Munchkin Meals – Love Nugget Eats at 2 1/2

Munchkin Meals – Love Nugget Eats at 2 1/2

Good morning!

At the end of this month The Love Nugget is going to be 2 1/2!  Before we know it, he’ll be turning 3!  It’s so crazy how fast time flies when you have kids.  I know everyone says that but you never understand it until you have a little one growing into a big one!

As he grows, he eats more and more!  I swear the kid could eat all day long if I let him.  I can’t even imagine what our grocery bill will be like when he’s a teenager!  Yikes!

Just take a look at a day of eats for this growing boy.


No joke as soon as I open his door at 6:45/7:00 he says, “I want to eat dinner.”  He calls every meal dinner right now.  So I try to have his meal ready to go or he gets grumpy!  An applesauce omelet along with organic cottage cheese, more apples, a cup of milk and cup of water is what was on the menu for today.  He LOVES this meal and as soon as he took his first bite he said, “Thank you Mama for making me an omet!”  Then promptly gobbled it all up!  He also gets half a teaspoon of a fermented cod liver oil with his breakfast.  It sounds gross but it’s lemon mint and he actually really likes it!

After breakfast we normally head to the gym, stroller strides, gymnastics or to run errands.  Today was a gym day so we were only gone about an hour and a half but as soon as I picked him up from the daycare he was asking for a snack.


He wanted a nama, cracker chips and bucha.  In other words, a banana, apple flax chips and kombucha.  I topped his banana with coconut butter and added some sprinkles hempseeds.  I’ve recently started giving him a little Synergy Kombucha mixed with water to help his digestive system.  The crackers were a new recipe I created that turned out pretty good!  He also ate half of my sweet potato smoothie.


It’s hard to sit down to eat with him these days without half my meal disappearing!

After snack came some playtime then I was hoping he would take an early nap but no such luck 🙁  He ended up playing in his crib for an hour and a half. Grrr… He will sometimes play for awhile then eventually fall asleep but today he was fighting it so hard!  I finally got him up to eat lunch before heading out to run some errands.


He wanted pasta so I threw together some ground beef I had cooked in the fridge, roasted veggies and crushed organic tomatoes for a quick meal.  He also had a cup of watered down fresh apple juice.  He doesn’t always get what he asks for but since I had everything on hand this was easy to throw together for him.  Plus he happily ate the majority of it.

We were out for a few hours during which he ate a cup of Annie’s Organic Whole Wheat Bunnies with organic raisins, a granola bite, and a few carrot sticks.  I’m telling you, hungry boy!

Around 6:30 we ate dinner which was sweet potato slices topped with ground turkey, lettuce, guacamole, and cheese.


Sort of a sweet potato nacho dish.  We all loved it!

He is definitely a growing boy!

Now, head over to Brittany’s blog for her monthly Munchkin Meals to see what some other little munchkins are eating lately 🙂


  • Does your little one eat all day long?  
  • Do you allow them to snack or hold out on them for meals?  


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  1. Sorry if you have touched on this prior, how do you make your apple omelet? is it as simple as it sounds? I usually make myself an omelet but the kiddo hates it.

  2. He’s such a good eater! My nephew basically eats peanut butter sandwiches. And his one veggie is cucumbers which he will only eat without the skin and pilled high as a “cucumber tower”. I seriously hope he grows out of his pickiness!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thank you! He hasn’t always been a great eater but we’ve always been very consistent with him eating what we give him and not making several different meals for him in one sitting. It’s definitely payed off as he now sits with us for meals and eats exactly what we’re eating 🙂

  3. I love seeing these munchkin meals because I struggle with what to feed my toddler (14 months). He is a fairly good eater, despite bursts of pickiness. He usually eats 3 meals, plus 2 snacks a day…so pretty structured.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      We’ve definitely gone through our picky stages and even still do. Stick with it and try not to get too frustrated as hard as that can be. Keep trying to offer foods even if he seems to not like them. Not necessarily on that day but during another meal time. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s how much their taste buds continue to change as they develop.

  4. I can totally relate! My 16-month old would eat everything in sight, and would start yelling “nanna”(- her way of saying food) at almost anything. She won’t stop until we give her a piece of whatever we’re eating. If she’s not hungry, she would take a few bites and play with it. So I’m trying to control that: I avoid eating in front of her whenever she’s not supposed to be hungry (had just finished lunch…). I don’t want her to graze all day and start with bad eating habits. But sometimes, when we’re out or with friends, I can’t help it.She sees everyone eating so she wants to join in. She’s social like that 😉

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Definitely agree with having a social eater. My son LOVES to go to parties and help himself to foods that he normally wouldn’t get. It try to limit his snacks and eating in front of him as well. I’ve gotten much better at sitting down and eating my meals at the same time he eats his.

  5. I don’t have any kids, but I love seeing all of the healthy foods your boy eats. It is so encouraging to see that you can make “kid food” and it be healthy.

  6. WOW he eats better then I do ! lol so impressive that he tries all the different food, my niece I think lives off Reeses and Chicken fingers

  7. I love that he calls every meal “dinner”! Such healthy meals too! I try to keep my son on the same schedule he follows at daycare (breakfast, lunch, snack) during the day, but I also remind myself that I don’t always eat only at meal times – sometimes I get hungry in between, so it stands to reason that he does too! I try to be flexible but stick with a schedule most of the time.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      “Dinner” first thing in the morning no matter how hard we try to correct him. I always try to remember that as well but also notice if he snacks more he eats less at meal time so I try to limit them somewhat…

  8. Keenan can definitely eat all day, too! If we are out and about, he usually has a morning snack (applesauce or the Happy Family fruit/veggie pouches with some almonds), but if we are home, he rarely asks for a snack in the morning. When he wakes up from his nap, he always asks for a snack which varies, depending on what I have on hand (apple slices with some cheese or nut butter, trailmix, hardboiled egg and sometimes air-popped popcorn). But, if I am baking or doing meal prep and he is around, he wants to graze and try everything, no matter if he just ate a half hour ago!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      It’s crazy how much he asks for food lately! Mainly when I’m trying to eat something or when he sees me with something he wants which is everything! Sometimes I feel like he’s worse than a begging dog 😉