Fitness Friday – A week of workouts

Fitness Friday – A week of workouts

Good morning and happy Friday! Phew!

This week has been crazy busy but good!  We have some super exciting news that I’ll be sharing with you all soon.  I will say that no, I’m not pregnant so you can rule that out as I’m sure that’s the first thing that popped into most of your minds 🙂  You’ll have to tune in Monday for Marvelous in My Monday to find out!

Until then, I wanted to touch a little more on that over use of cardio topic I discussed the other day.  I loved all the comments and emails I got on the subject and thought it might be helpful to share a little bit more about exactly what types of exercise I’m doing now that I’ve cut out most cardio.

What better day to do this than on a Friday for Fitness Friday!

In case you missed it, I do recommend checking out this post where I discuss some things I’ve learned about myself from cutting back on cardio.  Otherwise let’s get started!

Right now on average I’m still doing some form of exercise 5 days a week.  Cutting down to four has been something I can honestly say just doesn’t work for me.  I enjoy working out and as a stay at home mom find that this is my time to decompress, be alone and do something I enjoy.  However, my 5 days a week does not revolve around cardio.

Here’s what workouts I’m enjoying lately,

GPP Fitness If you haven’t heard about GPP fitness you can read all about it here.  If you have you probably know why I’m enjoying them so much and finding myself doing more and more each week.  The goal at GPP fitness is to achieve optimal health. Optimal health is aquired by gaining a perfect balance of these six aspects of health,  Mental Health Emotional Health  Social Health Spiritual Health  Financial Health   Physical Health Here  at GPP, our entire program is created with intention to transfer health within the physical realm to other aspects of health.  Physical health is magic that  way.  Mastering your Physical Health opens the conduit to balancing the other 5 aspects of health.  The skills you develop while creating health in the Physical transfers to all other aspects.  You know this instinctively.  It is why you seek out mastery of the Physical. I definitely recommend checking out the website and trying out a workout if you have a chance!

Made up WOD’s – I’ve tried Crossfit and I like it but I just can’t swing the hefty price that comes with it.  So in the meantime I listen to The Hubby talk about it and try to have him teach me a few things when we have a chance.  Then I look online for ideas and create my own WOD’s based on what I know I can do on my own.  the thing with Crossfit is you need to have perfect form to really do the heavy lifts that are suggested.  Without someone there correcting my form I don’t feel confident enough to lift super heavy.  However, there are many things that I do feel confident doing on my own so have been doing that every once in a while.

HIIT workouts – I’ve talked about my love for HIIT  here, and have been enjoying making up my own workouts that typically don’t take more than 30 minutes.  I love incorporating short sprints or rows with some added strength and conditioning.  I also love that many of them can be done at home for days I can’t make it to the gym.

Tabata – This is something that at first I was skeptical about but now I love it!  You can read this post to learn more about it but basically it’s 4 minutes,  alternating between 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest.  It’s great for days when I’m really short on time and want to get in something quick but tough!

Stroller Strides – One day a week I got to Stroller Strides to share something nutrition related.  During that time I also get to workout with a bunch of other mommy’s.  If you haven’t heard Stroller Strides it’s a moms fitness group that you are able to bring your child to in their stroller.  The workout typically  includes a little core, some strength with bands, a bit of cardio in the form or jogging or sprints and some stretching.    Compared to the other workouts I do during the week Stroller Strides is what I consider my active rest.

Walking – There are a lot of great health benefits to incorporating walking into your routine.  For some reason this is something I struggle with but have been trying to force myself to get out and do it more often.  I think I’m just used to being in go, go, go mode all the time that slowing down is difficult.  With that said I have really been enjoying my time outdoors, typically with The Love Nugget, just strolling along.

Yoga – Again, something I struggle to do more of.  I go through phases where I attend a class at least once a week then fall off the wagon and don’t go for weeks, sometimes months on end.  However, I notice I feel better mentally and physically when incorporating yoga into my weekly fitness routine.

Spin – Okay so I know I said I cut back on cardio and I truly have but… I still love a little spin here and there.  Lately it’s only been once a week if that and I typically don’t stay the full 60 minutes.  I’ll be doing even less of it soon though since I just cancelled my gym membership!  I haven’t been without one in YEARS!!!

So now that you know more of what exercises I’m doing, here’s a glance at what this past week included.

Saturday – This WOD


Sunday – Rest and walk

MondayThis GPP workout

Tuesday – This at home workout


Side Squat with Leg Raise  Row to Tricep Kickback  Squat curl press Mountain Climbers Plank Twist  Calf Raises  Bicycles Curtsy lunge Russian Twist 

Wednesday – 2 mile walk

Thursday This GPP workout

Friday – Rest

This week I didn’t do as much heavy lifting as I might on a typical week mainly because I didn’t have time to go to the gym more often and the week before I had done quite a bit so I was giving myself a little more rest and recovery time.


  • How many days of cardio do you do in a week?  
  • Have you tried a Tabata workout?  HIIT?  
  • If you’re a mom, have you tried Stroller Strides?  
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  1. Love all this info! I workout 5 days a week too. At this point, I’d say I’m doing 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength. I’m thinking I want to change that to 2 days of cardio and 3 days of strength instead. I’m not familiar with GPP fitness, so I’m looking forward to checking that out. Actually, I’m headed over to their website right now! 🙂

  2. It looks like you’ve been enjoying a good variety of workouts and if it works for you then that’s great.
    I always love the GPP workouts, they are super intense which I like. Buttt, pilates and barre will be my favourite forever. Oh and spin.

  3. Huge fan of tabata I have a bunch if workouts I put together and do at home all the time . Intervals just work for me

  4. I love Tabata workouts! You can really feel it in such a short time. Also, I think I know your good news 😉

  5. Did the Wake Up Workout today! Thanks for posting it. Gonna have J do it today too!

  6. Can’t wait to hear the good news. You mentioned before you were house hunting right (or no? lol) – if so I’m gonna guess you found a place.

  7. We have something similar to stroller strides by me called Baby Boot Camp. I enjoy the class and the fact that I can bring the little guy, but it becomes challenging to keep the little guy in the stroller now that he’s getting older! I’ll have to check the GPP workouts out! Thanks for posting!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I definitely agree with you on trying to keep them in the stroller! My son loves to snack so that typically keeps him busy for most the time. That and books. Lots of books!

  8. I love how short most of the GPP workouts are. I haven’t had time for a real workout lately! 🙁 I need to start yoga again. My hip flexors feel it!