Updated Post – Crabby Handprint Craft

The  Love Nugget and I made this cute handprint crab last summer 🙂

Crabby Handprint Craft

I’ve been meaning to switch out the 4th of July handprint craft we’ve had hanging in the living room for a few weeks now but.

So I found a cute idea on Pinterest for a handprint crab.  Perfect for summer!

I started by making a paint wash by mixing a little blue with water.  Then I did a light blue wash on the top of the canvas.  When that was dry, I painted with a cream/beige color for the sand (I used an acrylic for this).

When this was dry, I painted the Love Nugget’s hand red (I used a washable poster paint for the handprints) and pressed sideways onto the “sand” on the canvas.   I repeated with the other hand in the opposite direction.  The Love Nugget has gotten to be pretty good at pressing his hands onto canvas :-)   He doesn’t really mind the paint and he LOVES washing his hands in the sink.

To finish up, Ayden and I smeared/painted on a cloud and a sun.  Then I glued on some eyes, used a sharpie to draw on a mouth and stamped his name and the date.

Make sure when you are doing this with your little nugget that you have a wet towel near by to wipe off their hands.  Also, giving them something in their other hand to distract them a little helps too.


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