Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence day to everyone!

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Hope you will all be doing something fun to celebrate!  We are heading to a friends house for a little bbq and swimming.

The other day in honor of 4th of July, the Love Nugget and I did a little crafting.

A VERY simple craft at that.

I bought a rectangular canvas at Hobby Lobby.  Then I painted it an off white color so that his white handprints would show up.

Got all set up with some paint, the canvas and a towel close by 🙂

The Love Nugget has gotten used to hand print crafts since we’ve been doing them every month.  He doesn’t mind the wet, squishy paint on his hands and likes to smear it onto the canvas.

With this craft, we had to rinse his hand off after each color so I just grabbed the hose and washed him down real fast.

When it was dry, I added some festive ribbon using my hot glue gun and hung it on the wall.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

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  1. I love this! My son loves to color and paint with his hands, putting his “signature” hand print on his work. We’ll have to to try this next year!