Pregnancy Update Weeks 37-40

Pregnancy Update Weeks 37-40

I thought he’d be here by now for sure!  So did my doctor.  BUT, he’s not… As I shared here, The Love Nugget was two weeks late.  During those two weeks I waited patiently and tried some of the “natural” inducing labor tricks.  Red Raspberry tea, walking, sex, etc.  Nothing worked. I ended up being induced and while it wasn’t ideal, he still arrived, healthy and happy.


Love Nugget at just a week old :-) 

Now, here I am, at 40 weeks and feeling like things are going the same… At my last check up my doctor was able to sweep my membranes but my cervix is very high and posterior which is what happened with The Love Nugget.  It’s also very stubborn which just makes me feel like nothing is going to progress again as it did with him.


40 weeks 

Anyway, I figure I’d give you all my normal pregnancy update then share our plans for the next few days…

How are you feeling?  Horrible!  I’ve been in a lot of pain the past few weeks but it’s intensified this last week.  My pelvic bone literally feels like it’s ripping into two.  I can’t roll over in bed without excruciating pain and when I stand from the couch or chair I have to walk hunched over, holding on to counters, tables etc. until the pain somewhat subsides.  It doesn’t feel that bad when I’m standing or moving around but as soon as I stop and sit down it’s throbbing, aching, and horrible when I try to get up.  I typically have a pretty high pain tolerance.  Even my doctor commented on it as she stripped my membranes and I barely flinched.  BUT this has been horrible.

Are you exercising?  Walking and some pregnancy yoga is about all I can handle these days.  The pain is again pretty excruciating so it’s kept me from being able to do much more than that….  I am walking for 20-45 minutes a day, bouncing on my stability ball, and doing yoga about 2 times a week.  

Are you sleeping good?  Nope… I typically wake up around 2:00am, fall back asleep for a little bit, then am up again by 4:00am.  I try to nap during the day but that’s been getting harder too as it’s just painful to lay down.

Do you have any food cravings?  As the weather heats up I find myself craving more smoothies, ice cream, and froyo.  One thing I constantly have stocked in my freezer are frozen grapes.  Can’t get enough of those babies!

Any aversions?  Often times food in general just doesn’t sound good.  Other than ice cream or frozen grapes.  Mexican food never sounds good nor does Thai food or anything spicy.  Which is a bummer since spicy is supposed to induce labor :-(

Are you missing anything? 

Yep, being able to tie my shoes, bend over and pick something up from the floor, exercise, roll over in bed without pain and just feeling normal.

Anything you are looking forward to?

Holding our new little guy in my arms!

What’s your plan? 

As I said I’ve been in quite a bit of pain this past week especially.  This plus the stubborn cervix has had me pretty frustrated with my body.  Even though I had really hoped to deliver this baby naturally, I’ve always said that I was open to doing whatever needed to be done.  With  my first son I felt fine, felt I was able to be patient and waited until as long as I could.  This time around I feel horrible, and am definitely not as patient.  People keep saying to just wait and let my body do what it’s going to do.  BUT what I don’t think most people realize is that we’ve been patient for over three years and through four pregnancy losses.  Patience is definitely not my virtue right now.

That plus hearing that my cervix is again stubborn and that I could be in the same situation (two weeks late) as I was with The Love Nugget, has led me to just schedule an induction.  We were actually scheduled to go in yesterday but the hospital was full….  So they pushed me today, I called at 4:00am to check if there was room, they told us to come on in then called back 30 minutes later telling me to call at 8:00…  So we wait.  I’d love for my body to do it’s thing and go into labor on it’s own but I’m not holding out hope.   Yesterday, I spent most the day walking around, climbing our stairs two at a time, doing squats at the top then jogging down and bouncing on the exercise ball.  I’ve been on that damn exercise ball so much that even The Love Nugget said, “Man mom you really like that ball.”  Actually I hate it!  I went for two long walks, ate spicy food (which I hate), pineapple as usual and even tried the sex thing again as uncomfortable as it was.  All those things did was leave me feeling worse today.  Now I have severe sciatic pain on top of the pelvic pressure and pain.

The other issue is that we have no family close by that can watch The Love Nugget.  My mom, who lives 3 hours away, is here to watch him this week and my MIL, who lives 2 1/2 hours away, is coming this weekend.  So pushing things back is causing issues with childcare as well.  I know it’s a bit selfish and unrealistic to some to plan an induction.  AND to be honest, it wasn’t anywhere in the cards for me up until my doctor suggested it due to the posterior cervix and pain I was having.  With that said now that we’ve arranged schedules, planned for things and set our mind to it, having it pushed back is frustrating.I know I shouldn’t be complaining but to say I’m a bit frustrated would be an understatement…  With that said, I’m very much aware that he won’t be in there forever.  He’s going to be here at some point and yes, we’re just trying to be patient.  Anyway, just wanted to fill you all in on where we stand and how we are doing.  Hopefully within a few days you’ll be seeing a “Welcome Baby” post :-)




Maternity Photo Shoot and Self Love

Maternity Photo Shoot and Self Love

Hi friends!

