Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

We’ve been enjoying some absolutely glorious weather the past few days and are looking forward to a nice weekend home.  Well, hopefully not home but out enjoying the sunshine!

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit The Hubby at one of his job sites.  He works for a general contractor overseeing projects and at one of them, they had big tractors working this week.  So of course we had to go by to see them!


The Love Nugget was in awe!  He just kept saying, “Cool dwacto” (tractor in nugget language).  He definitely did not want to leave and I think would have sat there all afternoon just watching them drive around.


But… I couldn’t have 🙂  Plus we had a few errands to run before coming home so I could get ready for Happy Hour with my cousin (AKA Auntie Gigi).

We went to a Tapas restaurant that neither of us had been to but had heard great things called Source.  It had a really nice outdoor seating area which overlooked a pretty pond and since the weather was so nice, we jumped at the chance to sit and enjoy the weather 🙂


I haven’t had Tapas since the hubby and I went to Spain a few years ago.  While these weren’t exactly as authentic as Spanish Tapas, they were still good!

We of course had to start with the Sangria,


Then we shared several small plates which included olives, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Anchovies, Paella Balls, Pomegranate Chevre spread and Crab Tater Tots (unpictured).


Yum!  Everything was really good! I was a little hesitant with the anchovies but they were okay… not really my favorite but not bad.  We’ll definitely be going back again!

For Fitness Friday today I’m linking up with Katie at Talk Less Say More 🙂

Since I’m finally feeling 100%, it felt great to get back into the swing of things with my weekly workouts.  Here’s how my week went,

Saturday – 4 mile treadmill run and Core class

Sunday – Rest

Monday – 3 mile run and Bodypump class

Tuesday – This Cardio Circuit Workout I did at home

PicMonkey Collage

Wednesday – Spin and Piyo Class

Thursday – Stroller Strides, outside!  The weather was gorgeous!

Friday – Hopefully a nice run outdoors in the gorgeous weather this afternoon 🙂

Lately I’ve started taking Bodypump classes to force myself to lift more weights.  I find that if I take a class, I’m more likely to use weights to work every muscle group rather than just working out on my own.  So I’ve been going once a week and really trying to stack the weight on to build more muscle.  I feel like I’ve been doing great and have definitely seen an increase in the amount of weight I can lift.  However, no matter how much weight I put on when we do squats (we use a bar), my lower back kills me.  I stand by the mirror and am constantly checking myself but am always aching after we finish.   I was talking to my hubby about it and he was showing me the proper way to do squats with a bar.  It was interesting because in the class, we are instructed to just get into squat position and I take that as knees aligned with your toes, legs shoulder distance apart and toes facing forward.  That’s how we do body weight squats.  However, the hubby said to make sure and have your toes pointed outwards slightly so that you are more able to keep your back straight.  I of course had to look more into it and found a great step by step guide on the perfect form for squats.

How to Squat

The Squat Setup

  • Stand with and even stance. Your feet should be shoulder width apart with your feet facing out at a 30 degree angle.
  • Take a big breath. Tense your entire body. Squat.

Squatting Down

  • Start from the hips – Bend at your hips and sit back into the squat. Imagine you are sitting down on a seat. The hips joint should always bend before your knees.
  • Check your knees – Keep your knees out. Your knee joints should be pointing in the same direction as your feet all the way down. If your knee buckle in it normally means that the weight is too heavy.
  • Keep your weight back – Keep your weight distributed towards your heel.
  • Go all the way down – You should always aim to squat to at least parallel. Meaning, your hip joint needs to be at least parallel with your hip joint. This is incredibly difficult to judge yourself, even with the aid of a mirror. Ask someone else to assess your depth either in the gym or by video taping.
  • Think about squatting up – On the way down think about squatting up. This will help to prepare your brain and make the upward movement easier.

