Christmas Celebration 3 and 4

Christmas Celebration 3 and 4

Have you seen that movie Four Christmas’ with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon?  That’s us plus two more Christmas’.  Well, minus the funny plot but we are all over the place during the holidays.  Which we enjoy!

In case you missed it, here’s my post with our first and second Christmas celebrations.  Now onto our 3rd and 4th!

Christmas Eve, after spending the day at my Grandfather’s house, we came home for the night.  We got home a little after 7:00 pm, put the Love Nugget to bed then set up his toys for Christmas morning.

DSC_0641 (500x331)

It took me forever to put those Lego’s together!  I wanted it to look like the picture which really didn’t matter since he tore it down within 30 minutes. At least it looked cute for a little bit!

I woke up early and got in a quick but great workout.

Blast off workout!

 Warm up
30 Jumping jacks
Jog in place 1 min
20 Squats
20 Arm circles

Rest 15 – 30 seconds between circuits
10 push ups
10 jumping
lunges each leg
10 burpees

20 squat jumps
20 tricep dips
20 skaters

30 high knees
30 crunches
30 knee ups 30 each side

40 butt kicks
40 leg up bridges. 20 on each leg
40 mountain

50 front punches
50 switch front kicks
50 second wall

60 calf raises 20 toes straight, 20 toes out, 20 toes in (optional
60 second plank
60 Russian twist (optional weight)

backwards working your way back to 10

I knew I would be indulging in lots of goodies (which I did), and this workout was the perfect way to start the day!

When the Love Nugget came down stairs, we had the camera set up to record his reaction so no pictures of his initial reaction.  He went straight to his Mickey and trike then from one toy to the next very quickly.  It was so fun to watch his excitement as he checked out all his new toys.

DSC_0570 (500x331)

The White Coyote also got a stocking this year which he dug right into.

DSC_0563 (500x331)

He was pretty stoked to find a new toy and some yummy treats.

The hubby and I only exchanged stockings this year rather than a ton of gifts.  I thought we were being very low-key and not buying too much but he spoiled me with new TOMS, a Francesca’s gift card, a gorgeous new necklace from White Plum Boutique, a new iphone case, a new phone plug for my car and this great nail/hand kit.  Way more than I expected!

After cleaning up, eating a quick breakfast and packing up our car, we headed off to our next Christmas at The Hubby’s grandparents house just under 2 hours away.  The Hubby has a very large family so there is always a ton of people at their holiday gatherings.  It’s always a good time though with lots of yummy food!

This year was especially fun because there was a special visitor 🙂


Santa!  The Hubby’s uncle dressed up as Santa and surprised all the kids.  It was pretty cute!  The Love Nugget even sat on his lap twice!  He was pretty skeptical at first and ran away when he came in the door but rather than comforting and sheltering him (I know, mean mom), I forced him to stand by Santa, then plopped him on his lap.  He cried for a second…


Then realized there was nothing to be afraid of.


That and he got a present 🙂


It was so fun to see all the kids so excited with Santa!  Hopefully he’ll return next year and the Love Nugget will be as excited as his cousin was!



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  1. 4 Christmases is hilarious, I love that movie!

    Looks like a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I was wondering how love nugget reacted the morning of Christmas with all his gifts under the tree =)

    && what sweet gifts your husband gave you. Giselle, you are an amazing wife & mom, and deserve it all <3