Fitness Friday + a few favorites from the week

Fitness Friday + a few favorites from the week

Happy Friday!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend!  This week was a long one for some reason.  A long, but good one 🙂  Remember how I had made some goals to try to balance my life a little more?  I’ve been doing really good and have been feeling much better lately.  Speaking of those goals and balance, here’s a few favorites from this week.

Painting with the Love Nugget

Taking the Love Nugget to see Santa last weekend, even though he didn’t love it 🙂


The Love Nugget and The White Coyote cuddling with our fuzzy blanket,

Making Salt Dough ornaments with The Love Nugget,

Getting together with some of my girlfriends for a Favorite Things party (details to come tomorrow!)

As always, my week of workouts were favorites too!

Saturday – This workout from Itz Linz

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Body pump class at 24 hour

Tuesday – Boot camp

Wednesday – Spin class

Thursday – This at home workout I made up in the early A.M. hours

Warm up –

20 air jump rope

30 jumping jacks

40 high knees

50 butt kicks

Workout –

Side squat with side leg lift 15

Row to tricep kickback 15

Crunches 25

Squat curl press 15

Mountain climbers 30

Plank twist 20 total 10 each side

Calf raises 20 20

Push-ups 15

Bicycles 25

Curtsey lunge with knee up crunch 15 each side

Burpees 15

Russian twist (with weight option)  40

Repeat 2-3 times

It was a good, quick morning workout to wake my tired butt up!

Friday – ???  Something, just not sure what yet 🙂

The Love Nugget and I also have a few errands to run today and after yesterday’s crazy line at the Costco photo center, we’ll be heading out early to try and beat the crowds.  The hubby and I are going to his company Christmas party tomorrow which is always a lot of fun.  They really treat their employee’s like family and put together a fun night of dinner, cocktails, dancing, and then put us all up in a nice hotel for the evening.  Such a fun thing to do during the holiday’s 🙂  The Love Nugget will be spending the weekend with auntie Gigi!  He is so excited!

In case you missed it this week, check out my post on Fitmixer with my 80/20 plan for eating as well as two yummy holiday treats!

Hope you have a great weekend!

ELF 4 Health Challenge today – Workout with a buddy. Grab a friend, your spouse or even your dog!


  • How was your week of workouts? 
  • Any fun favorites from the week you’d like to share? 
  • Have you managed to avoid the Holiday crowds so far this year? 

I’m linking up today for Fitness Friday with Katie at Talk Less, Say More!



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  1. I can’t wait to hear about your Favorite Things Party! So sorry to miss it. My favorite moment from this week was taking a walk and collecting leaves with Keenan to make a rustic wreath or collage! Have fun at the party this weekend!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I know I wish you could have made it! So much fun! We want to do another around mothers day. Leaf collecting is so much fun with kiddos! Ayden and I did it around Thanksgiving and he loved finding TONS of leaves. Hope you have a great time in Nevada City this weekend!