 – Love Nugget is awake!  He hangs out with me for a bit while I finish up then get started on breakfast.

8:00 – The kitchen is small so meals are fairly simple most days but today since I got my workout done early I had extra time to make him pancakes.  After making those, The Hubby potatoes, sausage and eggs then making my breakfast, I finally get to sit and enjoy my meal with coffee.

8:30 – Clean up, get The Love Nugget dressed then turn on Curious George for him while I get ready. He’s loving hotel life as he gets to watch a bit more T.V.

9:00 – Pack up snacks, waters, etc. and head out the door to run some errands before a meet up.  Usually we are out the door by 8:00 to take The White Coyote to the house then head to the gym but The Hubby took him on this particular day.  So it was nice to not feel rushed for once.

10:00 –  A little Nordstrom Rack shopping.  I went in to find The Love Nugget shoes but came out with a pair for myself .  I had a gift card and have been looking for shoes like these so it was meant to be 🙂

photo 3 (9)

11:00 – Krispy Kreme tour and donut making with friends!  We’ve been doing lots of play dates and outings to keep us busy and out of the hotel room.  We both start to get cabin fever after a few hours of being there during the day.

photo 3 (8)

12:00 – Back to the hotel so the Love Nugget can eat lunch while I chat on the phone with my mom.  Although he didn’t eat much since he was full from his donut.

12:30 – Naptime for little man.   Now that we are in a two bedroom room it’s much easier to put him down for nap then get stuff done.

12:45 – Lunchtime for me.

 photo 1 (12)

Eaten in front of the computer.  I know, not the best but I’m so behind on everything!

1:30 – Laundry in the hotel laundry room while printing out some letter tracing for the Love Nugget  Another plus of this particular hotel 🙂 Free laundry, free internet and free printing!

photo 2 (17)

1:45 – Back to blogging.  I’m trying to get my media kit finished.  I’m not a good designer so it’s taking some time…

3:00 – Love Nugget wakes up so we head back out.  First stop, a hair cut for him!  Would have taken a picture but he threw a fit and had to sit on my lap watching Mickey on my phone.  He’s had several haircuts so not sure what his deal was but we got it done.

3:45 – Next stop, Peet’s for a hot tea and then pop into West Elm to browse for home decor.

 photo 4 (14)

4:00 – Last stop, Whole Foods for a few dinner items and to wait out the storm.  Crazy it was just 80 degrees the other day!

photo 5 (11)

4:30 – Drive to the house to pick up The White Coyote.

5:15 – Get back to the hotel just in time for this message on my phone…

 photo 3

Ummmm yeah, tornadoes in our area are super rare so people made a big deal about a little funnel cloud and a few knocked over play structures.  Luckily, we were safe 🙂

6:00 – Glass of wine and dinner making.

photo 4 (13)

6:30 – We don’t have an oven and since it was raining didn’t want to grill so I picked up a rotisserie chicken, steamed some sweet potatoes with carrots then mashed them and steamed some broccoli.  Quick and easy!  So I got to sit and work while The Love Nugget watched a show.

7:15 – Hubby got home and we ate dinner white watching Wheel of Fortune.  Usually we would sit at the table or counter but this room doesn’t have any dining seating so the couch it is.  We do have a high chair and side table for The Love Nugget though.

7:30 – The Love Nugget chose to go to bed when we finished eating dinner instead of trying any of his food so he was pretty upset.  Lay with The Love Nugget for a bit since he was pretty upset he had to go to bed early.  I think he was just overly tired.

8:00 – Put on a Justified while I blog and The Hubby does some house paper work.

9:00 – Tea time!  I drink a mug of peppermint tea pretty much every night no matter where I am 🙂

9:45 – Crawl into bed and read before lights out a little after 10:00.

Not too much different from a normal day but we are spending more time out and about than we typically do.  Like I said, The Love Nugget and I start to get cabin fever if we are stuck in the room too long.  Which means he starts to get bored and into my stuff or into trouble then I get frustrated.   Up until this week the weather has been really nice but it’s supposed to rain all week and through the weekend 🙁  I’m sure we’ll make the best of it.  I made sure to grab his rain boots, coat and umbrella for puddle jumping tomorrow!

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  1. I had a tornado warning alert on my phone yesterday, too….except it was just a test. Way to scare people, right? 😉

  2. Girl, I feel for ya. I know how hard it is living in a hotel, but you’ll get through it and you’re doing awesome!

  3. Tornados scare me. Bad! Hope y’all get back in to your house soon!

  4. You are making the best of it and I give you huge credit! Hopefully not much longer.