Finding a balance between being a blogger, a mom and a wife.

Finding a balance between being a blogger, a mom and a wife.

Hi guys!

Hope you had a Marvelous Monday!  We went to the gym then came home to more ants!  I swear they are trying to drive me crazy!  Not only have they now invaded every room in our house, they were in my car!  So annoying!  Luckily the hubby came home early and helped me battle the pesky critters but they were back again this morning.  Their numbers are dwindling though so maybe we are winning this war :-)

While cleaning yesterday, I was thinking about how I feel like I’m so behind in cleaning, crafting, and keeping up on our other household chores.  I used to be so much more organized when it came to keeping our household together.  The hubby’s lunch would get made, the house would be clean, laundry would get done, and the Love Nugget participated in lots of crafts and activities.  The truth is, this blogging thing is beginning to take up more and more time.  Especially now that I’m a recipe contributor on Fitmixer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it but I’ve been struggling lately with trying to find a balance between being a blogger and being a housewife/mom.  At first, I was able to get a post done, do a little blog reading and other online tasks at night or in the morning before the Love Nugget was up.  What I didn’t get finished, I would spend a little time throughout the day while the Love Nugget played independently with his toys or napped.  Lately, I’m finding that it’s taking me longer to get all my online tasks completed and I’ve been   spending more time online while the Love Nugget is awake than I should be.  When I’m not online, I feel like I’ve been trying to play catch up with household chores.  This means I’m not spending time crafting, going for walks, playing, or reading with my little guy.  Which makes me feel like a horrible mom and wife.

However, rather than continue on this path that I’m on, I’ve decided to set a few goals to help me find a healthy balance between being a blogger, a mom and a wife.

1.  Blog only when the Love Nugget is asleep or happily eating his meals.

As much as I’d like to say “only when the Love Nugget is sleeping,” I know that just won’t happen.  I’m so used to sitting down and catching up on emails etc. while we both eat breakfast or lunch which seems to be working just fine.  I don’t completely ignore him while he eats though, we talk about what he’s eating, what I’m eating, and other jibber jabber things as well.  While I’m typing this the Love Nugget is happily napping away :-)

2. Get back on track with using my household chore list.

I used to be so much better at using my chore list throughout the week which helped me to get the house clean without feeling overwhelmed.  I might have to update it now that we have a toddler running around making more of a mess everyday.  I think getting back into using this weekly will help our house stay cleaner and me to feel less stressed.

3.  Get the Love Nugget involved in cleaning the house. 

Some days the Love Nugget play happily with his toys while I clean away.  Most days lately, he is following me around whining or getting into things because he is bored.   He’s getting to an age where he likes to help us out.  He loves getting a paper towel and washing the cabinets, grabbing the broom and sweeping, or dusting the coffee table.  So I’m going to have him help me more often than just trying to redirect him to his toys.

4.  Focus more on being a wife.

Along with blogging taking away from the Love Nugget, it has also been taking away from time with the hubby.  Well, not so much time, more like attention.  We are both guilty of grabbing our computers after dinner and sitting on the couch (albeit next to each other) working until bedtime.  Sure, we’ll spend the time during dinner to catch up but it’s really not that long.  Since we are both guilty of this, we decided to do something similar to what Tina at Carrots n Cake is doing.  She put together a 24 days of togetherness for her and her hubby.  The hubby and I have done things like this in the past with date boxes, monthly date nights, weekly days without T.V. etc. but it’s been awhile.  So this idea seemed like the perfect thing to help us both snap out of our technology craze and focus on us.  So we each jotted down some fun things to do and stuck them in a box.

We started yesterday morning with pulling out, “go look at Christmas lights.”  So the hubby came home early from work and we drove to a neighborhood close by to check out some lights.  Today I pulled out, “buy each other a small gift.”  Fun!    I already went and picked the hubby up something but you’ll have to wait to see what it was :-)

5.  Do at least one craft or activity with the Love Nugget daily. 

This kind of sounds like a lot but I’m not talking big eccentric crafts everyday here.  I’m thinking handprints, cookie making, cookie decorating, building forts, stomping in puddles, bathtime painting, making ornaments and lots of other ideas.

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to fun things to do with him that I’ve gotten away from.  I also have lots of  ideas from my teaching days and now that he is older, he can do many more of them!

6. Get back in the habit of working out early in the morning.

I don’t mind taking the Love Nugget to the gym a few days a week.  Especially now that he enjoys it again.  Usually we go two times a week for an hour or two which is perfect for him to get in a some play time while I workout.  The other days I’ve fallen into a habit of waiting until he is napping to get in my workout.  While this might not seem like a problem, it sort of is for me.  If I do that, the entire time I’m constantly thinking about everything else I need to get done around the house.  Or worse, some days I’ll skip my workout or do it half heartedly so that I can have time to blog, clean, cook etc.  When I was getting my workouts done early in the mornings, I would have his nap time free to do other things.  So I need to get back into early mornings workouts.  Which is actually the perfect way to start the day!

7. Take the Love Nugget out and about at least one day a week. 

There are so many fun things to do in our area and the Love Nugget loves to go do them.  There are a ton of free kid classes at the Library, story time at Learning Express, play time at Megusta, train rides, and so much more.   We have just gotten into a habit of staying home more often that we should.  So I’m making this goal to go out and do one fun activity with him :-)

Today has been a much better day so far.  I woke up early and went to the gym for an hour.  Then came home and spent 30 minutes checking emails and drinking my coffee while the Love Nugget slept.  After breakfast, we got ready to go run a few errands and go to Mother Goose on the Loose.  When we came home, the Love Nugget went down for his nap I got a few household chores checked off my checklist.  Now I’m finishing up this post then it’s time to eat lunch and make the Hubby his lunch for tomorrow.  I’m hoping that by writing this post I will be able to stick to these goals and find that balance I’ve so been craving lately.   Because let’s face it, being balanced just makes life so much easier!


  • How do you keep your life balanced? 
  • If you have  a little one, do you struggle with this as well? 



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  1. As far as the ants we have been getting them too! Our neighbor introduced us to Terro, and it worked wonders! The ants went back and forth to the bait for one full day and I haven’t seen them since! We found it as Lowe’s. Also the main ingredient is Borax (a very small amount), and my neighbor said her son got into it accidentally and poison control said it was not toxic so that made me feel a little better putting it out where Grace could possibly get it, I still did hide it though 😉
    Keeping balance at home is hard and I try to keep the house picked up a little all day so it doesn’t get too thrashed and I usually do a thorough cleaning at least once a week. But that is quite the chart you have there, that might help keep me from doing a lot of those in one day!

  2. I had ants in my car too! So weird. They were living in my vents…not sure what was in them. For the house I use Terro liquid ant bait….it works really good. It’s kind of gross, because you have to just let them keep coming. Once they find it, they swarm it and then stop coming. I swear it works really well!

  3. I struggle with finding balance, too! It is hard to get everything done in one day, especially with blogging! Who says being a stay at home mom is easy? I have been trying the same thing lately, waking up early to get my blogging done before Keenan wakes up, which allows me more time in the afternoon to get other things done around the house. But, it is still a challenge. I have been staying up way too late lately working on Christmas gifts which makes it hard to get up early. Keeping a balanced life is something that constantly needs work, but in a good way!

  4. I just found your blog and I am now following it:) I haven’t found a blog from California and I am glad I just did!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’m so glad you found me! There’s a great website called Bloggymoms where you can connect with other bloggers in your area. Lots of different groups based on locations :-)

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