Fitness Friday – Protein Powders (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Fitness Friday – Protein Powders (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Happy Friday!

Thank you for all the well wishes and concerns about The Love Nugget yesterday.  I’m happy to report that he is doing much better!

I have a feeling this is going to be a long post so let’s get right into what my fitness was for the week.

Saturday and Sunday – Rest

Monday – Body Pump class and new Body Combat class which was similar to Turbo Kick but slowed down and focused on the moves.

Tuesday – Boot camp plus this awesome Tabata Style run!

protein powders

Wednesday – Super Sweaty Spin Class!  My muscles were a little sore so I decided to skip weights for the day.

Thursday – Stroller Strides Plyo Class

Friday – Treadmill running with this medicine ball mixed in.

1 mile at 6.5 – 1 min of each medicine ball exercise – 1 mile sprints speed 9.0 1 min speed 6.5 1 min – 1 min of each medicine ball – 1 fast mile 7.0 – 1 min of each medicine ball exercise – cool down

I’ve been receiving questions from readers, friends and others about what type of protein powder to use.  First though I thought it would be good to talk about if you even need to supplement with protein powders or not.  If you are eating a well balanced diet, you probably already consume enough protein powder.  With that said, there are some reasons why protein powders can benefit you but they definitely aren’t necessary to be healthy.    First, protein powder can aid in weight loss.  Whey protein powders in particular can assist in keeping  you full and also provide a high level of amino acids which can promote fat loss.  Second, they can help build, repair and preserve muscle growth by providing a high quality protein source.  Third, protein powder can actually help to build a healthy immune system and prevent disease.   It increases levels of glutathione, an antioxidant that helps improve immune health. (LIVESTRONG)  If you choose to consume protein powders you should definitely do so in moderation and try to find one without too many added chemicals and ingredients.  It’s also a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any new supplements or diet products.

There are a few different types of protein powder out there and choosing which one’s best for you can be somewhat confusing.

Whey Protein, derived from milk, contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.  It’s said to be absorbed better than soy and can be found as a concentrate, isolate and hydrolysates.

Soy protein, usually made from soy flour, is one of the most easiest for the body to absorb and for the break down.  Since it’s dairy free it’s great for people who are sensitive to lactose.

Egg white protein is  also easily absorbed and contains complete amino acids that your body needs.  This is also a great alternative to Whey if your lactose intolerant.

Brown Rice Protein is hypoallergenic and contains all the essential amino acids so it’s great for anyone sensitive to allergens.

Deciding which one works best for your diet is up to you.  The best way is to sample the different types to see how your body reacts.  I did this with all but Egg White Protein and found that even though I’m somewhat sensitive to dairy, my body reacts best to Whey Protein or Vegan Protein.

So now let’s talk about a few protein powders that I’ve used and enjoyed,

First off is Fitmixer.  Not just because I am a contributor for the company, but I honestly love the taste and texture of this protein powder.  As far as ingredients go there are a few things that I would rather not be getting in my protein powder but since I don’t consume it everyday and it doesn’t bother my stomach I’m okay with it.  They offer chocolate and vanilla which are both quite delicious!

Next would be Sunwarrior Vegan Protein Powder.  For a vegan protein powder, this one mixes very well and isn’t as grainy as some of the others I’ve tried.  It has a great taste too!

I love that this company strives to create good quality products that have no GMOs, radiation, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, herbicides, and pesticides. They also contain absolutely no animal products, dairy, egg, soy, added sugar, wheat, or yeast.  Making them vegan and gluten-free!

Finally,  I love About Time Whey Protein Powders.  You may remember a few months back I reviewed a few of their flavors.   They were so kind to send me a package with more protein, a few of their meal replacement bars and some of their delicious protein granola bites.

DSC_0619 (500x324)

What I love about their protein powders is that they are a very clean, natural protein that only has four ingredients!  Not to mention it comes in some amazing flavors like Cinnamon Swirl, and Chocolate Peanut Butter just to name a few.

The granola bites are VERY good and the perfect protein snack!  They are a great source of omega’s since they contain Flax seed and Chia seed, contain only 135 calories and 9 grams of protein per serving.


The Meal replacement bars were beyond delicious!  They contain no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors and were the perfect on the go breakfast for days I was too busy to eat.


 Guess what people!  About Time so generously offered to send one lucky reader a sampler pack of their tasty products!

To Enter –

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite brand of Protein Powder

For an extra entry (and leave a separate comment) –

Giveaway open to U.S. Residents only and ends Friday April 19th at 8:00pm PST.

Disclaimer –About Time Whey Protein provided me with free samples.  I did not receive samples of Sunwarrior or Fitmixer.  All opinions are of my own and I received no other compensation for this post. 

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  1. I STILL am working my way through the giant bags of FitMixer protein powder from last summer’s bootcamp…ha! 😉 But I do really like. I’ve tried a hemp protein powder but wasn’t a fan…maybe a different kind would be better. 🙂

    And seriously need to try that medicine ball workout – LOVE med balls!

