Toddler Tuesday – Craft and Vocabulary Building Activity

I don’t think I’ve gotten sick this much in such a short time span since my first year of teaching.  Since New Years I’ve been sick off and on.  Well, our whole house has actually.  It could be just a bad cold/flu season.  It could be that we are being exposed to lots of germs at gymnastics or any of the other germ infested kid places I take the Love Nugget.   Or it could be that my body is telling me I need to slow down and rest a little more.  Hmmm…  Maybe it’s just a combination of it all!  I will be trying to rest a little more than I did with my last bought with a cold since it lasted for 3 weeks!  Well, resting as much as possible with an almost 2 year old, ha!

Today for toddler Tuesday I’ve got two fun and easy activities to share with you. One that is great for building vocabulary and one that is perfect for Easter which is in less than two weeks!  Crazy!

Let’s start with the Easter craft.


I wanted to do a fun Easter Bunny craft since lately The Love Nugget has been all about bunnies.  I understand why I mean, let’s face it, bunnies are cute!  So the other day we made a little Easter Bunny which was pretty easy!

First, I cut out a large circle and ears using a thick cardstock.  I added two pink pieces of paper which The Love Nugget probably could have done but oh well.


Then I gave him the glue stick (which he’s still working on figuring out) and helped him put glue all over the circle.


After that it was time for the fluffy white bunny fur (AKA, cotton balls :-)!


Side note is anyone else freaked out by cotton balls or is it just me?  I seriously can’t stand touching them or any other dry foamy things.   It gives me the chills!  My least favorite thing is taking the cotton out of Aspirin containers when you first open them.  Ugh!  Freaks me out!

The Love Nugget didn’t seem to mind the cotton as much this time as he did in the past.  Which worked for me since I didn’t have to touch much!


I didn’t have any black pipe cleaners so I used blue.   I cut a few in half and with The Love Nugget’s help glued them onto the cotton balls.


After adding eyes, a nose and putting the ears on we were finished!


Checking out his masterpiece.  We put him on the fridge and named him Frank.  I suggested a few names and that’s what he picked.  So Frank it is!

This craft went by pretty quickly and he was still in the mood to create so we worked on another project I have to share with you today.

Alphabet Collages


We’ve been working on a letter a week for the past few weeks now and he loves doing this activity.  So easy and a great way to fill your kids with a rich, realistic vocabulary.  We tend to get caught up using books with cartoon pictures of foods, people etc. to teach new words when the best way is to use real pictures or even better, the real thing!

For this super easy, educational activity, all you need is some old magazines, a large piece of paper, scissors and glue.

We sit down and go through a stack of magazines looking for words that start with the letter that we are focusing on.  Today’s letter was C.


We actually cut out our pictures last week and talked about them but hadn’t had a chance to put them on our paper yet.  I was surprised by how well he remembered what the pictures were today when we got them out to glue on 🙂


I draw a capital letter and a lower case letter while talking about it and the sounds it makes.  You might be thinking, “Isn’t’ he a little young for this?”  Nope!  It’s never to early to introduce letter names and sounds to kids!  You’d be surprised by how quickly they pick up on them 🙂

Then I give him the glue and again while talking about each picture, glue them around the letters.  It’s important to say things like, “Yes, that’s a couch.  Couch begins with the letter C!”  and to ask questions like, “What else begins with C?”


Once we have all the pictures glued on, we go back through and I ask him what each picture is.  As he tells me, I label them while spelling it out loud and showing him the word after it’s written.  Putting a word with a picture will help him to develop more vocabulary and reading skills in the future 🙂


We hung them up over the fireplace for him to see daily.  When the hubby came home today, The Love Nugget was so happy and proud to name all the pictures for dada.  You could further extend this activity if you have older children by making it an I Spy Game.  For example, “I spy something blue that you eat.”   “Blueberries!”  Or even, “I spy something that ends with the letter…”  Maybe even, “What two things can you eat for breakfast?”  Or, “What two pictures show something  you travel in?”

You can see the opportunities for learning with this activity are endless and it’s so simple!

Have a toddler or a little one?  Join in on the Toddler Tuesday fun!


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  1. How seriously adorable are those bunnies!! It kind of makes me miss being a kid/being in elementary school!…kind of ;).

  2. Oh, wow. I couldn’t have written this better myself–we are sick around here, too. My husband is sick, and he’s only been sick once in the 8 years we’ve known each other. And yes, I cannot stand taking the cotton out of the pill bottle!

    I was reading this with my little one and he got seriously excited about the bunny, so thanks for the idea!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who freaks about the cotton in the pill bottles. I’m getting chills just thinking about it! Hope you guys enjoy the bunny activity and that everyone is healthy soon 🙂

  3. Thanks for the toddler ideas! You are so creative! My daughter just turned two and I know she would love the alphabet activity!

  4. I love the letter idea! Keenan loves singing the ABC song and reading alphabet books, so this would be a great activity to do!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’d like to do the alphabet activity on a thicker paper and make it into a book. That way he can go back and look at all the pictures and words he’s learned. For now we have large pictures hanging over our fireplace! Lovely décor 🙂

  5. I love that bunny activity. I am going to do that with my girls tomorrow maybe. I think they will both love it. Thank you for the great idea. 🙂
    And the Alphabet activity is great too. Isabella is so cute when she sings the ABC song with Sophia. I love when little ones sing. 🙂

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’m with you on little singing voices! Love hearing my love nugget sing. Especially the ABC’s 🙂 Hope your girls like the bunny activity!