Some Fun Friday favorites and a Fitness Giveway!  (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Some Fun Friday favorites and a Fitness Giveway! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Happy Friday! 

Boy am I glad to say that!  It’s been a long week around here.  With the head cold and the rain I feel like we’ve been trapped at home!  Although it was nice to get a little rest, I’m ready to get out and play!

The hubby and I have plans tomorrow to head to a wine event at a nearby winery and pick up a wine club shipment.  We were going to take The Love Nugget but Nani, AKA my mother-in-law, offered to come down for the day.  He is beyond excited to see her and it will be nice to have an afternoon to ourselves.

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for Lily’s chocolates and there’s still time to enter my giveaway for a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Hemp Seeds!

For Fitness Friday, I’m linking up with the wonderful Katie over at Talk Less Say More 🙂

As far as fitness goes this week I obviously had an off week.

Sunday – Body pump + 5 mile run

Monday – Stroller Strides

Tuesday – Rest (Sick)

Wednesday – Rest (Sick)

Thursday – 40 minute elliptical + some abs, push-ups and squats

Friday – ???

Blah! I hate having weeks like that but I definitely needed to rest especially after my last bout with the cold that turned into a major sinus infection and lasted three weeks!

Anyways, since it’s Fitness Friday, I thought it would be share a great giveaway with your all!  Awhile back I was sent a few Sweaty Bands to try out and loved them!

You can read my review here but they are my favorite way of keeping my hair out of my face while working out. Which is my biggest exercise pet peeve ever!   Since they are my favorite, I wanted to share them with you!  So Sweaty Bands sent me two headbands to giveaway to two lucky readers!

Details on how to enter are at the end of this post 🙂

Even though we were home all week feeling under the weather, we had some fun times I thought I’d share with you for a little segment my friend Melissa likes to call, Friday Favorites!  I’ll be linking up with her today but definitely head on over and check out her blog where she talks about all things fitness, health, and life in general!

Favorite beverage was definitely my coffee with homemade almond milk.  Yum!


Favorite snack was this bowl of strawberries topped with Vanilla Lemon Protein Frosting!  The recipe is featured on Fitmixer today 🙂


and because I love Chocolate and peanut butter so much, this one was a favorite too 🙂


Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Frosting!

Favorite Dinner, Artichoke Lemon Chicken Pesto Pasta from PaleoOMG with a few modifications…


I added fennel and zucchini and took out the parsley and spinach because we didn’t have any.  It was really good but extra good since it was the first dinner I’d had all week that wasn’t soup!

Favorite rainy day activity was making a bunny with The Love Nugget,


Favorite outdoor play was watching The Love Nugget in his new sandbox.  Well, the sandbox isn’t new, we just finally got some sand!


Favorite “keeping someone busy and out of mamas way while she makes dinner activity” was The Love Nugget playing with play dough


Favorite Love Nugget and White Coyote moment – him trying to feed his sticker to the White Coyote.


The White Coyote is thinking, “Yeah right kid, you aren’t fooling me!  That’s not a treat!”

Favorite SUPER helpful blog and blogger that you guys have to check out, Zack at More For Your Blog.  I was having a few issues with my Social media buttons and pictures overlapping on my layout.  I emailed him and within an hour he had resolved the problems.  Plus, he has wonderful blogging tips and resources on his blog and offers lots of different helpful services.  I’ve seen a lot of  technical help websites out there that charge an arm and a leg per hour to help fix problems on your blog.  Zack’s prices are extremely reasonable and he is VERY helpful!  I actually had the pleasure of meeting Zack and his beautiful wife Katie awhile back as they are both local bloggers and they are the cutest, sweetest couple you’ll ever meet.  I highly recommend checking out his blog.  I’ll bet you find something helpful you didn’t even know you were looking for!  Oh and he also has a money saving blog called, Look Before Spending and his adorable wife Katie has a lifestyle/fashion blog called Katie Did What.

Favorite Quote,


Favorite Laugh Out Loud,


because this seriously happened several times this week!  At one point while The Love Nugget was happily playing with his toys I actually tip toed into the living room and quietly crawled over the side of the couch to  sit and read a magazine for just a few minutes.  Which lasted maybe 3 minutes before he knew I was there and was in my face saying, “whayoudoinmama?”  No spacing between words.  He just blends his sentences all into one most of the time.  Toddler language is quite entertaining to say the least!

Okay, well, enough fitness and favorites for one day 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Oh, almost forgot!  Here’s how to enter for a chance to win a sweaty band!

To Enter –

  • Leave a comment telling me your biggest personal exercise pet peeve.   You know things like shoes coming untied, hair in your face…

For an extra entry (and leave a separate comment) –

  • Tweet the following, “I just entered to win an @sweatyband from @Giselleschroer!”

Giveaway ends Wednesday March 27th at 8:00pm PST.

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  1. That protein frosting sounds amazing!!

    My biggest exercise pet peeve is having to stop for cars while running. If I am out on a run I do not want to stop for anything…once I stop it is so hard to start back up!

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve still been feeling under the weather this week but hopefully you’re on the up-swing and will be back 100% asap!
    Can my biggest exercise pet-peeve be what someone else does?…or doesn’t do? Because this morning a dude hopped on the elliptical next to me and within minutes it was B.O. central. I don’t know that it was him, but all signs are pointing his way and it wasn’t a pretty moment. I literally couldn’t help but cough….EEK!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks Katie! OMG I was laughing out loud when I read your pet peeve because this just happened to me the other week! I actually got off and switched machines after giving him the stink eye. The worst!