  2. Right now I’ve been using Manitoba Hemp protein as a healthy vegan source. Thanks!

  3. Oh, I’d love to try their samples!! Currently, my favorite protein powder is Sunwarrior Vanilla. It seems to go well with just about anything, and I like the clean ingredient list.

  4. I like you on Facebook!

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  6. Caitlin F. says:

    I recently purchased About Time in the cake batter flavor & it’s pretty sweet, but I’m a fan. Sunwarrior Vanilla is my go-to, but it definitely took some getting used to.

  7. love the medicine ball exercises! And I really like the About Time protein powder!

  8. I now need to invest in a medicine ball. Do you think people would laugh if my wedding registry is filled with dumbbells, medicine balls, bosu balls? But seriously, that is all stuff I need in my house to function! Haha

    I love that you reviewed protein powders! I use a whey one(s) and don’t have any problem with them! I typically make smoothies with them, or make a milkshake with protein powder and milk and freeze it until it becomes a milkshake! My healthy little dessert in life!

  9. I love designer whey protein!! I put it in everything! I really want to to try the cake batter from about time!!I am such a sucker for cake batter flavored anything! Thanks for the give away!! =]

  10. I tweeted!!

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  14. So glad the nugget is feeling better- so sad!
    I usually go with whey, but I just got a new soy one (and posted about it today!)
    have a great weekend!

  15. The only kind I’ve ever used is MRM whey protein powder and it has a great taste and is all natural. I’ve really been wanting to try sunwarrior also.

  16. I like MHHH on FB!

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  19. I’ve been slowly experimenting with protein powders… I have some Vega, but hear great things about Sunwarrior. Like you said, I don’t think everyone needs it and I don’t use it that often. But it’s nice to have when I need an extra protein boost!

  20. I have been wanting to try About Time for a while, this is awesome!

  21. I follow you on Twitter!

  22. And I liked you on FB 🙂

  23. I love beverly international protein powder but the ingredients arent the best so I am looking to try some new ones. I am waiting on some sun warrior in the mail and I cant wait to try it! I would love to try about time protein though! I use protein powder every day so I run out fast!

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  27. I love “About Time” whey protein in vanilla flavor!

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  31. All of your workouts look amazing. I can’t wait until I can do them again. A few more months and I will be hitting it hard. 🙂

    Thank you for all the information on protein powders. That was wonderfully written. I am with you on only a few simply ingredients. Thanks!

  32. Iuse premium series whey protein and really like it!

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  36. I haven’t tried any type of protein but i have been looking for one to take.

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    By the way i’m glad your son is feeling better, my son has a cold right now,

  41. Currently using natural Designer Whey right now and would love to try About Time as it looks fabulous – great review!

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  43. Following About Time Whey too!

  44. Wow, I want to try that birthday cake flavor! Also, I love the medicine ball chick’s shirt–totes the best hun-cal fro-yo, haha!!

  45. I liked you on FB!

  46. My favorite kind of protein powder is the vanilla Gold standard whey protein, but I would love to try the different flavors that About Time Whey offers

  47. Great treadmill tabata workout! My favorite type of Protein Powder is a tie between Myofusion Cinnamon Bun and CLICK Vanilla Latte! Both rock!

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  49. Tweeted your giveaway

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  51. Liked ya on facebook! Have a great weekend, darling!

  52. Georgiana says:

    I’ve tried Vega and Plant Fusion and I suppose I don’t really have a go-to favorite yet. Just buy whatever happens to be on sale at the time. Would love to taste the About Time brand- perhaps that will be the best! 🙂

  53. I have never heard of about time protein. I have been using plant fusion vanilla in my smoothies.

  54. This is great info on protein powders! I’ll have to re read this post to see which one would be a good fit for me. BYW, I received the chocolate bars and they are fantastic! The whole family loved them!!! 🙂 Thanks again!

  55. I currently use fitmixer protein powder. I’m always excited to try something new!

  56. I love about time but cannot find it anywhere! My fav kind right now is Trunutrition Truitein!

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  59. Follow them on twitter!

  60. My favorite brand of protein powder is definitely Sun Warrior! Saw your post on Cosco and I couldn’t agree more! It is so awesome that they are carrying so many more organic products. It is definitely one of my favorite places to find all my healthy foods at a better price.

  61. Right now I like MRM whey in vanilla, but perhaps that’s just because I haven’t tried this one yet. 😉

  62. Follow you on twitter @ lovesweatbeers

  63. Follow them on twitter @ lovesweatbeers

  64. Amy Lynn says:

    My favorite Protein Powder is Sun Warrior! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

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  68. Right now, I like Trader Joe’s 100% whey protein powder in vanilla.

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  70. Stefanie Gladden says:

    my favorite brand is fitmixer! i love their chocolate!

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  75. right now I am loving the BSN lean dessert cinnamon roll protein. I’ve been adding it to my hot breakfast cereal and its tastes like I’m eating a cinnamon roll without the guilt lol 😉

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    Thanks for the giveaway! That birthday cake flavor sounds amazing!

  79. I really like the Sun Warrior protien the best

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  82. I use Garden of Eden Raw Protein, but am interested in about time.

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  85. defintately about time!

  86. Susan Edwards says:

    I’m very new to protein powders, so I don’t have a favorite yet.