Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you enjoy a wonderful day filled with lots of love and good food!

I saw this post on Julie’s blog and thought it would be fun to join in today in case you wanted some mindless reading at some point today.

  • Favorite Thanksgiving food item?

My favorite is usually the turkey but every year there is so much deliciousness it’s hard to choose just one favorite!

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Sometimes I Throw My Kids Toys Away and Other Mom Confessions

Sometimes I Throw My Kids Toys Away and Other Mom Confessions

Hey there friends!

First, thank you for the sweet comments on yesterdays post about The Hubby’s grandfather.  You guys are so sweet!

Is anyone else home with their kids all week like me?   Even though The Love Nugget only goes to school a few days a week, he’s on a pretty routine schedule.  So when we’re out of routine he can get a little crazy.  Plus he’s SUPER excited to see his cousins later this week.   We’re only on day two of being home and he’s already driving me a little crazy.  Trying to keep him busy with play dates and outings but it’s supposed to rain the next few days so if you don’t hear from me until after Thanksgiving, send help 😉

No but really he drives me crazy sometimes but I do love him more than anything in the whole world.  Even still there are plenty of times I want to quit as a mom.  It’s a tough job even when you only have one kid.  I try to be a mom that’s always on top of things, always calm, collective and in control but guess what.  I’m not always that mom.

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Paleo Thanksgiving Round-Up (from the archives)

So we had a bit of a rough weekend.  The Hubby’s Grandfather passed away recently so we were out of town for his services.  It was good to remember his life and lots of happy memories but not necessarily a fun way to spend the weekend.  On top of that I was feeling a bit under the weather with a little stomach bug so spent a lot of time lounging around watching Parenthood and not blogging.  So rather than getting a post done on some NEW Thanksgiving recipes, I’m pulling this one from the archives :-)

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How to Host a Stress Free Party (From the Archives)

Hi friends!

Holy moly Thanksgiving is next week!!!!  How did this happen.  The past few years we’ve hosted at least one Thanksgiving at our house but this year we’re taking a break.  Which is nice in some ways but I do enjoy hosting.  I’ve got it down too so that I’m not a crazy stressful mess before (or when) the guests arrive.  I shared a few of my top tips to hosting a stress-free party last year and am re-sharing again today in case you’re hosting Thanksgiving or a party soon!

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Four Year Old Boy Christmas Ideas

Four Year Old Boy Christmas Ideas

Hi there!
Next week is Thanksgiving which means Christmas is right around the corner.  Crazy!   I try to get a jump on shopping especially before the crazy holiday shoppers hit the stores.  It can be World War 4 if you wait too long!

The Love Nugget has been making his list basically since this summer.  Every time he says he wants something in the store I would tell him he’d have to ask Santa.  So he’s been mentally jotting down EVERYTHING he wants.  If he were to write it all down it would be a mile long!  While I do intend on asking him some specific things he’d like, I also put together some things I’m pretty sure he’d enjoy.

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Currently November

Currently November

Hi friends!

Sorry for the late post today and lack of post yesterday.  Yesterday was busy and today this post didn’t go up as scheduled so here it is now.  Better late than never :-)

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a currently post so thought I’d share a few things about life currently.  What I’m reading, loving, playing etc.  Enjoy!

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Friday Favorites #14

Friday Favorites #14

The past few days have been so long!  The Love Nugget still isn’t feeling 100% so we’ve been having a lot of rest time.  Which is nice for a day but it gets old.  At least for us busy bodies!

He’s home one more day today but is tagging along with me to Afterburn for a few classes.  It’s not the most ideal but it works and he’s not at school spreading his germs to the other kids.

On another note, it’s Friday!  Woo hoo!  Today I’m linking up with Heather with a few favorites from our week and around the web

Favorite Seasonal Fruit – Mandarins from the farmers market!  Yum!

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Swanson’s Vitamin Giveaway

Swanson’s Vitamin Giveaway

Hi friends!

Hope you’re all having a great week.  Ours started out normal but unfortunately The Love Nugget came down with the stomach flu Tuesday evening.  Never a fun thing for kids or parents but I will admit as he gets older it’s much easier when he does get sick.  At least he can sense when he’s going to lose it and most the time can make it to the bathroom…  Silver linings right?

Luckily he had a day off of school yesterday already and Wednesday I had a pretty clear schedule.   We spent most the day in our pajamas, lounging on the couch watching movies and playing ABC Mouse online.  Despite a few trips to the bathroom, he was in great spirits, had no fever and didn’t seem that sick so hoping it’s gone by today…

On another note, have you guys heard of Swanson Vitamins?  I had heard of them before and honestly thought they were just what they were called.  A vitamin shop.  Boy was I wrong!

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Nordstrom’s Fall Clearance Sale!

I love a good sale.  Especially one that’s happening at my favorite store.  Nordstrom!  Right now they are having their Fall Clearance Sale with top brands up to 40% off.  Of course I’ve been browsing online and in the store searching for some good finds.  Here’s a few things I’ve been eyeing for myself and the family.  Might as well get some Christmas shopping done!

I spend most of my time in workout apparal so it’s no wonder I’m always searching for it on sale.  It just so happens that there is a TON of great deals on fitness clothing during Nordy’s Fall Clearance sale. Zella live in legging, Nike pull overs, Free runs and so much more!

Who doesn’t love shoes and accessories?  Especially when they are on clearance :-)

We’ve been having some cooler temperatures and rain which makes me want to buy all the sweaters and jeans I can get my hands on.  So finding them on sale makes that much easier 😉

The Hubby is not the most stylish guy and HATES spending a lot of money on clothes.  However, over the years he’s gotten better but I tend to do most his shopping.  So I always keep my eyes out for good deals on nice mens clothing.  Like those pictured above.  Joe’s jeans, new TOMS, maybe a new watch?   Great Christmas gifts!

It’s sometimes hard to find good clothes for The Love Nugget.  There are always TONS of options for girls but for boys, it’s slim pickin’.  Then when I do find good outfits, they are so expensive!  For a 4 year old who is going to run out an play in the dirt, expensive doesn’t work.  So I tend to hunt for deals and these are some good ones!

The Fall Clearance sale is going on through November 15th so hurry and grab some good deals for yourself or get some early shopping done :-)

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

We have this thing with The Love Nugget.  If we have plans to go somewhere or do something fun, we don’t always tell him where we are going or what we are doing.   For one if something comes up and we don’t end up going we won’t have to deal with his disappointment.  Two, I like to keep him on the edge of his seat.  Sometimes we play games where he tries to guess what we are doing.  Or who we might see.  Then sometimes he just asks over and over and over what we are doing.  The best part is seeing his face light up when we meet a friend he hasn’t seen for awhile, or go somewhere fun.

Which is what we did this weekend.  Twice :-)

Friday night there was a grand opening at a new event center called The Party Place.  They were having all sorts of booths and kids fun.  We surprised him by taking him there to play for awhile then out to pizza which we almost never do.  He was stoked even though he looks grumpy in this photo…

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