You might have seen my post a few of my maternity pics on my Facebook page recently.  You might have also seen a post about my previous pregnancy and how I avoided maternity pictures.  I actually avoided taking any pictures at all during my first pregnancy.

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Our Last Weekend as a Family of Three

Our Last Weekend as a Family of Three

Happy Monday friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Hard to believe this was our last weekend as a family of three!

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Preparing for Baby with P&G and Walmart

Preparing for Baby with P&G and Walmart

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart.

You guys!  I can’t believe we could literally meet our little guy any day now!   We are beyond excited to FINALLY grow our family.  It’s been a long road and we know the end result is going to be amazing!!!!

As we prepare to meet our little man, we’ve been making sure we’re all stocked up on all the major necessities.  Some that we didn’t have prior to The Love Nugget being born…

We learned pretty quickly after his arrival, to always expect the unexpected.  When we had The Love Nugget, we were new, unexperienced parents.  We didn’t know what clothes were best for him, what bottles to buy, or what diapers to use.  Diapers were one thing we didn’t really think were all that important.  I mean, of course we knew they were important to have, but we didn’t know the brand could make a difference.  I learned my lesson when The Love Nugget was about 6 weeks old and we were at a new mom meet up group.


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What’s a Challenge Group and Why it Might Work For You

What’s a Challenge Group and Why it Might Work For You

Hi friends!

I feel like I’ve been writing a lot of pregnancy posts lately…  Well, not necessarily a lot since lets be honest, I haven’t been writing much these days.  Time, energy, and desire have been contributing factors in that.  BUT, with baby due any day and me taking some time off from coaching these last few weeks before he arrives, I’ve got a little more time on my hands.  So back to blogging I go!  Which actually feels good!  I do enjoy and miss it :-)

Anyway, today I wanted to talk a little bit about Challenge Groups.  Something that if you follow me on Social Media you’ve seen me sharing about.

Let’s start with the basics,

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We Have a Graduate!

We Have a Graduate!

They say it over and over again but you  never know how true it is until you are living it.  Time really does go by so fast when you have little ones.


The Love Nugget just a few days old :-) 

It wasn’t all that long ago that this little guy was just starting preschool.  Now we have a graduate!

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Helping to Get Labor Started Naturally

Helping to Get Labor Started Naturally

42 weeks.


In the hospital waiting to be induced :-( [Read more…]

Lactation Cookies

Lactation Cookies

Hi there!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I think I’m officially in full on nesting mode.  I woke up early Saturday morning with all sorts of energy even though I didn’t sleep great.  I went for a long walk, then spent the morning prepping a few freezer meals, cleaning, and organizing.  I was back at it again on Sunday after another long walk we ran a bunch of errands then came home to do more organizing and meal prepping.  Usually around 1:00 I’m dead tired and have take a nap but the past few days I’ve just been tackling one thing after another.  Nesting?  Yep!

One of the “meals” I prepped this weekend were these cookies that I know will definitely be enjoyed soon.

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Outdoor Living… Finally!

Outdoor Living… Finally!

Hi guys!

Long time no chat!  Did you miss me?  I know I’ve been pretty hit and miss lately on the whole blogging front. It’s something that has just taken a back burner in my life.  BUT, I do miss you all and plan to try to continue on after baby is born.  I know many of you have been following my journey before and during this pregnancy so I don’t want to just leave you hanging :-)

Speaking of baby, he’s still dancing away in my belly!  I’m over 37 weeks and patiently awaiting his arrival.  Okay so maybe I’m not as patient as I should be… Can you blame me though?  We’ve waited over 3 years to meet add to our family.  So to say we are excited for his arrival would be an understatement.  Even The Love Nugget can’t wait to meet his little brother.   Which we’re hoping will be soon!  I had a doctors appointment last Friday and she said he’s dropping, my pelvic bone is splitting and my body is beginning preparation for delivery!  I have an ultrasound this Friday so we’ll know a little more then.  I definitely feel more ready to deliver this time than with my first.   Much more relaxed and excited about labor than frightened and anxious like the previous time.  So I’m hoping my relaxed outlook about the whole thing will help my body go into labor earlier than with The Love Nugget.  Who was two weeks late…  I’m also doing a few things that have been known to help induce labor which I’ll share with you later this week.

On another note, we’ve finally finished our backyard!

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A Productive, Relaxing and Fun Weekend

A Productive, Relaxing and Fun Weekend

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

We took advantage of a three-day weekend at home to get some things done around the house before baby arrives.   Which really could be any day now!  So crazy and exciting at once :-)

Anyway, Friday evening we hung around the house, relaxed and watched a movie.

Saturday I taught my last weekend class until after baby comes.  I’m going to miss the Saturday class as it’s always packed and so much fun!

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