  3. Have fun at the wine event this weekend! My exercising pet peeve is wearing a piece of clothing that doesn’t stay put. I have this one tank top that always rides up as I exercise, so I’m constantly tugging on it. Annoying!!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Ugh, I hate this too! I actually experienced it today during yoga with my Ellie top. Some days I love it, others I just want to rip it off! So annoying!

  4. I HATE when my hair band doesn’t stay on! Hair is in my face, my headband is flying in the wind, it’s terrible! I would love this to get it to stay in! Haha

  5. tweeted!

  6. Wow! I love that you are a recipe creator for Fitmixer! How exciting! The frosting looks fantastic! I’m glad to hear your feeling better, too!
    The pics of Little Nugget…..ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And you too in your super cute So Sweaty band!!!) 🙂

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks Amy! The frosting is delicious and since it’s somewhat healthy, I feel better about eating it 🙂

  7. my biggest pet peeve is easily my pony tail coming loose!

  8. I love listening to toddlers talk. It’s the best! Hehe.

    One of my biggest personal exercise pet peeves is that I can’t for the life of me seem to find a workout shoe where my heel doesn’t constantly slip up out of the shoe. It’s so annoying when I’m running or doing lunges etc. because my shoe practically comes off in the back. But, I tried on a bazillion different pairs/brands and they all did it so I had to go with something. If anyone knows of any non-heel-slipping workout shoes, please let me know! 😀

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      That does sound annoying! You must have small narrow feet or a very small heel. I hate when my shoes are the slightest bit uncomfortable so that would drive me crazy!

  9. Since I’m extremely limited in activity …well, my pet-peeve would be when people don’t appreciate how fortunate they are just to walk and FEEL NORMAL and full of ENERGY and life and ability. Count your blessings (I need to do this myself! Must. Be. Positive. 🙂 )

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I love this pet peeve! I definitely feel blessed that I’m able to exercise and do everyday things others can not. I think this is part of the reason I do it so much. You never know when things could change so appreciate your health and mobility while you can!

  10. Your food photos always make me drool! 🙂

    My biggest workout petpeeve is definitely hair getting in my face!

  11. My biggest pet peeve at the gym are people that think they own the gym and hog machines!!!

  12. Tweeted!

  13. Good to know about the blogging contact! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Hmm, I’d have to say a pet peeve is the humidity here… does that count?!

  14. My biggest pet peeve is when I put my hair in a bun to workout & it’s all great until I get on the mat to do ab work & I realize I put the bun too low & I can’t put my head down. UGH!! It happens ALL THE TIME! You’d think by now I’d remember, but no. I liketo blame it on mommy brain. 😉

  15. both of your snacks look sooo good!! my biggest exercise pet peeve is definitely hair getting in my face….can’t stand it!!!

  16. Thanks for linking up with Friday Favorites! Your peanut butter chocolate protein frosting looks amazing and I love all of Ayden’s pictures! I hope you are feeling better. Have a great weekend!

  17. Hair in my face is my biggest pet peeve, too! I get tons of flyaway frizzies and they drive me bonkers. Also, my son was trying to share his box of crayons with the dog today- too funny!

  18. Coffee with homemade almond milk – awesome!!! Just found your blog and I’m excited to read more!

  19. Oh no! You were sick again, Giselle? If we didn’t live thousands of miles away, I would totally think we were hanging out constantly and just passing whatever bug back n fourth! Glad you’ve finally started feeling better. Fingers crossed it remains that way.

    Also, have a fabulous date with your husband <3

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I Know right!?! It’s been quite the past few months with sickness’ around here. Hopefully with spring comes a healthier house!

  20. My ponytail coming loose is the absolute worst for me!

  21. And I tweeted!

  22. I hate when you have a pair of shorts that ride up while your running! You just can’t focus because you have the constant urge to pull them down and look silly while you do it!

  23. My other big pet peeve is when your earphones decide to have a mind of their own that day and want to keep sliding out- I invested in a new pair that’s better but even they have they’re days!

  24. My biggest pet peeve is when I’m the only one on the whole row of treadmills and someone comes and picks one right next to me instead of giving me a little space! 🙂

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Haha! I thought I was the only one that felt that way! So glad I’m not alone!

  25. Oh man- those wisps of hair coming loose! The hair loss from my first little one did some true damage!

  26. you hit the nail on the head with exercise pet peeve, because mine is when my shoe laces come untied when i am running! i now have learned to to double knot them, but for some reason when I’m in my running groove and my shoe lace comes on tied i REALLY hate having to stop and tie it.

    also since i have bangs i hate when i’m doing a cardio work out and my bangs are popping all over the place. so a head band would be perfect!!

  27. i tweeted. @AccidentlyDlish

  28. When my headphones fall out of my ears on my run!

  29. I have sooo many exercise pet peeves it’s not even funny.
    Injuries! Yup , they’re a big one.
    Girls that come to the gym COATED in make-up to chat and do anything but break a sweat.
    When someone is using MY (favourite) cardio machine at the gym when I want to use it…
    I could go on and on with this :p.

    The sweaty bands are so cute!