Natural Food Finds at Costco and Sunday Meal Planning

Natural Food Finds at Costco and Sunday Meal Planning

Good morning!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  Sad that it is already Sunday and the weekend is half way over but looking forward to a fun day with the family :-)

Last week I planned meals for two weeks rather than one.  Then I made a trip to Whole Foods and Costco to hopefully last us for both weeks.  I typically make a Costco trip every two to three weeks or at least once a month.  Lately I’ve been thrilled to see that Costco is getting more and more healthy, organic products.  This makes my Costco trips a little more expensive but my grocery trips a little less.  Here’s my haul from last week,


Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Carrots, Pineapple, Organic Chicken Breast (also get chicken thighs) Organic Apple Chips, Almonds, Almond butter, bananas, Organic Strawberries, All Natural Maple Chicken Breakfast Sausage, Organic Eggs, Avocados, and natural foods at costco.  All this (plus another carton of eggs, and T.P.) cost just a little over $100.

This is just some of my normal purchases from Costco but here’s a look at some other great finds I saw while there.

PicMonkey Collage1

Organic Chia Seeds, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Hearts, and Golden Flaxseed Meal.

PicMonkey Collage2

Organic Butter (a 4pack) Organic Whole Milk (for babies and toddlers but they also have organic 1% milk), Nitrate free organic smoked turkey breast (2 pack), and for paleo eaters, Pure Ghee.

PicMonkey Collage3

Wild Salmon and Wild Tuna

PicMonkey Collage4

Brad’s Organic Peanut Butter (for The Love Nugget) and Crushed organic tomatoes in jars!  Which means no BPA!  Yay!

Amongst these things we also often get Natural, no hormone,  no antibiotic, nitrate free Chicken Apple Sausages, organic celery, organic baby spinach, organic baby kale, asparagus (3.99 for a huge bunch right now!), raw walnuts, raw pecans, frozen organic berries, organic apples, and other produce that they might have a good deal on.  I’m always thrilled when I find that they are carrying organic produce that is on the dirty dozen like apples, spinach, kale, berries, celery, peaches, or sweet potatoes!

We’ve got most the foods we need for our meals this week but will be hitting up the Farmer’s Market today for a few fresh produce items.  I didn’t get a chance to post last weeks meal plan but here’s what this week looks like :-)  I’m linking up today with Laura at Mommy Run Fast and Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness for their Sunday Meal Planning party!

Sunday – Chicken Kabobs

MondayCoconut Chicken Nuggets with sautéed kale and turkey bacon

Tuesday – Codd Salad

Wednesday – Foil wrapped Codd and asparagus

Thursday – Left-overs for the hubby since I’ll be at a girls night :-)

FridayAvocado stuffed burgers and sweet potato fries

Saturday – Out with friends for dinner and the Electric Run!

Yesterday I managed to get some food prep for the week done and will finish up today.  Checked off my list was boiled eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted Kambocha Squash and chopped veggies.  Today I’ll be making Paleo Banana Bread, some sort of protein bite, Protein Bars and grilled chicken for the week.

Like I said we are heading to the Farmers market today after we go for a run.  Then home for The Love Nugget to nap and to pack a lunch for the park and play time!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this weekend so we are soaking it up!

Have a great Sunday all!

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  • What staples do you buy at Costco? 
  • Any other natural/organic foods you’ve seen there lately? 
  • What’s on your meal plan for the week?   








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  1. I love costco! I always buy quinoa from there. Same with the almond butter. =) And, yea. the weather has been great the past couple days. =)

  2. This is SUCH a great post! We went to costco yesterday and got the spinach and a few other produce items you mentioned! We also sampled that peanut butter and it is SO GOOD. Like, wayyy better than the non-organic PB. We almost got that sausage, too, but decided we’ll try it next time. 😉


    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks Katie! Isn’t the peanut butter great!?! Peanuts are a pretty highly pesticide residue item so buying organic is always a plus :-)

  3. I have not seen canned wild tuna at our Costco! I wish we had it, because I bet the price is better than the regular stores. We always buy organic mixed greens, frozen berries, and organic chicken breasts from Costco. Oh, and some wine. :)

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      We really like this tuna and if you can’t find it at Costco I know they sell it on Amazon too :-)

  4. Wow, I’m impressed! I think I need to get a Costco membership… last time I had one, there were not nearly so many organic/natural items. Great idea to plan for two weeks!

  5. Wow!! I haven’t seen a lot of that at my Costco! I need to go back soon!

  6. OMG I want to live at your house so I can enjoy all of these delicious groceries!! Love it!

  7. I haven’t been to Costco in a long time because they rarely hVe the organic/whole foods selection I’m looking for. I’ll have to check it out next weekend and see if my Costco is as well stocked as yours.

  8. I love Costco, always stock up on fruits, veggies, oats, hummus and almond butter :)

  9. I love costco and sure wish one existed out here =( Great meals.. will definitely be checking out the coconut chicken nuggets for next weeks meals!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      We are planning to make them tonight so I’ll let you know how they turn out. They sure do look good!

  10. I buy a lot of the same products that you bought. My Costco doesn’t have Chia seeds or the peanut butter yet, but I’m keeping my eye out. I also stock up Chobani, frozen salmon steaks (wild caught), pure local honey and pure maple syrup. I picked up the wild tuna this weekend, as it was a new find at my Costco. Love Costco!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’ve gotten the maple syrup before too and it’s really good! I haven’t tried the frozen salmon steaks though. Are they pre-marinated?

  11. I’m impressed! We had a Sam’s Club membership a few years ago, but never really found much we actually eat. Perhaps I’ll have to give clubs another try.

  12. What great finds at Costco! I am actually due to renew our membership now. I really never thought you could find such healthy items there! I guess I wasn’t looking hard enough! When I go to renew, I’ll be looking for these items you show! :)

  13. I love costco! There is not one in lexington but whenever my parents come down from MN I always get flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts and seeds, wild salmon and laundry soap. I think their collection is so much better than sams club and the prices are much better than grocery stores.

  14. At the moment, I don’t belong to Costco. I belong to another wholesale club. Next year, they’re going to build a Costco near to where I work, so my plan is to switch over to them. This list will be super helpful, and I’m really happy to hear they sell so many organic and natural items!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Costco has really stepped it up and I’m loving it! So much great stuff there you will definitely have to get a membership!

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