Squatting Up

  • Bounce off the bottom – At the bottom position of the squat your hip muscles should be tight – storing energy. Use this energy to help you bounce out of the bottom of the squat. Ensure that you are bouncing off the hips – not the knees.
  • Focus on your glutes – When powering up out of the squat concentrate on squeezing your glutes together.
  • Drive your hips up – Most of the power for the squat comes from the hips. Drive the hips in an upward motion. (Source)

I’ll definitely be paying more attention to my form and trying to follow these steps when doing squats from now on 🙂

We are off to gymnastics this morning then hopefully a Dr. Seuss story at the mall to celebrate his birthday!


I always loved celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday when I was teaching.  Such a wonderfully creative author and The Love Nugget really enjoys his stories.

Fun fact about Dr. Seuss… Did you know Seuss’ first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was rejected by publishers 27 times.

Just one more example of famous failures and to never give up!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


  • Have you tried “real” tapas before?  Cured meats, anchovies, etc.? 
  • Have you taken a Bodypump class before? 
  • How much do you pay attention to correct form when lifting weights? 


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  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and able to get back to your workouts! 🙂

  2. Your blog is so cute! I’m very jealous that the weather allowed outside dining and short sleeves! Spring can’t get here fast enough! 🙂 Nice to “meet you”.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks Kelly! I feel you on Spring not getting here fast enough! We’re supposed to get more rain next week. We tend to get teasers here in our area which can be so frustrating!

  3. My husband and I just had a great experience at a tapas restaurant a few weeks ago. It’s a new restaurant that we could walk to from our home. We were pleasantly surprised–all of the dishes were fantastic, and it’s so much fun to taste a bunch of different foods and share. 🙂 And whoever thought to make wine-soaked fruit was genius!

  4. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling well now. =) And, it has been great weather here in the Sacramento area! It’s great to be able to wear a tshirt outside and being able to take nice walks on the American River Trail.
    I’ve never tried tapas before but I do have a love for the Spanish culture. And, correct form is important when lifting weights.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      There’s a good Tapas restaurant in downtown Sac called Tapa the World that we’ve been to a few times. More urbanized but still good 🙂 I’m so looking forward to a nice warm weekend but then more rain next week 🙁

      • Thanks! I’ll have to check it out sometime. I’ll tell you when I do. =)
        And, I know. Boo, the rain. The weather is always changing on us..

  5. You have such a cute blog! And I’m very jealous of outdoor dining and short sleeves! Spring can’t get here soon enough! 🙂

  6. Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun yesterday. Your little on is so cute.
    I can’t wait till I can do your at home workout. It looks like a great one! Thanks.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks Renee! Funny how something so simple like watching tractors drive around can be so entertaining for little ones!

  7. Yum- all that food looks so good! I love tapas because you get to try a variety of things 🙂 I also love Dr. Suess! I am doing a unit on his books with my first graders right now.
    have a fantastic weekend!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      How fun! I bet your first graders love it! I miss making the Dr. Seuss hats, reading all his stories and other activities that came along this time of year. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Cuteness overload- love the pic of your little guy! Tapas sounds delicious. And thanks for the squat tutorial, I need to pay more attention to my foot stance. Have a great weekend!!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thank you! I love Tapas because you get to sample more different foods in one meal 🙂

  9. How FUN for you little guy! I don’t know how I would keep my little from hiding in the car when Daddy left for work every morning. 🙂

  10. Love Bodypump! Great info on the squats. I’m going to try your circuit workout tomorrow…looks like a good one!

  11. Oh my gosh, that picture of the Nugget with the hat on is so adorable!! I can’t wait for toddler pronunciations, so cute. 🙂

    I am SO jealous of your weather!! Sangria seems so inappropriate here with snow still on the ground, haha–hurry up, summer!

    I used to be obsessed with BodyPump! (Still like it, just haven’t been in awhile.) And I always had horrible horrible lower back pain, too! I talked to my instructor about it and she said it was likely a core problem–that I needed to engage my core more during the squats and also work on building those muscles outside of class. Great tips about form–I think your hubby was dead on about the toes pointed out thing!!

    Have a great weekened!

  12. My kiddos would have been in heaven at the construction site. They love Bob The Builder and were looking for him today when we went to Home Depot!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Oh how funny that they look for him at Home Depot! I’ve been meaning to look into those builder workshops they have at Home depot for the Hubby and my son. They look so fun!


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